Need an easy Easter Craft for kids? Check out this Preschool Easter Egg Craft with free egg printable.

Easter is quickly approaching, so we’ve been busy doing all kinds adorable Easter crafts and activities. Some of our favorites have been this Yarn Carrot Craft and of course this Easter Symmetry Egg.

Since marble painting is always a hit with my kids, we decided to add a Marble Paint Easter Egg craft to the fun!

Preschool Easter Egg Craft - marble paint egg with free egg printable

This Easter Marble Painting Craft with free Easter egg printable is a great way to celebrate Easter with your preschoolers and kindergarteners!

If you have been looking for an easy Easter craft idea that is great for little hands, you’ll love this! I find that marble painting is easy for younger children and it always turns out adorable!

Before we dive into the craft, let’s talk about why marble painting is a beneficial activity for kids.

marble paint easter egg craft for kids with free egg template

What are the benefits of Marble Painting?

Science World says that marble painting helps kids with hand eye coordination, fine motor skills and practicing observation skills.

For me, marble painting is a favorite because it’s so much fun and you always get great looking results.

(This is one craft you can count on actually turning out like the pictures! LOL No Pinterest fails here!)

Marble painting can also be used as a process art activity, because kids are totally in control of the outcome of their craft. You can direct them as little or as much as you want.

Okay! Let’s get started on our Marble Paint Easter Egg!

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Supplies for Preschool Easter Egg Craft

Marble Painting Easter Egg Craft supplies including an egg template, scissors, construction paper and stapler

For this Preschool Easter Egg craft you will need the following craft supplies:

– A printed copy of the free egg printable template – it’s at the end of this tutorial (alternatively, if you have artistic skill, you can freehand draw or freehand cut out the egg shape!)

– White paper – Feel free to try other colors of construction paper like pink, yellow, light green, light blue – You know, pastel Easter colors! Card stock will also work as well.

– Washable Kids Paint in a variety of colors (We love this paint from Crayola)

– Stapler

– Scissors

A few Marbles (you can try other small balls as well!)

Bowl or paper plate for paint – or an egg carton works really well for this too!

– A Box that isn’t too deep or too shallow. A child needs to be able to maneuver it easily. You could cut a large box down to be more shallow or use an old rectangular cake pan.

Baby Wipes or Paper Towels – for potential messy situations!

Let’s get started on our Marble Paint Easter Eggs!

How to Make an Easy Marble Paint Easter Egg Craft

First, print out the Free Egg Printable template. The template is at the end of the instructions under the heading Grab the free printable egg!

The template is just a basic large egg shape. If you are good at drawing, feel free to skip the template and freehand draw an egg shape.

To make multiple paper Easter Eggs to paint, you have a few choices.

You could:

– Print the template on a white piece of paper (or colored paper) and have the kids each cut their own out.


egg template stapled to stack of construction paper

– Print the egg template and place it on top of a stack of construction paper. Staple it around the edges to hold the stack of paper in place. Then cut it out, cutting through the whole stack of paper.

I usually can cut 4 extras with the template. It depends on how sharp your scissors are!

And like magic, you can cut multiple Easter Eggs at the same time by doing this!

Easter egg template with pink and yellow paper egg copies

Easter Egg Marble Painting

Put the free egg printable in your shallow box. Then, put a little bit of paint into the bowl or plate.

I usually offer several different colors of paint and place it onto a paper plate.

You might like to do traditional Easter color combinations like pastels. Of course, it’s totally up to you! We chose to use purple, pink, bright blue, and white.

easter egg printable in a bow and marble with paint
Can you tell we’ve used this particular box MANY times for marble painting! LOL

Keep in mind that you might want to avoid offering colors that will turn brown when mixed. The paint colors will naturally mix a little as the kids try the different colors and dip their marble (and fingers) in and out of the paint.

Next, place a marble into the paint. Then put the paint covered marble into the shallow box.

child moving box to marble paint an easter egg printable

Sometimes I like to have them place the paint covered marble to the side (not on the egg) to avoid big splashes of paint on the egg, but that’s just my preference.

Demonstrate how to hold the box and tilt it to make the marble move. Then let your child try! Little ones will observe how tilting the box makes the marble move around leaving marble paint trail marks on the Easter egg printable.

If you are feeling adventurous, you can try some different sizes or types of balls. There’s some fun ideas for Ball Painting here. (We tried everything from spikey balls to wiffle balls!)

We used a regular size marble for this paper egg craft, but of course, you might like a different ball better.

marble painted Easter egg printable in a box

And….that’s it! What a fun Easter Egg craft for preschool!

These Marble Paint Easter eggs would look great on a bulletin board or kids might enjoy writing simple messages on them to give out as Easter cards.

Grab the free Easter Egg Printable PDF!

To get the free egg template printables for this preschool marble painting Easter Egg craft, click the download button below to grab your free printable Easter egg templates pdf file. You’ll instantly get the big egg shape template to make this fun marbled egg craft!

Free large egg template:

preschool easter egg craft - marble paint egg

These free egg templates can also be used for other easy Easter crafts as well.

You might like to make an egg garland, egg symmetry crafts, use it as a coloring page, or decorate with glitter or fabric!

preschool easter egg craft with free egg printable template

More Marble Painting Crafts

Did you enjoy Marble Painting? We love it!

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Plus there’s a Planet Earth Marble Paint Craft here that’s perfect for Earth Day!

You can find lots of ideas for painting with balls here. Find a new art idea today!

Preschool Marble Paint Easter Egg Craft - paper Easter egg painted with marbles

More Preschool Easter Activities

Need more fun Easter crafts for kids?

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Want to save this preschool Easter Egg art activity for later? Pin the image of this Easter Egg art project to your fun preschool Easter activities Pinterest board! 

Easy Easter Egg Craft for Preschool - marble painted paper Easter eggs