Today I’m sharing 35 of the best Easter Craft Ideas for Kids! If you love doing seasonal crafts with your kids, you are going to love this post!

I’ve collaborated with several other bloggers and you are going to love the ideas we’ve collected!

30 DIY Easter Crafts for Kids - Find amazing Easter arts and crafts ideas for kids!  #funforkids #eastercraft ( 4 crafts for kids shown including a cotton ball bunny, a gingerbread easter house, raised salt watercolor paining, and yarn carrot craft

This list has everything from 5 minute craft ideas to projects that could span a couple of days! I hope you find some amazing and fun DIY Easter crafts for kids!

1) Easy Marble Paint Egg

marble paint egg craft

This Marble Paint Egg Craft from my blog Simply Full of Delight is perfect for young kids!

Simply use the egg printable template to cut out plenty of paper eggs. Then paint using marbles with different colors! What fun!

2) Easter Gingerbread House

Easter Gingerbread House

This idea is so VERY fun! If your kids love making Gingerbread houses, they will adore this activity found on Moms & Munchkins. These Easter Gingerbread houses are not only fun to assemble, but would make a beautiful centerpiece for your table!

3) DIY Bunny Crayons – DIY Easter crafts for kids

Easter Rabbit Craft: DIY Bunny Crayons

Children will love making their own Bunny Crayons! Head over to Family Focus Blog and find out how easy it is to create these fun crayons! I love that this is a simple idea and you can use up old crayons!

4) Bible Verse Pull Apart Eggs

Bible Verse Easter Egg Craft |

These adorable Bible Verse Pull-apart Easter Eggs by The Growing Creatives are a fun craft for a child of any age! You can make this craft as simple or as complicated as you like, but one thing is for sure…your kids will love this!

5) Giant Paper Mache Eggs

paper mache eggs - Easter craft ideas

This super unique craft idea comes from Coffee & Confetti Mom. These Giant Paper Mache Eggs are a fun family project and you will be surprised by what they put inside! What fun your kids will have with this amazing project!

Easter Crafts for Kids  - 12 Fun craft ideas for Easter for your kids!  Some are simple 5 minute activities and others can span days!  Find something perfect for your family fun time!  #easter #crafts #eastercrafts #easteractivities

6) Fork Print Eggs – Easter Crafts for preschoolers

Fork Print Eggs  - Easter craft ideas

These Fork Print Eggs from Fab Working Mom Life are a great diy Easter craft idea for kids! I love that this craft allows creativity and it is simple! Every mom (and teacher) needs a simple craft idea in her back pocket!

7) Easter Egg Symmetry Craft 

easter egg symmetry craft

Looking for more easter egg crafts? This Symmetry Easter Egg is perfect for little kids.

With this easy craft kids paint half of the egg template, then they fold the page to print a symmetrical print on the other side of the page.

This is the perfect way to teach little ones about symmetry and of course it’s a great way to enjoy a fun craft during the Easter season.

8) Ink Chromatography Easter Decorations – DIY Easter crafts for kids

Ink Chromatography Easter craft

I love that this Easter craft is both open-ended and a science experiment! To create your own Ink Chromatography Easter Decorations, you will need 3 simple items: coffee filters, markers, and water! Be sure to head over to Team Cartwright to try out this amazing project with your kids.

9) Contact Paper Easter Eggs

Contact paper Easter eggs

These amazing Contact Paper Easter Eggs by The Wild, Wild West! are the perfect craft for kids ages 2 and up! Kids will love sticking items to the sticky contact paper and making designs! I love that this project allows tons of creativity and it is so simple to set up!

10) Countdown Till Easter Paper Chain – Easter Crafts for Kids

easy easter craft - paper chain countdown to Easter

This Countdown Till Easter Paper Chain by Family Focus Blog is one of the most simple Easter crafts for kids, but I’m certain they will want to turn it into a yearly tradition! I love that kids can practice their tracing and scissor skills. This project also solves the problem of “how many days until Easter, mom?”

11) Easter Bunny Bags

Free Easter Bunny Bag Printables - Easter crafts for kids

These Easter Bunny Bags from Moms & Munchkins are a fun way for kids to make their own treat bags! I love that kids can practice those cut and paste skills! These bags are simple enough that your kids could make several and deliver goodies in them to elderly neighbors! Be sure to check out the other fun Easter crafts for kids on Moms & Munchkins!

12) Handmade Potato Easter Egg Stamps

Handmade Potato Easter Egg Stamps for Kids

These adorable Potato Easter Egg Stamps are from Premeditated Leftovers. There’s a whimsical throwback feeling to this activity as many of us did something similar as a child. Kids will love the novelty of using potatoes as stampers and there are so many amazing designs you can create!

13) DIY Easter Ribbon Wand

Easy dollar tree DIY ribbon wands Easter craft idea!

This DIY Easter Ribbon Wand is by Must Have Mom. All you need is a few items from the dollar store to make these fun wands. I can’t think of a child who wouldn’t want one of these!

14) Easter Dot Marker Printables

easter dot marker printables

If you are looking for a fast and easy art project for kids, these Easter Dot Marker Printables by Two Pink Peonies are perfect. There are 6 free Easter dot marker pages including Easter eggs, a chick, a bunny and more!

15) Yarn Wrapped Carrot Craft

Yarn Wrapped Carrots - preschool carrot craft

These Yarn Wrapped Carrots are from my blog Simply Full of Delight. All you need is some orange and green yarn, glue and some cardboard from your recycling bin. These carrots are a lot of fun to make…my kids have a whole pile to prove it!

16) Nature Easter Eggs

Nature Easter eggs

These amazing Nature Easter Eggs are by Sprouting Wild Ones. Let your little ones get creative with these eggs that display the beauty of the outdoors.

17) Tie Dye Easter Cross Craft

easter cross craft from leftover egg dye- tie dyed stained glass look

This Tie Dye Easter Cross Craft is by Catholic Icing. Use up your leftover Easter egg dye with this fun project! It’s sure to be a hit with any group of kids!

18) Easter Finger Puppets

Easter Minion Finger Puppets

These Minion Easter Finger Puppets are by Sustain My Craft Habit. Made with felt and tacky glue, this Easter craft is perfect for kids! Your child will love making and of course, playing with these finger puppets.

19) Toilet Paper Roll Easter Bunny

Toliet paper roll bunny

This Toilet Paper Roll Easter Bunny is by Mom Wife Busy Life. Fast and easy, this simple craft comes together in a pinch. You probably already have the supplies needed to make this bunny now!

20) Paper Plate Easter Basket Craft

Paper plate watercolor Easter baskets craft

These Paper Plate Easter Baskets are by Honey and Lime. Your child will love designing their own Easter basket from paper plates.

These sweet little baskets would be great for table centerpieces or for filling with Easter candy for a friend or neighbor. What fun paper plate crafts for Easter!

21) Cotton Ball Bunny Craft – Easy Easter Crafts

Cotton Ball Bunny Craft

This Cotton Ball Bunny Craft is by Mombrite. With the free printable pattern, this sweet bunny craft comes together easily! This Easter craft is perfect for little ones.

22) Watercolor Resist Easter Cross

Watercolor resist easter cross

This Watercolor Resist Easter Cross is by Bloggy Momma. Your child will love this simple craft and will be delighted when the cross is revealed at the end!

23) Handprint Easter Lilies

3 handprint easter lily flowers on table

These Handprint Easter Lilies are from Crafts by Amanda. Simple and adorable, your child will want to make a whole bouquet of these lilies!

24) Paper Chick Craft

chickie in egg

This Paper Chick Craft is by A Hundred Affections. Your kids will love designing their own Easter chick and you will love how they can do this craft independently!

What fun Easter Craft ideas for kids!

25) Easter Painting on Canvas

easter painting on canvas

This Easter Painting on Canvas is by Adventures of a DIY Mom. You’ll love all the fun ideas for stamp painting in this post.

26) Laundry Scoop Wheelbarrow

orange DIY wheelbarrow holding colorful Easter eggs on white wood table

My jaw dropped when I first saw this adorable Laundry Scoop Wheelbarrow by Organized 31. How cute is this! You kids will love this simple craft that would make an excellent table centerpiece decor item.

27) Raised Salt Watercolor Easter Eggs

raised salt drawing of easter egg being painted with water colors

These Raised Salt Watercolor Easter Eggs are by The Craft at Home Family. You will love the uniqueness of this project and your kids will be delighted seeing the liquid watercolor paint magically spread across the salt. This craft is so much fun!

28) Easter Egg Mini Piñata – Fun Easter Crafts

heart shamrock and egg pinata

This Easter Egg Mini Piñata is by Pop Shop America. With this tutorial, your kids will be on their way to making mini Piñatas for every holiday! Who knew it could be so simple?!

29) Handprint Sheep Craft

handprint sheep craft

This Handprint Sheep Craft is by Simple Everyday Mom. With the tutorial and the free sheep template, this craft comes together quick and easy! Your kids will love creating their own little lamb.

30) Peeps Painting

Peeps Paintings by Kids

This Peeps Painting Craft is by Mama Cheaps. This unique painting idea uses Peeps as a stamper! Your kids will love creating their own masterpiece…just be sure to buy enough Peeps for eating as well!

Such a fun DIY Easter Craft for Kids!

31) Easter Treat Bags

Easter Treat Bags

This next project is great for older kids! These Easter Treat Bags by Party With Unicorns are a fun way for older kids to get creative! I love that templates for various animals are provided and that these treat bags could be used for gifting baked goodies!

32) Carrot Stamping Process Art

carrot stamping craft idea

This Carrot Stamping Craft is from my blog Simply Full of Delight. Kids will enjoy using real carrots to stamp carrot shapes onto their paper. Such cute Easter Crafts for young children!

33) Easter Egg Dying Hack

Easter egg dying hack - Easter crafts for kids

If you enjoy dying Easter Eggs with your kids, then you will love the Egg Dying hack you will find at Simple Moments Stick. This hack makes it simple for even the youngest kids to enjoy dying Easter eggs with the family!

34) Easy Paper Bunny Craft

paper bunny craft

This Easy Paper Bunny Craft is a great craft for the spring season. Kids just need a few simple supplies to make these adorable bunny crafts that are perfect for Easter time.

35) DIY Easter Banner for Kids

diy Easter banner for kids

Kids of all ages will enjoy this fun DIY Easter Banner Printable to decorate for the Easter holiday. Children can color, cut out and thread the Easter banner together. Older children will especially enjoy this fun easter activity!

That’s it! I hope you found some super fun DIY Easter crafts for kids! Share the one you like best in the comments!

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