Looking for an Easy Winter Tree Craft for kids? Check out this Marble Painting Preschool Activity! It’s super easy with the free printable winter tree template.

With the colder temperatures setting in, we’ve been all about doing winter crafts for kids! So far, we’ve made this adorable Preschool Mitten Craft and of course, the kids loved building their own paper Snowman with the free printable here.

So, it seemed like the perfect time to add a fun Winter tree craft to the agenda.

This marble paint winter tree craft is the perfect way to celebrate the winter season without getting cold!

If you have been looking for an easy winter craft idea that is great for little hands, this diy winter tree kids craft is perfect!

Winter tree craft completed - marble paint winter tree craft for kids

But first, let’s talk about perks of marble painting.

Are there benefits to Marble Painting?

Science World says that little ones can practice their observation skills, hand eye coordination, and fine motor skills with Marble Painting.

We love marble painting because it’s a fun way for kids of all ages to be creative, get great looking results, and of course little ones think it’s so exciting.

Okay! Let’s get started on our marble painting Easy Winter Tree Craft for kids!

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supplies for winter tree craft including crayola washable paint, a winter tree template, stapler, construction paper, box, marble, scissors, pen

Supplies for Preschool Winter Tree Craft

For this Marble Paint Winter Tree craft you will need:

– A printed copy of the winter tree template

– Green paper or green Construction Paper (we also did blue paper!)

– White Washable Kids Paint (We love this paint from Crayola)

A few Marbles ( you might also like to experiment with small balls of different sizes.)

Bowl for Paint (or a paper plate also works)

– A Box that isn’t too shallow or too deep, that a child can maneuver easily. We used a small box from the canned goods section from a local store.)

– A Stapler

– A pencil or pen 

Baby Wipes or Paper Towels – in case things get a little messy!

– Optional: glitter, liquid glue, blue paper, pom poms, sequins, etc

Let’s get started on our fun Winter Trees!

Winter Tree Craft Video Tutorial

Want to watch how to do this craft? Check out the video below!

How to Make an Easy Winter Tree Craft

First, print out the winter tree craft template. I’ve provided the template for you at the end of the instructions under the heading Grab the free printable!

My template is just a basic winter tree shape.

winter tree templates cut out and ready to paint!

We want our winter trees to be green (or blue!), so that we can paint white on them with the marbles. SO, you have a few choices. You could:

– Print the template on green paper and have the kids each cut their own out.

– Print the template on white paper and have them color the tree green and then cut it out.

– Print the template and trace it onto green paper and cut it out for the kids. I am going to do this option, so I can show you how I save time cutting out templates for younger kids!

Teacher Time Saving Cutting Tip

So, to do this preschool teacher cutting hack, you will need 1 template, a stack of construction paper, stapler, and a pen.

First, trace your tree pattern onto the top piece of paper.

Next, stack a layer of 4-6 pieces of paper underneath. (Basically you can stack as many pieces of paper as your scissors can cleanly cut through in one cut. It really depends on your scissors.)

Now, staple that stack together, in several places to keep the papers from moving.

tracing tree template, staple around it, cut out the stack, then a stack of tree templates are shown

Then cut out the template, cutting through the full stack of papers. You will have multiple trees cut out in one cutting!

When my co-workers at the preschool I worked at first showed me this trick, I was blown away. It’s so simple, but I just never thought to do it!

I use this simple tip all the time now, when I need multiples of something.

Okay, now that we have our trees cut out, it’s time to marble paint our preschool winter tree craft!

Marble Painting a Winter Tree Craft – Preschool

Put the winter tree template in a shallow box. (We put 2 templates in at the same time!) Pour a little bit of white paint into the bowl.

Allow your child to roll the marble into the paint and then pick up the paint covered marble and place it into the shallow box.

child holding marble over paint dish, child marble painting the tree, child tilting the box to make marble travel, and finished winter tree craft for kids

I often like to have them place the paint covered marble to the side (not on the tree) to avoid big splashes of paint on the winter tree, but that’s just my preference.

Have your child hold the box, and show them how to move the box up and down and side to side. Kids will observe how this makes the marble move around inside the box leaving marble trail marks on the winter tree template.

This is a great time to let your child experiment with different sized marbles or small balls. You find some some fun ideas for Ball Painting here.

child marble painting a green tree set

We used a regular size marble for our paper winter tree, but feel free to try different kinds of balls and see what you like best!

And….that’s it! What a fun winter craft for preschool! These winter trees would make a lovely bulletin board display in a classroom or hallway…or even in your home.

blue trees being marble painted

For added fun, you could sprinkle glitter on top….to really make those treetops glisten! Or turn it into a Christmas tree with pom poms or sequins. Or give your trees a whole new look by using blue construction paper instead of green. There’s so many ways to switch up this fun craft and make it your own!

If you have your own great idea, be sure to share your art projects in the comments section below or on social media and tag me @simplyfullofdelight

Grab the free Printable Winter Tree Craft PDF!

To grab the free printable template for this preschool winter tree craft, simply click the black download button below.

Winter Tree Craft for Preschoolers - Marble painted paper tree craft for kids

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Want to save this preschool winter tree art activity for later? Pin the image below of this cute winter craft to your Pinterest board!

marble paint winter tree craft for kids - an easy preschool winter activity

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Winter Preschool Activities

Looking for more Winter fun?

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