Looking for a fun and unusual preschool carrot craft? Try these adorable yarn wrapped carrots with the free carrot template! Perfect for a preschool Easter craft or a preschool garden theme!

All you need for these cute yarn carrots is some cardboard from your recycling bin, some yarn, tape, and glue!

Preschool Carrot Craft (with a free Carrot Template)  - Makes a fun Easter Craft or craft for a preschool gardening theme.

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Supplies for this Preschool Carrot Craft:

– Cardboard – You can use a cereal box or other cardboard from your recycle bin. Or you can use cardstock if you recently recycled!

Elmer’s glue

– Scissors

– Pencil

-Yarn (both orange yarn and green yarn), alternatively you could use ribbon

Scotch tape

-Free Carrot Template (Found at the end of this article).

How to Make Yarn Wrapped Carrots:

First, print our your carrot template. Cut out the template.

Place the template on top of your cardboard and trace around the carrot shape. Cut out the cardboard carrot you just traced.

Preschool carrot craft - a fun spring craft!  (pictured: a yarn wrapped carrot craft)

Next, tape the beginning of your orange yarn to the back of your carrot. Now, wrap the carrot with the orange yarn.

I like to start on the right side and move to the left.

Add a bit of glue here and there to help it keep its place. Glue the final piece down.

Finally, it’s time to create the green carrot tops. Cut some small green yarn pieces. We varied ours in size from 3 inches to 6 inches. Loop the green yarn and glue to the top of the carrot. Alternatively, you can tape the loops to the back. We did a little of both to achieve the look we wanted for the carrot tops.

Preschool Carrot Craft - gluing on the carrot tops.

That’s it! A fast and easy preschool carrot craft!

Ideas for Displaying your Preschool Carrot Craft

These carrots could be displayed as part of an Easter themed bulletin board with bunnies. (Be sure to check out this paper Easter Bunny Craft).

Or, you could use them as part of a vegetable garden theme placed halfway hidden below some brown construction paper “garden soil” holes or in a wheelbarrow “freshly picked” from the garden.

In addition, they could be used during a nutrition unit, when you talk about vegetables and healthy food.

Whichever way you use them, they are sure to bring some smiles from your preschoolers!

Preschool Carrot Craft - my son holding a carrot craft

Books to go with this Preschool Carrot Craft

These carrots would pair wonderfully with the book The Carrot Seed by Ruth Krauss. This story is about a boy who is told his carrot seed won’t grow, but he is persistent with taking care of it despite what everyone says. His persistence pays off in the end!

If you aren’t familiar with The Carrot Seed you can find it here:

the carrot seed book

Alternatively, you could use one of the many Bunny themed books seen here. Many are perfect for an Easter theme.

One of my personal favorite children’s books about gardening, bunnies, and carrots is Muncha! Muncha! Muncha! by Candace Fleming.

It’s about an old man who plants a garden but each night, a group of bunnies comes and eats his vegetables, so every day he builds something new to keep them out. It’s a funny story that my kids adore with a sweet ending about sharing.

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Free Carrot Template

Alright, and as promised here is the Free Carrot Template!

You can use these printable templates as carrot stencils for this yarn carrot craft or you can find other creative ways to use it as well. These carrot printables can be colored, painted, or used for your own carrot craft ideas too!

Ready to print the template? Simply click the download button below to grab the digital file for the free printable carrot templates and get started making your yarn wrapped carrots!

Yarn Wrapped Carrots - Easter Crafts, Carrot crafts

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