Looking for an Easy Paper Mummy Craft for kids? Check out this Marble Painting Preschool Mummy Craft! It’s super easy with the free printable Mummy template!

With Halloween coming up quick, we’ve been enjoying some fun Halloween crafts for kids! We’ve enjoyed making Witch hat headbands and Black Cat puppets.

It seemed like the perfect time to add a creative mummy craft to our Halloween craft ideas. This marble paint mummy craft is the perfect way to celebrate a spooky holiday in a not TOO spooky way for little ones.

If you have been looking for a fun mummy craft idea that is great for little hands, this is a great diy mummy kids craft for young ones!

Easy Mummy Craft for kids - marble paint a mummy with this free printable mummy template!

Painting with marbles is super easy for little ones and you’ll love how cute this mummy craft turns out!

What are the benefits of Marble Painting?

Science World says that Marble Painting allows little ones to practice their hand eye coordination, fine motor skills, and observation skills.

I love that it’s a fun way for kids of all ages to be creative and little ones find it exciting.

Marble painting is definitely a favorite in our household! Plus, the finished craft is always so cool looking!

Alright! Let’s get started on our marble painting Easy Paper Mummy Craft for kids!

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Supplies for Easy paper mummy craft for preschoolers - washable paint, marble, googly eyes, glue, scissors, bowl, and mummy template PDF

Supplies for Preschool Mummy Craft

For this mummy craft you will need:

  • A printed copy of the mummy template on white paper (I highly recommend printing on cardstock)
  • Black Washable Kids Paint (We love this paint from Crayola)
  • A few Marbles ( you might also like to experiment with small balls of different sizes.)
  • Kid Safe Scissors (we love the Fiskars Blunt tips scissors the best)
  • Bowl for Paint (or paper plates also work)
  • Googly eyes (we choose to use a medium size wiggly eye)
  • A Box that isn’t too shallow or too deep, that a child can maneuver easily. We used a box from the canned goods section from a local store.)
  • Elmer’s Glue 
  • Baby Wipes or Paper Towels – in case things get a little messy!

Let’s start these cute mummies!

How to Make an Easy Mummy Craft

Here’s a video of the process…or just simply read on!

First, print out the mummy craft template.

My template is just a basic mummy shape.

child cutting out the mummy template for the easy preschool mummy craft

I find that crafts are simplified when I use a template, so I created this simple mummy pattern for you.

You can grab the outline of a mummy template in my Resource library for my email subscribers.

I recommend printing the template on cardstock to make it more sturdy, but regular paper will work just fine.

Next, it’s time for your little ones to practice their scissor skills!

With child safe scissors, have your child cut out the mummy template.

Older preschoolers won’t have much trouble cutting out this simple template, but if you have younger children, they may need a little help.

If you are doing this in a classroom setting, this is a great time to have the kids write their name on the back of the mummy!

Now it’s time to marble paint our preschool mummy craft!

Marble Painting a Mummy Craft – Preschool

Place the mummy template in the shallow box. Pour a little bit of black paint into the bowl.

Easy Mummy craft - Mummy template is placed in a box, marble is placed in a bowl of black paint.

Have your child roll the marble into the paint and then pick up the paint covered marble and place it into the shallow box.

I like to have them place the paint covered marble to the side (not on the mummy) to avoid big splotches of paint on the actual mummy, but that’s totally up to you!

mummy template being marble painted

With the child holding the box, show them how to move the box up and down and side to side and observe how this makes the marble travel inside the box leaving marble trail marks on the mummy template.

Child holding a shallow box with the mummy template inside, marble painting the mummy

You might like to let your child experiment with different sized marbles or small balls.

I think the mummy looks best when there’s a good amount of black paint marble trails on it.

moving the box with the mummy template inside.

We used a regular size marble, but we also tested a bouncy ball as well, for fun. I think I personally liked the marble results the best.

trying out marble painting with a bouncy ball

(Have baby wipes or paper towels nearby just in case!)

Set aside the mummy preschool craft to dry.

gluing eyes onto the mummy template

When it is dry, kids can glue on the mummy’s eyes. All you need to do is glue a set of googly eyes to the head of the mummy using Elmer’s glue.

Adding googly eyes to the easy mummy craft preschool

And….that’s it! Easy peasy!

I hope you and your child enjoy making this easy Mummy Craft for preschool!

Easy mummy craft for kids - completed

You might find it fun to do this craft at Halloween parties.

These simple craft mummies also make cute Halloween decoration ideas.

Grab the free Printable Mummy Craft Template PDF!

Free printable mummy template - free mummy template for a easy preschool mummy craft

To grab the free printable template for this preschool Mummy craft, simply drop your email in the gray and blue box directly below. You will receive instant access to my Resource Library where you can get this free printable along with many other free printables.


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Happy Halloween!

Want to save this preschool mummy craft for later? Pin the image below of this cute mummy craft to your Pinterest board!

Marble paint easy preschool mummy craft - looking for a Halloween mummy craft for kids?  Check out this adorable marble paint mummy craft!  Get the free printable mummy template pdf today!

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