Looking for a fun paper Easter craft for kids? This Easter Egg Symmetry craft with a free printable Easter egg template is perfect!

This Symmetry Easter Egg Painting is a great way to talk about symmetry and to celebrate Easter!

Easter Egg Symmetry Painting - this Easter craft for kids is perfect for kindergarten or preschool!  (pictured: half of free egg printable painted)

This Easter egg symmetry art for kids is a fun craft from my teaching days that I did with my preschool and kindergarten kids!

The children loved this craft because it was a surprise when you revealed the symmetry painting at the end.

Kids would light up with excitement! Love that!

To make this art project super easy, there’s 2 free printable egg templates for your Easter eggs!

Free Printable Easter Egg Templates - There's 2 Easter Egg Templates perfect for symmetry Easter Egg painting or your own designs!  Great for preschool or kindergarten

You can grab a free egg printable with and without the line of symmetry drawn on them at the end of this article.

What is symmetry?

Symmetry is when two parts of a whole are exactly identical, according to Super Simple. It is symmetrical if you can draw a line down the middle and each side looks the same. You might say each side is a mirror image of the other.

The line in the center is called the Line of Symmetry.

This Easter Egg Symmetry painting is a fun way to introduce the concept of symmetry to kids.

In this craft, kids will paint one half of the egg and then fold on the line of symmetry to print a symmetrical pattern on the other side of the piece of paper.

Alright, let’s get started making our Easter Egg symmetry art!

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Child painting an symmetry easter egg template

Supplies for Easter Egg Symmetry Painting

For this Easter Egg Painting Symmetry project, you will need the following items:

  • Free Easter Egg Printable – Found at the end of this article
  • Kids Washable Paint – We love this paint by Crayola
  • Q-Tips (or paint brushes)
  • Paper Plates

How to make Symmetry Easter Egg Art

First, print out the Easter Egg template of your choice. You’ll need to fold the paper at the line of symmetry, then straighten the page back to normal.

(Folding the page now will make it easier to fold after the child has painted.)

Add different colors of paint onto a paper plate. We chose to paint with Q-Tips, but paint brushes are great too.

Free printable egg template - only painted on left side

Show your child to the line of symmetry. Instruct them to only paint the left side of the Easter Egg.

(We are only painting half so that we can print the symmetrical image on the right side of the egg.)

A few notes: The paint needs to be thick enough and wet enough to make a symmetrical print on the other side.

So, tell your child to paint a thick layer of paint and paint quickly. If they take too long, the paint will dry before they can make a symmetrical Easter eggs print.

Symmetry egg folded in half to make symmetry print

Once they have painted the left side of the Easter egg, have them fold the blank right side over the painted left side. Press the paper together. Now it’s time to open the symmetry Easter Egg!

Finished Easter egg symmetry painting

Kids will be excited to see that their painting has been replicated onto the other side of the Easter Egg!

What fun! You’ve made a Symmetry Easter Egg!

Get the Easter Egg Symmetry Printable

Free Symmetry Easter Egg templates - two free printable egg templates

To download the free symmetry Easter Egg craft template set, click on the download button below!

There’s a free Easter Egg symmetry worksheet both with the symmetry line printed and a plain egg template without the line.

My daughter preferred using the papers with the line of symmetry drawn on them because she liked knowing exactly where to stop painting.

The fold in the paper will show them where to stop as well, but she liked the extra visual of the dotted line.

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Happy Easter!

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Adorable Easter Egg Symmetry Craft - with free printable Easter egg template for toddlers, preschool, and kindergarten  shown:  rainbow colored Easter egg symmetry craft painting completed

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