Looking for a fun Easter sensory play idea? Try this incredibly cute Color Sorting Easter Sensory Bin for Preschool!

This easy Easter sensory bin is great for introducing color sorting to little ones while allowing for imaginative play as well.

This Easter sensory bin contains paper shred, plastic Easter eggs, buttons, bunnies, and more! I hope your kids enjoy this simple spring sensory bin!

Color Sorting Easter Sensory Bin - So much learning fun!  Preschool age kids will enjoy sorting the contents of this Easter sensory play activity!  There's buttons, eggs, bunnies, butterflies and more!

Why is color sorting important for preschoolers?

Color sorting is part of early math skill development. According to Michigan State University, sorting, classifying objects, and matching are the first steps in basic math. Learning to color sort helps kids with 1 to 1 correspondence and concepts like “more” or “less” as they grow.

This Color Sorting Easter Sensory Bin is a fun way to practice sorting skills!

What is a Sensory Bin?

A Sensory Bin is a container that is filled with items that spark imaginative play and stimulate the senses.

Sensory bins can be filled with water, sand, beans, dry corn, paper shred, uncooked pasta, pom pom pieces, colored rice and more. For more ideas on creating sensory bins, see this article.

Many sensory kits have a theme such as spring, Easter, farm, insects, etc.

Sensory activities can be created for kids of all ages including preschool, toddler, elementary, and even babies. You just need to be aware of the choking hazards of materials, if your child still puts things in their mouth.

Easter Sensory Bin - Preschool kids can practice color sorting skills with this fun sensory play activity.  There's flowers, paper shred, butterflies, eggs, bunnies and more.

The Many Benefits of Sensory Play

According to Very Well Family, sensory play is super important because:

  • It helps kids develop fine motor skills.
  • Sensory play helps build language skills.
  • It’s great for helping kids cope with stress.

There’s SO many great reasons to do sensory bins. You can discover more of the benefits here.

Supplies for Coloring Sorting Easter Sensory Bin

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You will need the following supplies to make this Easter sensory bin:

Note: I bought my supplies for this Easter sensory activity locally, but I tried to link to similar items on Amazon for your convenience.

Easter sensory bin with plastic eggs, tongs, bunnies, flowers, and butterfly.

How to make Color Sorting Easter Sensory Bin

Let’s get started on this Easter sensory play idea!

First, take your Sensory bin and fill it with paper shred. The amount of paper shred needed will depend on how large your sensory box is. I found that 1 package was perfect for my smaller sensory bin, but I would need much more to fill an under the bed storage container.

Next, add flowers. I found these adorable mini daisies at Hobby Lobby. I linked to some similar little daisies on Amazon in the supply list. You can also find inexpensive fake flowers at Dollar Tree or any crafting store.

Now add your Easter eggs. I chose to add one Easter egg of each color. Add several buttons of corresponding colors to your eggs.

Easter Sensory Bin - Color Sorting activity for preschoolers

Next, add your tweezers and mini butterfly net. In addition, I always like to include something to scoop with. One of best ways to ensure that a sensory bin is engaging is to add a tool for stirring or scooping.

Be sure to sprinkle some adorable bunnies and butterflies into the mix to add to their creative play.

How to Color Sort with Easter Sensory Bins

I like to keep Sensory Bins mostly open-ended for imaginative play, but with this color sorting sensory bin I do a little introduction for my kids.

I pick up a green plastic egg and ask them what color is this? Then I have them help me find all of the green buttons and we place them inside of the green egg.

Then we look for all of the pink buttons and place those inside the pink egg, and so on through each of the colors. It’s a fairly simple activity, but building these skills is crucial for basic math later on!

Child color sorting in an Easter sensory bin

My kids also enjoyed hiding the bunnies in the eggs and filling the eggs with grass and buttons, etc. I love to see their imaginations at work!

More Ideas to Extend the Fun:

Here’s a few more ideas for your Easter sensory bins.

If your child is familiar with numbers, you write a number on each Easter egg and have them fill that egg with a certain number of buttons.

Similarly, you could create an number Easter egg sensory bin by writing the number word on one half of an egg and the number on the other and have them match Easter egg halves. This could also be done with lowercase and uppercase letters etc. The possibilities go on and on!

I hope your little one enjoys this Easter bin!

Child opening plastic Easter eggs in an Easter sensory bin

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Happy Spring!

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Adorable Color Sorting Easter sensory bin!  Preschool age kids will enjoy this Easter sensory play idea!  There's green paper shred, plastic eggs, bunnies, butterflies, tongs, and more!  Sensory play is great for building imagination, fine motor skills and more!