Planning a preschool farm theme or have a tractor loving kid? This Preschool Tractor Craft is so easy with the free printable.

Kids will have so much fun creating their very own paper tractor with moveable wheels! It’s a simple craft with the free printable tractor template.

easy preschool tractor craft - paper tractor craft with free template

I grew up on a farm, so I’ve been wanting to do a preschool farm unit for a while now! My dad is an Illinois dairy farmer who also raises a variety of other farm animals and has lots of corn and soybean fields as well.

Also, my son is really into tractors, so I knew I had to make a fun tractor craft for my tractor loving boy!

In addition to this tractor paper craft, I’ve been slowly adding fun farm crafts and sensory play ideas to my blog. I’ll link to those at the end of the article if you are interested in doing more fun farm activities!

This easy preschool tractor craft is a fun way for kids to practice scissor skills and of course, fine motor skills.

free tractor craft with moveable wheels - tractor craft step by step shown of coloring, cutting, and assembling

This tractor craft could be used for the Letter T, for transportation themes, or for a fun activity at a farm themed birthday party. It’s also a fun craft activity for rainy days and could be incorporated into your harvest themed crafts.

Let’s get started on this cute little tractor paper craft for kids!

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Supplies for Preschool Tractor Craft

tractor craft supplies including free printable tractor template, 2 paper fasteners, crayons and scissors

For this Tractor craft, you will need the following simple craft supplies:

  • Free Tractor Template PDF printed on white paper (You can access the digital file at the end of this tutorial)
  • Crayons (Crayola really are the BEST!)
  • Brads (otherwise known as paper fasteners) – You’ll need 2 – one for each of the tractor wheels!
  • Child safe Scissors – Fiskars brand are the best!
  • Optional: Cardstock – You might like to print this project on white cardstock to make it more durable.
  • Also optional: glue stick – instead of a moveable tractor, you could skip the brads if you want to and glue the different pieces of the tractor together. It won’t move, but it’s still a cute tractor craft!

Let’s get started on this preschool farm craft!

How to Make a Paper Tractor Craft

First, print out the tractor craft template. As I mentioned above, you can find the free printable tractor at the end of this tutorial.

You can print the tractor shape template on regular copy paper or you can use card stock to make it more durable.

(If you use cardstock – keep in mind it is harder to punch the paper fastener through, so you’ll need something sharp, like a tack, to poke through first to make the hole for the paper fastener.)

Once you’ve printed your tractor template, it’s time to color!

preschool tractor craft colored with crayons

Did you know that coloring builds hand strength and helps kids practice pencil grip too?! I love it when kids can learn and build skills in a fun way!

Give your child crayons, markers, or colored pencils.  I recommend crayons for younger children.

I love seeing how kids color their tractors.

Some children are very literal and want their own tractors to look just like the real thing while others will color the tractor their favorite colors!

Kids might also like to draw themselves inside the tractor’s window.  What fun!

Now, it’s time to cut. Give your kids blunt tip child safe scissors. (We love the Fiskars brand).

paper tractor craft is cut out with scissors

Have them cut out the tractor and the 2 wheels. I have placed a circle around the tractor wheels to make it easier for kids to cut around.

With the body of the tractor, I’d advice young children to not cut the narrow area between the exhaust pipe and the tractor cab.  

I encouraged my kids to simply cut next to it and then cut upward to the top of the tractor from there, as it is super narrow.

Once they have cut out all 3 pieces, help the children attach the wheels to the tractor with a brad (paper fastener).

I poked the paper fastener through the middle of each wheel and then lined it up with where the wheel should be on the tractor. Then flatten the brad.

And…. you’re finished! I hope your kids enjoy this adorable preschool farm craft as much as mine did!

tractor paper craft - free printable tractor - preschool farm craft for kids

Grab the Free Tractor Paper Craft Template

Want to make this paper tractor craft? You can grab the free tractor craft template PDF directly below by clicking the black download button.

Free printable template:

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tractor craft with moveable wheels!

More Paper Crafts for Kids

Did your young children love the moveable parts on this tractor craft?

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Want to save this tractor paper craft idea for later? Pin the image below to your Preschool Farm ideas board on Pinterest!

free printable tractor craft