Looking for a fun pig craft for kids? This easy pig paper bag puppet is super simple with the free pig template printable.

Pig crafts for kids are great for a farm animals theme as well as the letter P. You could also incorporate this pig puppet into a fairy tale theme or nursery rhyme unit.

This paper bag pig puppet craft is perfect for younger kids (preschool and kindergarteners), but older kids might enjoy it too!

How to make a pig paper bag puppet  with free printable!

Puppets are a classic craft that inspire pretend play and of course, they are so much fun!

Alright! Let’s begin our easy pig puppet!

Supplies for a Pig Paper Bag Puppet

There’s no need for googly eyes or card stock – all you need is the free printable and a few simple craft supplies.

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To make this easy peasy pig craft you will need:

– White paper bag – lunch bag size (brown paper bags work too)

– The Free Pig Template Printable

– Crayons (or markers)


– Glue Stick or School Glue

That’s it! Let’s begin!

How to make a Pig Puppet

First, download the free printable pig puppet template and print it out.

Now it’s time to color! Have your child color the pig template printable.

pig paper bag puppet template colored with crayons

We colored ours traditional – a pink pig, but kids could definitely color their pig a variety of different colors.

For ours, we colored the big puppet face circle pink, the ears pink, and the snout pink. Then we colored the inside of the nostrils black.

Once it is completely colored, it’s time to cut! Give your child some kid safe scissors. We love Fiskar’s blunt tip child safe scissors because they are easy for little hands to find cutting success!

Explain which pieces of the pig need to be cut out. I created this pig template printable with little ones in mind, so the pieces to cut are large and spaced far apart for cutting ease.

Cutting out the pig paper bag puppet template with scissors

Kids 4 and up will likely have no trouble with this, but smaller kids may need some help with the cutting.

How to make the Printable Pig Puppet

Once your pieces are cut out, it’s time to assemble the pig paper bag puppet!

The large circle will be on the bottom of the bag. This will be the pig’s face.

Next, lay out the pieces of the pig puppet template before you start to glue. This will help kids figure out where things go on the face.

On top of the large pink circle, we added the snout with nostrils towards the bottom. Then we centered the eyes and added the ears on top.

paper bag pig puppet assembled with glue stick and scissors

Once everything has been placed where it looks good, it’s time to glue it down.

We used a glue stick for this craft because it is low-mess and dries quickly (so that kids can play with their puppets right away!) Of course, school glue will work too, but it will take longer to dry.

After all of the pieces have been glued on, the puppet pig is finished! Kids can place their hand inside the bag to make the puppet move!

Kids might enjoy pretending that their pigs are Three Little Pigs paper bag puppets!

Free printable pig paper bag puppet template

Get the Free Pig Template Printable

Ready to start this pig paper bag puppet craft? Grab the free printable pig puppet directly below and make it today!

You can get this free pig paper bag puppet printable here:

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How to make a pig puppet with free printable - paper bag pig puppet template shown