Looking for an easy preschool squirrel craft? Kids will love creating this moveable paper squirrel! All you need is the free printable and a few simple craft supplies.

With fall quickly approaching, we are all about all things autumn!

I love doing fall crafts and activities with my young children. It’s one of my favorite times of the year!

It’s also a natural time to talk about preparing for winter and about squirrels gathering acorns to get ready.

You might like to incorporate teaching the grey squirrel rhyme into your lesson plan and read cute little squirrel books at story time.

And of course, it’s the perfect time to make a cute squirrel craft!

This simple fall craft for kids is a great way to practice scissor skills and fine motor skills. Coloring is a great way to build hand strength and practice that pencil grip they will need for handwriting later!

Alright, let’s dive into our easy preschool squirrel craft!

This easy preschool squirrel craft is a great fall craft idea for kids!  This paper squirrel craft has a free template to make it easy for kids of all ages!

Paper Squirrel Craft

For this paper squirrel craft, you will need the following items:

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– The Free Squirrel PDF (You can access it in the free Resource Library, available to all of my email subscribers. Not on my email list? There’s a form at the end of this article!)

Brads (You will need 2 brads per squirrel).

Child safe Scissors (I recommend Fiskars!)

Googly Eyes

Elmer’s Glue (if your googly eyes are not self-adhesive)


– Optional: Cardstock – You may wish to print this project on cardstock to make it more durable!

Free Preschool Squirrel Craft template - make your own moveable squirrel with this easy free squirrel pdf.  Add brads and make the squirrel's tail move!

Preschool Squirrel Craft Instructions

First, print out the free squirrel craft template from the free Resource Library (free to my email subscribers! If you haven’t joined yet, there’s a blue box to join below!)

You might like to print this on cardstock to make it more durable!

Next, have your child color the squirrel with crayons. Have them also color the squirrel tail and the acorn as well.

Now, you’re ready to cut. Provide your child with child-safe scissors and have them cut out all 3 pieces of the paper squirrel craft.

Once they have cut out the body, tail, and acorn, help them attach the pieces with a brad.

Now it’s time to add a googly eye! If you attached the googly eye with glue, be sure to allow time to let it dry.

And that’s it! All done! Kids will enjoy playing with their moveable squirrel craft.

This craft pairs well with books about squirrels. My personal favorite squirrel book is called Those Darn Squirrels by Adam Rubin. It’s a silly book, but it will have you and your kids laughing the whole time. Be sure to also read Those Darn Squirrels Fly South.

Scaredy Squirrel by Mélanie Watt is also a fun book! It’s about a little squirrel who is scared of everything and a turn of events helps him overcome some of his fears.

A Squirrel’s Tale by Richard Fowler is a cool interactive book. Kids can take a small squirrel through flaps and slots in the book, helping him find his acorns. This book is sure to be a favorite, as kids love pushing the little squirrel along his path and helping him go from page to page.

Easy Preschool Squirrel Craft with a free squirrel template

Grab the Free Squirrel Craft Template

You can grab the free paper squirrel craft PDF in the free Resource Library which is available to my email subscribers. To Join my email list, simply type your email in the blue box directly below. You will gain instant access to all the free printables in my Resource Library including this easy Preschool Squirrel Craft!


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I hope you enjoy this easy squirrel craft! Happy Autumn to you and yours!

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free printable squirrel craft with moveable tail and acorn!