Looking for a Back to School Craft?  This Paper School Bus Craft for Preschoolers is super easy with the free printable school bus template!  

Can you believe it’s nearly back to school season?  With that in mind, I’ve been prepping some fun Back to School crafts.  

paper bus craft with free printable

This paper school bus is particularly fun because the wheels move with the help of a paper fastener (brad).  I love that it’s super simple as well.  

These little school bus papercrafts would make a great first week of school activity or a cute bulletin board for the new school year.

You could also use these fun crafts for a transportation unit or a letter B craft.

school bus paper craft - free printable bus template

Alright!  Let’s get started on these little school buses!

Supplies need for Easy School Bus Craft

For this printable school bus craft for kids you will need the following craft supplies:

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supplies for easy paper bus craft - free printable bus, 2 paper fasteners, crayons, and scissors

– The Free Printable School Bus Craft template – found in this article.  If you print it on cardstock, it will be more durable.

Crayons or colored pencils – we love the Crayola brand!

– Blunt tip scissors – I recommend these Child Safe scissors by Fiskars

Paper Fasteners (brads) – 2 per bus.

How to make an Easy Paper School Bus Craft

First, print your bus onto white paper (or cardstock if you want it to be more durable).

​Provide your child with crayons or colored pencils.  Put those fine motor skills to work!

child coloring paper bus craft

Your child might like to draw a bus driver or some kids looking through the school bus windows.

If you are looking for a traditional looking bus, you might like to remind them what color the bus is…..or you can let them go wild with creativity and color the bus whichever colors they like.

Do what you like!

child cutting out bus craft

Once they have colored both the bus and the two wheels, give each child a pair of child safe scissors. 

Have each child cut out both wheels and the bus. 

yellow bus craft cut out

Next, we will attach the wheels to the paper bus craft.  

Poke a hole with your brad into the middle of the wheel, then poke the brad into the middle of the wheel hub area of the bus.  

Then flatten the back of the brad.

3 school bus crafts completed

The wheels will move! My kids loved turning the wheels of the bus and singing The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round.

If you use cardstock – poking the hole with the brad is a little trickier.

I recommend using a tack or something sharp to poke a hole to make this process go more smoothly.

(Of course, for safety reasons, an adult needs to do this instead of the child.)

I hope your kids enjoy making their own school bus craft!

free printable school bus with moveabe wheels - shown several school bus paper crafts

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Free Printable School Bus with Moveable wheels!

Grab the School Bus Printable Template

Ready to make the Easy Paper School Bus Printable Craft?  Kids will have so much fun!

You can grab the Easy School Bus Paper Craft template by clicking the black download button below.

Get the Bus Craft printable pdf here:

Want to save this Back to School time Bus Craft for later?  Pin the image below to your Fun Crafts for Kids board on Pinterest.

free printable School Bus Craft being colored, cut, and assembled.