Looking for easy penguin crafts for kids? Here’s a super simple Paper Penguin Craft Printable! Kids can color, cut out, and assemble their very own penguin with moveable flippers. What fun!

It’s winter here in the Midwest, so we’ve been enjoying some classic winter themed crafts. We made these adorable paper mittens as well as some fun Marble Painted Winter Trees.

In January, I like to teach my kids about winter in other places as well, including the ever cold Arctic as well as Antarctica. We talk about how the polar bears live in the north in the Arctic, while penguins live in the south, in Antarctica.

Preschool Paper Penguin Craft - a fun easy penguin craft for kids - paper penguin with paper fasteners

These adorable penguin crafts are a great craft for talking about Antarctica.

Little ones will enjoy coloring the little penguins, cutting out the simple pieces, and then adding a brad to make the flippers of the penguin moveable!

Supplies Needed for Penguin Paper Craft:

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For these paper penguins, you will need the following craft supplies:

easy paper penguin craft supplies:  the free printable penguin, crayons, scissors and brads
  • Paper Penguin Craft Printable (Instructions for getting this free printable penguin template are at the end of the craft tutorial).
  • Crayons (or colored pencils)
  • Child Safe Scissors (These scissors are our favorite!)
  • Brads (Paper Fasteners)

Once you have your supplies, it’s time to get started on these cute penguins!

How to make a Paper Penguin Craft

First, print out the Paper Penguin Craft Printable. We used plain copy paper, but you can use cardstock for a more durable penguin for little hands.

paper penguin craft colored with a black crayon and orange crayon

Next, provide your child with crayons to color the penguin. We colored ours black and white to look like real penguins, but if your child wants a pink and purple penguin – go for it!

We colored an orange beak, the outer part of the penguin body black, and then left the middle part white. Next, we colored the feet orange as well. Finally, we colored the flippers black.

Once your penguins are fully colored it’s time to cut out the penguin template pieces!

paper penguin template pieces are cut out with scissors.

Show your kids how to carefully cut around each of the flippers and the penguin body. Cutting out fun crafts is a great way to practice those fine motor skills.

If you have little ones, feel free to have them cut a straight line at the bottom, instead of cutting around the detailed penguin’s feet. This simplifies the craft, making it much easier for younger children.

paper penguin craft completed with paper fasteners to make it a moveable penguin.

Once your 3 pieces have been cut out, it’s time to attach the flippers to the penguin with brads (paper fasteners). Each penguin craft will need 2 brads. One for each flipper to make it move.

I helped attach the brad for my kids as it can be a little tricky to poke it into the paper without ripping the page.

I recommend that you attach brads away from the edge to avoid rips. Once the brad has been poked through and attached to the page, the penguin craft is done!

penguin paper craft completed and waving

Check out our finished cute penguin craft!

Such a simple project that’s a perfect addition to your penguin unit or it would also work for a Letter P is for Penguin theme.

Little kids will enjoy making the penguin’s flippers move around, wave, or play peek-a-boo. Older kids might even like to put on a show for you with their adorable paper penguin craft!

paper craft penguin playing peek a boo

Ready to grab that free penguin template for this simple penguin craft?

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Easy Paper Penguin Craft for Kids - a free printable paper penguin with moveable flippers

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Want to save this cute paper penguin craft for later? Pin the image below to your Fun Winter Crafts board on Pinterest!

Moveable Papper Penguin Craft - a penguin paper craft with moveable flippers with a paper fastener.  Fun preschool penguin craft