Looking for a fun Preschool Dinosaur printable? This Easy Paper Dinosaur Craft for kids is so simple with the free template.

Kids will enjoy creating their very own dinosaurs with moveable head and tail! It’s a fun and easy craft with the free printable dinosaur template.

I’ve been wanting to do a preschool dinosaur theme for a while now! After we did this Dinosaur Sensory Bin, my kids have been fascinated by dinosaurs.

When kids naturally interested in a topic, it’s a great time to lean into that particular interest to build that life long love of learning! According to Education Corner, kids learn best when they choose what to learn.

So, yes, we are reading tons of dinosaur books, doing dinosaur math, dinosaur sensory play, and of course doing some fun dinosaur crafts like these cute dinosaurs!

This easy preschool dinosaur craft is a fun way for kids to practice cutting skills and of course, fine motor skills. Coloring is a fun way to build hand strength and practice pencil grip too! Plus it works great as a D is for Dinosaur craft!

Free printable Dinosaur Craft - an easy paper dinosaur craft for kids - get the free dinosaur template pdf today

You might even use it as a fun activity at a dinosaur themed birthday party. This easy dinosaur craft is perfect for a rainy day or any time you need a simple craft!

My kids enjoy many different dinosaurs, but of course Tyrannosaurus Rex tops the list of their favorite dinosaurs. This easy dinosaur craft template is a friendly version of the T Rex, making it a fun craft for even young kids who might be scared of dinosaurs.

Let’s dive into this cute little dinosaur paper craft for kids!

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Supplies for Easy Dinosaur Paper Craft

Easy dinosaur craft supplies including the free printable dinosaur template pdf, brads, scissors and crayons

For this cute dinosaur craft, you will need the following items:

  • Free Dinosaur Template PDF printed on white paper (You can access it in the free Resource Library, available to all of my email subscribers. Need to join my email list? There’s a form at the end of this article!)
  • Crayons (Crayola really are the BEST!)
  • Brads (otherwise known as paper fasteners) – You’ll need 2 – one for the head and one for the tail!
  • Child safe Scissors – Fiskars brand are the best!
  • Optional: Cardstock – You might like to print this project on white cardstock to make it more durable.
  • Also optional: glue stick – if you wish, instead of a moveable dinosaur, you can skip the brads and just glue the different pieces of the dinosaur together. It won’t move, but it’s still a great craft for your dinosaur fan.

Let’s get started on this fun dinosaur craft!

How to Make a Preschool Paper Dinosaur Craft

First, print out the dinosaur craft template from the Resource Library (free to my email subscribers! If you haven’t joined yet my email list yet, there’s a blue and gray box to join below!)

You can print the dinosaur shape template onto regular copy paper or you can use card stock to make it more durable.

dinosaur template printable - colored

Now it’s time to color! Give your child crayons. It’s always fun to see what color kids decide the dinosaur should be! Encourage them to use different colors for the stripes and body.

Next, it’s time to cut. Give your kids blunt tip child safe scissors and have them cut out all 3 pieces of the dinosaur including the head, body, and tail.

You might encourage little ones to cut straight across on the claws on the body of the dinosaur as they are a little more difficult to cut around.

dinosaur printable template cut out

Once they have cut out all 3 pieces, help them attach the dinosaur’s head to the neck of the dinosaur’s body with a brad. Then take the 2nd brad and use it to attach the tail to dinosaur’s body.

Note: For the head, the first stripe is meant to overlap with the first stripe on the body. This will give your dino some extra paper buffer so that the head doesn’t tear as easily. You may want to trim a little off of the long neck if it seems too long.

Dinosaur paper craft for kids - printable dinosaur template colored with moveable parts fully assembled

And…. you’re finished! Such a easy peasy fun craft! I hope this adorable dinosaur craft makes a great addition to your fun dinosaur activity unit.

Grab the Free Dinosaur Paper Craft Template

Dinosaur paper craft - preschool dinosaur template PDF

Want to make this craft? You can grab the free paper dinosaur craft template PDF in the free Resource Library which is available to my email subscribers. To Join my email list, simply type your email in the blue and gray box directly below.

You will get instant access to all the free printables in my Resource Library including this easy Preschool Dinosaur Craft!


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Want to save this dinosaur paper craft idea for later? Pin the image below to your Preschool Dinosaur ideas board on Pinterest!

Easy paper dinosaur craft for kids- a free printable dinosaur pdf with moveable tail and head.