Looking for fun sheep craft ideas? This Easy Cotton Ball Sheep Craft is super simple with the free printable sheep!

Whether you are looking for a fun farm craft, or a fun lamb craft for Easter, this fuzzy sheep craft is perfect for young children.

Personally, sheep rank pretty high on my list of favorite animals.

I grew up on a farm, raising bottle fed lambs. They are absolutely the cutest!

My dad still has sheep on his farm, and my kids LOVE to go feed the sheep and bottle feed the lambs as needed.

So, of course, my lamb loving kids were delighted by this cute sheep craft!

cotton ball sheep craft for kids

This craft is perfect for preschoolers as it promotes the development of fine motor skills and it’s easy.

Kids simply color the sheep and then glue cotton balls to the body of the sheep.

Alright! Let’s dive into this cute craft!

Supplies for Cotton Ball Sheep Craft

supplies for cotton ball sheep craft include the free printable sheep template, elmer's liquid glue, crayons, and cotton balls

For these adorable sheep crafts you will need the following basic craft supplies:

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Alright! Let’s get started on this cute lamb craft!

How to make a Cotton Ball Sheep Craft

First, print out the sheep template printable onto white paper.

Provide your child with crayons and show them where to color, leaving the large sheep body and the top of the head white (this is where the fluff will go!)

child adding glue to the cotton ball sheep craft

My girls colored the sheep face gray as well as the sheep’s legs, and ears.

They colored the sheep’s hooves black and the mouth pink.

Next, they added a little bit of liquid glue to the sheep’s head and body, followed by some cotton ball fluff.

I had them pull bits of cotton off of the cotton balls to glue to the page, both to save on the number of cotton balls used, but also because I like the way it looks.

sheep craft - child adding cotton and glue
child adding glue and cotton balls to a sheep craft for preschool

Just a note: Little ones always need a bit of instruction when using glue, otherwise it becomes a puddle very quickly.

We use the phrase: Just a dab will do!

They repeated the process over and over (add glue, add cotton) until the sheep’s body was nice and fluffy.

My kids were so proud of their fluffy sheep crafts and how soft they were, they were ready to make a whole flock!

Cotton ball sheep craft for preschool

What a great Spring craft for kids! This adorable craft also works for the letter S or for a fun lamb Easter craft as well.

You might also find this easy sheep craft works well for Sunday School for the story of the lost sheep or a lesson about David being a shepherd.

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free printable cotton ball sheep craft

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