Looking for a fun preschool Thanksgiving corn craft? Check out this super easy bubble wrap corn craft!

This craft takes a fun spin on the typical multicolored corn you see at harvest time!

This corn goes by many names including Flint corn, Calico corn, Ornamental Corn and formerly was called Indian corn. Ornamental corn can be white, yellow, orange, brown, red, blue and black, but most of the time it is multi-colored.

Fall Corn Craft - Perfect for Toddlers and Pre-k  (Bubble wrap corn painted multicolor fall colors shown)

Let’s get started on this fun preschool harvest corn craft!

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Supplies need for the Thanksgiving Corn Craft

The cool thing about this project is that it reuses items you might already have in your recycle bin! Paired with a few simple crafting materials, there is very little you need to buy to create this fun craft!

Bubble wrap (you can use recycled bubble wrap like I did!)

Washable Paint  (we used brown, orange, and yellow paint for our corn kernels)

Paint brushes


– Brown Paper (I used brown packing material out of our recycling bin, but you could also use a brown paper sack or brown tissue paper)

White School glue

– a Tablecloth or newspapers

– Painting shirt or smock

Harvest Corn Craft for Preschool - pictured: cutting out the bubble wrap into corn shapes, painting multicolored corn bubbles

How to Make a Preschool Fall Corn Craft

First, cut out a corn cob shape from bubble wrap.

It doesn’t have to be perfect as both sides will be covered by the “corn husk” paper.

This might be a great time to let your little one practice those fine motor skills by cutting ears of corn with blunt tip scissors.

Next, cover your crafting area with a tablecloth or newspapers. Painting can be messy with little ones!

On that note, a painting shirt or smock is advisable for children as well!

Provide your child with a paint brush and the several colors of paint. As mentioned before, ornamental corn can be white, yellow, orange, brown, red, blue and black.

I personally prefer using the autumn colors for this fall corn craft, so we used yellow, orange and brown.

Keep in mind that preschoolers will mix the colors naturally as they paint.

Once they have painted the bubble wrap corn cob shape, set it aside to dry. After it has dried, cut small strips of light brown paper bag (or tissue paper/crepe paper) for the corn husk.

Using a little glue, attach these husk pieces to the bubble wrap and let dry!

You may like to make the project more sturdy and attach it to a piece of construction paper, or if you plan to use it on a bulletin board, you can leave it as it is!

That’s it! A super simple Thanksgiving Corn craft!

I hope your kids enjoy this easy corn craft!  

Fall Corn Craft - bubble wrap painted corn shape with a paper husk

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Multicolor painted bubble wrap corn craft for preschool

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