Looking for some fall leaf template printables for your preschool autumn crafts? These free printable leaf templates are perfect to be used as stencils, patterns, or fall coloring pages for kids!

They are perfect for any fall activity or fall crafts.

These fall leaf template printables are much more durable than a real leaf and are great for fall math, any leaf activity or craft ideas for autumn.

I love the versatility of these leaves!

This fall leaf template set includes 4 different pages and features maple leaves, oak tree leaves, poplar leaf outlines, and tulip tree leaves.

There’s many different sizes and designs to choose from.

Free!  Fall Leaf Templates for preschool autumn crafts or to be used as fall leaf coloring pages for kids

I included fall and autumn phrases on each fall leaves printable as well, so that they could be used as leaf coloring pages!

It’s always nice to have some free coloring pages in your back pocket….for those days when lessons go faster than anticipated or you need a quick art project to keep kids busy!

I hope you find the perfect fall leaf printable for your kids or classroom!

1) Maple and Oak Leaf Printables

Maple and Oak Leaf Printable - free leaf templates and coloring pages

Let’s dive in and take a look at the free leaf templates!

This first page features large fall leaves. There’s a large maple leaf and one large oak leaf. I’ve included the phrase “Happy Fall!”

This page would be great for painting, coloring, or even gluing small pieces of colored paper or tissue paper to the leaf templates.

2) Tulip Tree Leaf and Poplar Leaf Template Printables

tulip tree and Poplar Leaf Templates - free printable leaf patterns

This next set of fall leaf printables includes leaf templates for tulip tree leaves and poplar leaves. The block letter text reads “It’s Autumn!”

This set would be great for watercolor painting.

Also, because these printable leaf outlines are super simple, they would be excellent leaf templates for children color and cut out.

If you print out multiple sheets, your child could make a garland of colored leaves.

Another fun idea for is to laminate the printable leaf template and provide play dough or clay to your child.

Now you have fall playdough mats!

Kids will enjoy filling the leaf shape with dough and being creative. Plus, playing with dough is excellent for developing fine motor skills!

3) Maple Leaf and Oak Fall Leaf Coloring Page

Maple And Oak Leaf Coloring Page - free fall leaf printables

The third set of leaf outlines includes an assortment of maple leaves and oak leaves.

This set of leaf templates is more detailed, making it the perfect fall leaf coloring page!

This free printable would be excellent for painting or coloring with colored pencils. c

Children might enjoy using markers or crayons with this coloring page as well.

I’ve included the words “Happy Fall Y’All!”

4) Oak, Poplar, and Maple Leaf Template

Oak, Poplar, and Maple Leaf Outlines - free fall leaf printables for kids

The last set of fall leaves includes very basic leaf template printables.

You’ll find an oak leaf, a poplar leaf, and a classic maple leaf. I’ve added the text “Hello Fall!”

These leaves would be great for leaf stencils.

To use them as stencils, print out this leaf template on card stock. Next cut the leaves out.

Provide your kids with colored pencils to trace around them to create their own leaf outlines.

For another neat leaf art project using leaf stencils, try this: Have your child trace around the leaf pattern with white crayon. Then have them watercolor over the page with fall colors, revealing the leaf outlines they created.

Grab the Free Fall Leaf Printables

To get your free fall leaf templates, simple click the black download button below.

You will download all 4 free leaf templates right away!

More Fall Preschool Activities and Crafts

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Alright! That’s it! Happy Autumn!!!

Also, if you have any fun ideas for using a free printable leaf template or paper leaf craft ideas, tell me about your activity or craft project in the comments! I’d love to hear about it!

Fall Leaf Printables for kids autumn crafts or fall leaf coloring pages!  Totally Free!