Today I’m sharing 4 Free Thanksgiving Dot to Dot Printables. These Thanksgiving worksheets are perfect for preschoolers and kindergarteners.

We’ve been enjoying a lot of fall and Thanksgiving holiday activities lately. In particular, we’ve been focusing on the Pilgrims and the First Thanksgiving.

It’s the perfect time of year to discuss the history behind our Thanksgiving celebration with your little ones through simple activities like this one!

This Thanksgiving dot to dot worksheet set includes a boy and girl pilgrim, a pilgrim hat, a pumpkin pie slice, and a turkey. What fun!

You can download and print these Thanksgiving Connect the Dot pages right here on this post.

Free Thanksgiving Dot to Dot printables including a pilgrim, a turkey, pilgrim hat, and pumpkin pie connect the dots worksheets for preschool

The most simple dot to dot page is the pilgrim boy and girl which has numbers 1-10 and letters A-D.

The most challenging page (the turkey) has numbers 1-21.

The Pumpkin Pie has dots 1-20 and the pilgrim hat has dots 1-17.

These fun dot to dot printables for Thanksgiving are a fun way to practice number recognition and counting.

I hope your kids enjoy them as much as mine did!

Free thanksgiving dot to dots for preschool - free connect the dots pages including a turkey, pumpkin pie, pilgrims and pilgrim hat.

What are the benefits of Connect the Dots?

Connect the Dots printables help kids with important skills like number recognition, sequencing skills, development of fine motor skills, and can help improve concentration.

Connect the dots puzzles are a great preschool activity that reinforces number order and early math skills.

Plus, dot to dot puzzles are fun activity for young children in the classroom or make a great quiet time activity at home.

Let’s check out these free Thanksgiving Dot to Dot Printables!

Easy Pilgrim Dot to Dot Printable

Pilgrim Dot to Dot for preschool - Thanksgiving free printable connect the dots pages featuring pilgrims

This first dot to dot printable is a super simple connect the dots page.

This Thanksgiving picture features a boy and girl pilgrim holding hands. Aren’t they cute?!

Kids can connect the dots 1-10 to create the boy pilgrim’s hat.

Then little ones can connect the dots letters A-D to make the girl pilgrim’s skirt.

You can download the Pilgrim Easy Dot to Dots worksheets here:

Pilgrim Hat Connect the Dots Printable

Pilgrim hat connect the dots printable - a free Thanksgiving dot to dot worksheet - printable shown with a wood background and harvest items in corner.

The next free printable Thanksgiving dot to dot page features a pilgrim hat.

This Pilgrim hat dot to dot is a fun way to bring some Thanksgiving season fun into your educational activities.

This holiday dot to dot sheet features numbers 1-17.

Young kids can connect the numbers to make the outline of the pilgrim hat. Then they can color the hat if they wish!

This Pilgrim hat connect the dots is easy for kids because they simply keep moving from number to number in order.

Once they start, it’s pretty obvious where to go next! It’s perfect for little ones!

Download the Pilgrim Hat dot-to-dot pages here:

Pumpkin Pie Dot to Dot Printable Worksheet

Pumpkin Pie Dot to dot printable - free thanksgiving connect the dots worksheets for preschoolers - pumpkin pie shown with worksheet

This Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie Dot to Dot printable is a little more difficult.

The numbers only go from 1-20, but the design is a little more tricky as the numbers zig zag a bit to create the layers of the pie.

It might be a little challenging for kids who are used to just outlining an object.

This pumpkin pie printable is a great way to build hand-eye coordination.

Kids in preschool and kindergarteners will enjoy this fun dot to dot puzzle.

Kids may also like to color the pie afterwards! My kids sure did!

You can download the Pumpkin Pie printable here:

Turkey Dot to Dot Printable

Thanksgiving turkey dot to dot printable - free connect the dots worksheet for preschool

This last one is a Turkey dot to dot page.

This simple Thanksgiving connect the dots printable features numbers 1-21.

Kids can connect the dots to create the turkey’s feathers and then color it if they wish.

My kids had so much fun coloring the feathers rainbow colors after they were finished connecting the dots!

Download the Turkey Dot to Dot here:

More Thanksgiving Printables for Kids

I hope you’ve found some amazing free Thanksgiving activity sheets.

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Want to save these Thanksgiving dot to dot pages for later? Pin the image below!

Free thanksgiving dot to dot printables - free preschool connect the dots pages for Thanksgiving