Looking for some fun ideas for What to Put In Easter Eggs for Kids?  Here’s 35 awesome ideas that are sure to surprise and delight the sweet children in your life on Easter Sunday.

Every year we have multiple Easter Egg Hunts.

My kids always are asked to bring plastic Easter eggs filled with a treat for each of their classmates at school.  

Also, we often go to a local organization’s Easter egg hunt where my kids collect plenty of fun filled eggs.

plastic Easter eggs to be filled

And then, of course, there’s those plastic eggs that need to be filled and placed in each child’s Easter basket left behind by the “Easter Bunny.” 

So, as a mom of 4 and a former teacher, I’ve seen a lot of amazing ideas over the years for Easter egg fillers!

Just a few notes before we dive into our big list:

Know your audience.  If your Easter Eggs are intended for toddlers or children who still put things in their mouths make sure that you stay away from anything that might be a choking hazard including coins, small candy, small toys, etc.

Be aware of food allergies.  Check in with your child’s teacher before filling eggs with anything containing a possible allergen.

Best Easter egg fillers - fun ideas - Easter basket with plastic eggs shown.

Alright!  Let’s dive in and talk about the best Easter Egg filler ideas!

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1) Candy 

It’s obviously the normal choice.  

I recommend filling eggs with individually wrapped candy as loose jelly beans can fall to the ground and become unsanitary.  

Also, consider that if your eggs are going to be hidden outside in the sunshine, chocolate can melt into a gooey mess quite quickly.  

I can’t tell you how many times my kids have opened an Easter egg that was a gooey melted chocolate mess…which can be a little stressful if they are wearing new pastel dress clothes!  

I recommend sticking to items like Starburst or gummy snacks if your plastic eggs will be outside for a while in the sunshine.

2) Coins

Trying to avoid the sugar overload?  Any kid would be delighted to find money in their little egg! You could put in a few pennies or even a quarter!

3) Silicone Wristband Bracelet

These sweet silicone bracelets are perfect for boys and girls. Such a fun non-candy treat!

4) Key chains

Multiple years I have put keychains in my kids’ Easter eggs.  

You can find all kinds of different types of keychains. My kids love putting these on their backpacks or lunch boxes.

5) Bouncy Balls

We’ve also put bouncy balls in Easter Eggs in the past.  These small toys are the perfect fit for an Easter egg!

6) Temporary Tattoos

My daughters are going through a silly phase where they are just crazy over temporary tattoos.   

Consider adding a coin or small piece of candy to go along with this. Tattoos tend to make the eggs super lightweight and they might blow out of position.

7) Toy Animals

Small plastic animals from the Dollar store are perfect for Easter eggs.  You can find horses, farm animals, zoo animals, dogs, etc. to fill the eggs!

8) Plastic Bugs

Fake bugs make fun Easter ideas.  Great for adding to a sensory bin later or just spring themed imaginative play!

9) Fidget Toys

You can find all kinds of fidget toys that are a great option for Easter eggs like mini slinkies or squishy figurines.

10) Toy Cars

Depending on the size of your plastic egg, you might be able to do toy cars.  

There’s also tiny cars made by various brands like Driven or Micro Machines that will work in a small egg.

11) Erasers

Cute erasers are another fun idea.  So many themes and characters out there to choose from!

12) Pencil Toppers

Depending on the age of the child, pencil toppers could be a fun idea.  These are especially enjoyable to older children in elementary school.

13) Sticky Hands

These hilarious yet totally classic sticky hands are a great way to fill an Easter egg! So nostalgic!

14) Finger Puppets

Need an idea for a younger child?  Try finger puppets!  

You may need a larger egg depending on the size of the puppet, but….what a fun idea!

15) Bath Toys

Need a good idea for young children?  Bath toys can be perfect!  Look for mini rubber ducks or boats to place inside larger jumbo eggs.

16) Stampers

Another idea for the elementary age crowd are hand stamps.  What fun!

17) Stickers

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Grab a roll of Easter Stickers to fill those eggs! Such an easy and economical idea!

18) Slap Bracelet

Slap bracelets are always a hit with kids! I surely remember loving these as a child as well!

19) Dollar Bills

If you think coins will delight little kids – try dollar bills!  This is a fun way to build excitement for older kids as well!

20) Hair Ties

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Hair Ties make a fun egg filler for older kids.  

You could do scrunchies or hair elastics.

21) Foam stickers

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These foam stickers make excellent fillers for plastic Easter eggs. Such fun craft supplies.

22) Mini Make a Face Sticker set

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These adorable Make a Face Bunny Stickers are perfect for Easter! Such a fun and easy little craft for kids!

23) Surprise Eggs

Here’s some fun dinosaur excavation Surprise Eggs. These are always a hit with kids. You might need a jumbo egg for this – or just hide it without an egg – because it is an egg!

24) Silly Putty

Silly Putty makes a super fun Easter Egg idea. Bonus, it already comes with an egg.

25) Balloons

Balloons are such a classic idea for Easter eggs. Such an easy fun idea that will have kids having fun in no time!

26) Jokes

Easter jokes for kids to put in plastic Easter eggs

Want to put a laugh in their day? Try adding jokes to your Easter Eggs!!

You can grab some Easter Jokes for Kids here in my Etsy shop.

27) Finger Projector Lights

These Finger Projector Lights are so Cool! They are sort of like little flashlights that light up a picture onto the wall. What fun!

28) Friendship Bracelets

Is your child crafty? Have them make friendship bracelets to place inside Easter eggs for their friends! What a fun way to show kindness and spread joy!

29) Toy Dinosaurs

These little mini Dinosaurs make a great Easter egg stuffers.

Perfect for both boys and girls for Easter.

30) Gift Cards

Hiding a Golden egg or a special egg with a fun prize inside?  Add a gift card!  It doesn’t have to be a lot of money – but $5 to a local ice cream shop would be so exciting to a child or teen!

31) Toy Rings

Toy Rings are such a fun surprise for kids to find. These are great for kids who don’t put things in their mouths anymore. Perfect accessory for dress up time!

32) Bead Necklaces

These Mardi Gras Beads fit perfectly in Easter Eggs. What a fun surprise!

33) Fruit Snacks

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Small packages of Fruit Snacks fit into larger Easter Eggs as well. Such a great option!

34) Fruit by the Foot

Who doesn’t love Fruit by the Foot! Now this is something kids of all ages would love to find. These fruity snacks fit perfectly inside larger plastic eggs!

35) Coupons for Bigger Items

You can create your own coupon for kids to redeem for a special item such as a special treat, a download, or just about anything you know your kids would love!

incredible Easter egg fillers for kids - yellow plastic easter egg shown in grass

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