Looking for a fun but simple Preschool Snowman Craft? Try this adorable paint stamped snowman craft!

This preschool winter craft is open ended leaving room for creativity and imagination.

Little ones are given the materials to create a snowman, but the details and decorations are decided by each child.

I love this fun snowman craft because not only can you use it to decorate during December and the holiday season, but it also can continue to keep your home (or classroom) festive throughout January as well!

Preschool Snowman Craft - Snowman craft made from printing white paint in circles, decorated with buttons, googly eyes, fabric, and construction paper hat.

This craft works well for schools that don’t celebrate the Christmas holiday but still want to do some fun seasonal crafts. It works well for learning about winter time, and is all around a fun craft for preschoolers and older kids alike!

My daughter was eager to help out with this cute snowman craft tutorial.

She’s a big fan of building snowmen and of course a big fan of Olaf from the movie Frozen as well. She dove into it and really enjoyed this preschool winter craft.

Let’s dive in!

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Supplies Needed for Snowman Craft – Preschool

For this simple craft activity you will need:

White Washable Paint – we love Crayola brand paint as it has a nice consistency and isn’t too thin like some other brands.

Paper plates (to hold the paint)

– A Variety of sizes of plastic jars, containers, lids, or paper towel rolls – just look in your recycling bin!

Buttons, sequins, odds and ends to decorate the snowmen

Googly Eyes (optional, but really fun!)

– Bits of fabric strips for scarves (or construction paper)

– Orange construction paper triangles (for the snowman noses!)

– Snowman Hat (We made ours from construction paper, but alternately, you could make a hat from felt or fabric.)

– Washable School Glue

– Blue construction paper

– A pencil – to dot paint the snow

Plastic tablecloth – to keep the mess at bay!

Smocks or paint shirts

How to Make a Simple Snowman Craft – Preschool

Start by preparing the art area. Place a tablecloth on your work area to make clean up easier. You might want your child to put on a smock.

Next, pour a small amount of white paint into a paper plate.

Provide your child with a variety of items to use as stampers. You could use paper towel rolls, plastic jars, circular containers, or lids.

Put a piece of blue construction paper out for each kid as well as yourself.

Demonstrate on your own paper how to dip the container into the white paint and then print a circle onto your page.

Show your child how 2 or 3 circles connected can create a snowman.

Snowman preschool craft - child printing circles to form a snowman with paint and cup.

Now, let your child try to make a snowman. They might make several adorable snowmen or just one big one depending on the side of your containers!

Once they have finished, you might like to take a break and let the snowman dry for a bit.

Decorating the Preschool Snowman Craft

After the snowman circles have dried a bit, it’s time to decorate your little snowman.

Show your child the orange construction paper triangles that could be snowman noses, the googly eyes, buttons for the snowman, the fabric scarves, construction paper snowman hats and any other bits of decoration.

Sometimes, I find it helpful to do an example craft with my child to show them my crafting thought process out loud and demonstrate how much glue is needed (to avoid those pesky pools of glue).

We always say, “just a dab will do it!”

Allow your child to help you decide how to make your example snowman’s face.

Show them how you can attach the buttons, scarf, nose with a dab of glue.

Simple Snowman Craft - child decorating a snowman picture with paint

Once you’ve completed the example snowman craft together, it’s time to set them loose! Let them decorate their own snowmen.

I like to give my kids creative freedom (within reason)…meaning that if it doesn’t really look like a snowman, I’m okay with that.

They are expressing their own creativity.

However, if they are using way too much glue or misusing supplies, then I step in and use it as a teachable moment.

After we decorated the snowman, we added a bit more snow to the picture using a pencil eraser dipped in white paint. We dotted our pages to make it look like snow was falling.

Once your child is finished decorating the snowmen crafts, set them aside to dry. It might take half a day or even overnight for your child’s snowman craft to dry depending on how much paint was used, as well as how much glue was added.

Simple Snowman Craft for kIds - paint printed snowman craft idea decorated with fabric and buttons

And that’s it! A simple preschool snowman craft!

This winter preschool craft is a great way to encourage fine motor skills development, build creativity, and talk about shapes.

I hope your little ones enjoy these easy snowman crafts!

More Ideas for your Snowman Crafts

If you want to make a puffy snowman, you can mix equal parts shaving cream with paint to create your own puffy paint.

If you would rather use white paper, you can simply use a different color of paint to create the snow – like light blue.

Another alternate idea to change this craft would be to add cotton balls to your snowman.

There’s so many fun ways to make a snowman craft!

Do you have other ideas to share? Please drop your ideas in the comments section at the end of this article to share your fun snowman craft idea with others!

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The printable snowman craft is easy, but a quick favorite among kids. I love when learning is fun!