Today I’m sharing a Free Winter Tree Printable with you! Plus, you’ll also find some winter tree craft ideas that use this fun winter printable.

It’s winter time in the Midwest, so we’ve been having lots of fun with winter crafts for kids!

We enjoyed this Build a Snowman paper craft and this fun Mitten Craft as well.

I knew I wanted to do some winter tree art with my kids, so I decided to create a free printable winter tree template to share with you.

Free Winter Tree Printable and Craft ideas - 4 different ways to use a winter tree printable shown including glitter, cotton balls, coloring, and paint

It’s just a simple tree trunk with bare branches. It’s perfect for all your great ideas for winter art projects.

I am going to show you 5 ways you can use this bare tree template for winter crafts!

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glitter winter tree craft - a free printable winter tree is traced in glue and then sprinkled with glitter

1) Glitter Winter Tree

The first idea is a fun one for all those little ones who love glitter!

Simply print the free tree template and outline the branches with liquid glue. We like to use Elmer’s school glue.

Once the branches have been outlined, sprinkle small amounts of iridescent glitter onto the glue. Then shake off the excess.

We find that this project is easier when we do it inside a shallow box. It helps keep the mess of glitter contained (somewhat!)

glitter printable winter tree craft -  trace template in glue, add glitter, shake off excess, and finished glitter winter tree printable

My kids had a great time making a magical winter wonderland looking tree!

2) Cotton Ball Tree

Another fun way to use this winter tree printable template is to glue cotton balls to the tree to look like snow.

cotton ball winter tree printable craft

To do this project, we outlined the paper tree branches with glue.

Then we pulled small amounts of cotton off of the cotton balls and added it to our winter tree printable.

cotton ball winter tree craft - first winter tree printable is traced in glue, then cotton ball is added to make a wintery snowy looking tree

My little artists really loved how soft their tree turned out! They couldn’t stop touching it – they loved it!

You might like to add some fun snowflake stickers to really make the picture pop! Or if you are feeling really adventurous, you could add snowflakes from dabs of glitter glue.

3) Painting a Winter Tree

This next idea requires the tree outline printable to be printed on blue paper, blue cardstock or blue construction paper.

winter tree printable on blue paper with cotton swabs and white paint

We want our background to be colored so that the white paint shows up! I recommend a pastel blue so that you can both see the white but also see the winter tree outline.

We used Cotton Swabs to print white dots of paint onto our wintry tree picture.

paint a winter tree printable  - free winter tree template painted with white paint dots

Alternately, instead of cotton swabs you might like to use pom poms, cotton balls, or even finger paint! You could also try the eraser tip of a pencil, a straw, or printing with blocks.

For a different look, you might like to have little ones color the trunk of the tree ahead of time with a brown crayon.

There’s so many ways to make cute winter tree art!

4) Winter Tree coloring page

This idea is the most simple of the bunch!

You can give this large tree template to your kids as winter tree coloring pages.

winter tree coloring page free printable colored with crayons and snowman drawn on

They can color on the snow with light blue. Kids can use it to draw a wintery scene. They might like to add a snowman, or kids playing in the snow.

We colored on blue paper, but this could also work on white as well. Kids could use light blue to represent snow.

Or stepping away from the winter theme, they might like to color on this bare tree printbable to create their own picture. They might color on green leaves for spring, blossoms, or make an apple tree! So many possibilities with this tree template.

5) 4 Seasons Trees

You might like to use a series of these tree printables to make trees for all 4 seasons. This could make a great lesson for little ones to observe how trees change throughout the year.

You might like to make a budding spring tree, a green summer tree, a fall tree with colorful leaves, and a winter tree with snow on it.

All you need is the template and several different colors of paint and cotton swabs!

Want to save these ideas for later? Pin the image below to your Winter Activities Pinterest Board.

Free Winter Tree Printable and winter tree Craft ideas - 4 ways to use a winter tree printable shown including glitter, cotton balls, coloring, and paint dots

Get the Winter Tree Template

I hope you’ve found some fun craft projects! You can download the free printable tree template below by clicking the download button.

More Winter Crafts and Activities for Kids

Looking for more winter craft ideas?

Kids will enjoy this Simple Snowman Craft. A snowman is printed onto the page using white paint and then decorated with various craft supplies. Kids of all ages will enjoy getting creative and you’ll love how each snowman has it’s own personality!

There’s a fun Fake Snow Recipe here that’s perfect for sensory bins! Kids will enjoy playing in their own winter wonderland with this easy 2 ingredient sensory play idea.

Younger kids will love this Build a Snowman Craft. It’s an easy cut and paste that’s great for little ones developing fine motor skills.

You can find a cute Paper Penguin Craft here. It has moveable flippers with the help of a paper fastener. So cute!

Another fantastic idea for winter is this cute Mitten Craft. Kids can paint or color the mitten and then decorate it. It’s so cute and perfect for talking about the winter season!

We loved this Marble Paint Winter Tree craft as well. It’s such a fun tree craft that makes a beautiful bulletin board display. It’s great for children of all ages who don’t put things in their mouths… And….it’s just plain fun too!

And if you want something for the holiday season, be sure to check out this Decorate a Christmas tree craft. If you can’t tell, we love printable activities as it simplifies the process. This Christmas tree craft is super easy as kids add string, sequins, beads, pom poms, and other craft supplies to decorate the Christmas tree printable. What fun!

** Disclaimer: As an Etsy Associate, I may earn from qualifying purchases made by readers clicking my affiliate links at no extra cost to you.

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