Looking for fun Santa craft ideas? This Easy Cotton Ball Santa Craft for kids is super simple with the free printable Santa face!

Whether you are looking for a fun Christmas craft for the classroom or at home, this soft Santa craft is perfect for young children during the holiday season.  

This Christmas craft is perfect for preschoolers as it promotes the development of fine motor skills and it’s easy.

easy Cotton Ball Santa craft

Kids simply color the Santa face and then glue cotton balls to create a fluffy beard on Santa’s face.

Alright! Let’s dive into this cute Christmas craft!

Supplies for Cotton Ball Santa Craft

supplies for easy santa craft including free printable Santa template, crayons, glue and cotton balls

For this adorable Santa craft you will need the following basic craft supplies:

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  • Free Printable Santa PDF printed on white paper (found at the end of this tutorial)
  • Crayons (We only used red and a skin tone.)
  • Elmer’s School Glue – liquid glue works best for this craft to hold the cotton onto the page.
  • Cotton Balls – you will need a handful for each child.

Alright! Let’s get started on this fun cotton ball Santa craft!

How to make a Cotton Ball Santa Craft

First, print out the Santa face template printable onto white paper.  

Provide your child with crayons and show them where to color, leaving the large Santa beard and the bottom of the hat blank (this is where the fluff will go!)

santa template colored with crayons

We colored our Santa Hat red.  

Then we colored the Santa face and ears beige (Encourage your child to use any skin tone color they want.)

Next, we added a little bit of liquid glue to the Santa’s beard, followed by some cotton ball fluff.    

adding a bit of glue to the santa beard
adding cotton balls to the santa beard

I had my kids pull bits of cotton off of the cotton balls to glue to the page.  

We did this for two reasons.  It cuts down on the number of cotton balls we needed to use but also we did it this way because I like the way it looks. 

Just a note:  Little kids always need a bit of direction when using liquid glue, otherwise a puddle will appear very quickly.  

I like to use the phrase:  “Just a dab will do!”   

Santa's beard is filled with cotton balls

You will need to repeat the process over and over (add glue, add cotton) until the Santa beard is nice and fluffy.  

Next, we added a small line of cotton on the bottom of Santa’s Hat as well as a ball of cotton on the end of the Santa hat.  This is a fun little detail that really makes the Santa craft pop!

My kids were so proud of their cute Santa crafts.  These little Santas are so adorable and easy!

Completed Santa Cotton ball craft

If you are ready to print out the free template, you can find it in the section directly below!

Get the Free Santa Printable

Ready to print out the free Santa Template?  

Grab the template below to make your own cotton ball beard Santa craft today!

It’s such a fun way for preschoolers to practice fine motor skills and make an adorable Christmas craft.

Click the black download button below to get the Santa Printable.

More Ideas for this Santa Craft

Looking for more ideas to try?  Next time you could:

– Paint the Santa Hat and face with water color paints or kid-safe washable paint before adding cotton balls

– Add colored sand or glitter to the Santa template (we did a Sand Art Santa here).

– Add torn red paper to the Santa hat instead of coloring it.

– Try adding googly eyes for a extra fun looking Santa Claus.

– Make puffy paint with 1 part glue and 1 part shaving cream to make a truly fluffy beard for Santa.

So many ideas to try!  Or…come up with your own ideas!

Super easy cotton ball Santa Craft

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Easy santa craft - first adding glue, then adding cotton, then finished santa craft