Need an Easy Star Craft for kids? Check out this Marble Painting Star Craft for Preschoolers. It’s simple with the free printable Star template!

This star craft is perfect for Christmas time, a Space theme, shape learning, or to go along with a Twinkle Twinkle Little Star theme.

preschool star craft - marble paint star

If you have been looking for a fun star craft idea that that is made for little hands, this fits the bill!

Painting with marbles is pretty easy for little ones and you’ll love how cute this star craft turns out!

Marble Painting Benefits

Painting with marbles helps kids practice hand eye coordination as well as observation skills, according to Science World.

It’s also an easy way for preschoolers to practice fine motor skills and it’s a craft that always has adorable results.

I’m “all in” on marble painting! Can you tell?!

Let’s get started on this marble painting Easy Preschool Star Craft!

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Supplies for Preschool Star Craft

Preschool star craft supplies including a shallow box, scissors, star template, construction paper, marble, and washable paint

For this paper star craft you will need:

  • The Star template (You might like to print on cardstock or if you want colored stars, use construction paper)
  • Kid Safe Scissors
  • A few Marbles
  • A Box that isn’t too deep or shallow, that a child can maneuver easily. We used a box from the canned goods section from a local store. You might like to cut a larger box down to a smaller size.
  • Bowl to hold paint (or a paper plate)
  • Washable Paint (We love this Crayola paint)
  • Stapler (if you want to make more than one)
  • Optional: Elmer’s Glue  and Glitter – if you want to make it glittery!
  • Baby Wipes or Paper Towels for those little messes.

How to Make an Easy Preschool Star Craft

First, print the paper star craft template. To make your paper stars more sturdy you can print on cardstock, but regular printer paper will work as well!

This could be a great chance for kids to practice their scissor skills.

With child safe scissors, have your child cut out the star template.

Younger children may need a little assistance. You might also like to pre-cut star templates ahead of time if the children are young.

star template stapled to stack of construction paper

If you want to make multiple stars you can staple a template onto a thin stack of construction paper.

Then cut through the layers to create multiple stars.

star templates all cut out

Remind kids to write their name on the back of the star before starting to paint.

Now it’s time to marble paint the star craft!

Marble Painting a Star Craft – Preschool

Put the star template in a shallow box.

Pour some paint into the bowl. Add your marble or ball to the paint.

star template in a box with paint

Have your child roll the marble through the paint to fully cover it. Then have them place the paint covered marble into the shallow box.

We like to place the paint covered marble to the side (not on the star) to avoid big splotches of paint on the actual star.

With the child holding the box, show them how to move the box to make the marble travel across the star template. They can move the box up and down and side to side to make paint trail marks on the star template.

marble painting a Christmas star

You might like to experiment with different sized marbles or small balls, like bouncy balls.

Because things can get a little messy with fingers in paint, we always keep baby wipes or paper towels nearby.

marble painting a yellow star paper craft with white and orange paint

Once your kids are finished marble painting, set the star preschool craft aside to dry.

If you like, give the star a little glue and a shake of glitter. And of course, if you are glitter-adverse, just skip it! We kept ours simple this time without glitter.

marble paint star craft for preschool

And…your star paper craft is finished!

I hope you and your kids enjoy making this easy Star Craft for preschool!

Grab the free Printable Star Craft Template PDF!

To get your free printable preschool Star craft template you can instantly access it below.  

This free star template is perfect for this fun marble paint craft, or kids might enjoy coloring it or painting it!

free star template

Click the link below to download the simple star shape template instantly.

More Star Craft Ideas

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  • Add glitter or colored sand to make lovely Christmas Star crafts.
  • Use paint brushes to water color your star templates.
  • You can make colorful stars with different colors of torn paper and glue.
  • Make patriotic crafts by using red white and blue stars and paint.

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Easy Marble Paint Star Craft for Preschoolers

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Easy Preschool Star Craft - preschool - with free star template