This Pineapple Stamping Fireworks Craft for Preschool is a fun way to celebrate Independence Day! Kids will be delighted by this unique pineapple fruit stamping art project.

My kids and I have been doing a lot of vegetable and fruit stamping lately because it’s so much fun! Plus it’s a great fine motor activity as kids grip and stamp and create. We have stamped with peppers, lemons, and carrots this year.

With Independence Day approaching, I was looking for a fun way to make fireworks crafts for preschoolers. The top of the pineapple was perfect for our fireworks craft for kids!

Pineapple Stamping Fireworks Craft for Preschool is a fun way to celebrate Independence Day!  Child stamping red and blue paint onto a page with a pineapple spike

This easy firework craft is great for 4th of July as well as celebrating the New Year! The paint colors can be varied to show your patriotism for the fourth of July and it’s a fun way to use the top of your pineapple.

This is a great activity for kids developing fine motor skills. Firework crafts work well for July 4th, New Year’s Eve or Memorial Day. (I love those crafts that you can do multiple times a year and vary them slightly!)

I think you’ll find this to be the perfect fun activity for little ones!

Pineapple Fireworks Craft - a fun preschool Independence day craft idea for kids.  Child shown doing pineapple fruit stamping to create firework craft.

Plus, this simple craft is a great way to talk about patriotism with kids of all ages.

Let’s dive into our pineapple firework paintings craft!

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Supplies Need for Fireworks Craft for Preschool

Pineapple Stamping Fireworks Craft for Preschool supplies including a pineapple and kids washable paint

For this fantastic fun Fireworks painting craft activity you will need the following items:

  • Washable Paint – I used red and blue paint for 4th July (we love this paint by Crayola)
  • Paper plate – for the paint for firework printing
  • The spiky top of a Pineapple
  • Paper – Any kind will work – We used copy paper, but white construction paper works well too for this firework craft!
  • Plastic Table cloth
  • Optional: Glitter – to add some shine to your firework art projects
  • Optional: Use black paper with light colored paint for the fireworks rings

Alright! Let’s get started on our fireworks activities!!

How to Make a Pineapple Stamping Fireworks Craft – Preschool

First, you will need to remove the spiky top from your pineapple. I got the top off with a bit of force, by simply pulling.

Next, you’ll want to remove some of the tallest spikes, so that your “stamper” isn’t too tall for the paint.

I removed about 9 of the spiky leaves from the middle of our pineapple top.

Now it’s time to pour your paint. We choose to use red and blue for an Independence Day craft for preschool, but you can choose the colors you like.

Paint on a paper plate and a pineapple top spike for Pineapple Stamping Fireworks Craft for Preschool

Pour a generous amount of washable paint onto your paper plate. You might find it’s best to keep one color per plate.

If you wish, you might like to add some glitter to your paint at this point. It’s up to you. (We didn’t use glitter).

Provide your child with the pineapple spike stamper and show them how to dip it into the paint and stamp it onto their page to create a firework picture.

child stamping with a Pineapple making a Fireworks Craft for Preschool - a fun  Independence Day craft for kids!

We enjoyed seeing the different patterns the pineapple stamping made and watching the colors mix.

Child doing Pineapple Stamping Fireworks Craft for Preschool - a fun craft for 4th of July

Depending on how your child dips into the paint and prints, you’ll see different lengths and different size firework prints.

Red and blue fireworks stamped onto a page with a pineapple - a preschool independence day craft

This beautiful fireworks project would work well for a summer time theme.

Kids might enjoy sampling the pineapple and of course using the pineapple spike to do some fireworks painting!

More red and blue firework stamping - an easy Independence day craft for kids

I hope your kids have a great time with this fun Independence Day Craft for kids! Happy 4th of July!

A collection of 4th of July fireworks crafts for toddlers and preschoolers - red and blue fireworks stamped onto a page with a pineapple dipped in paint.

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More Patriotic Activities for Kids

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Patriotic Preschool Printables set from my Etsy shop Simply Full of Delight - a collection of patriotic 4th of July printables for preschoolers

Save this fun firework crafts idea to your Summer Preschool Learning board on Pinterest, by pinning the image below!

Pineapple Fireworks Craft - This pineapple stamping fireworks craft for preschool is a great Independence day craft for kids!

Did you do this paint fireworks with a pineapple craft? Drop a comment below!

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