Ready to do some Apple Stamping today? This Fall Apple Basket Craft for Preschool is a fun way to celebrate apple picking season and the fun of fall!

To do this fun apple craft for kids, all you need is the free printable, crayons, washable paint, and apples!

Our family loves apple picking season! We planted our own apple trees a year ago, in hopes of bringing the joy of apple picking to our own home.

But did you know it takes apple trees years before they start producing apples? According to University of Minnesota Extension, Dwarf tress will bear fruit after 2-3 years, but apple orchards with standard apple trees can take up to 8 years to bear fruit! (We *might* have planted the wrong ones!)

While our trees grow, we will just have to enjoy apple picking at our local orchards.

Easy Apple Stamping - Apple basket craft for preschool!  Kids can dip apples into paint and stamp apples onto the apple basket template PDF (free printable!)

Let’s dive into this cute apple basket craft for preschool!

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Supplies Needed for Apple Stamping – Apple Basket Craft

For this simple preschool apple stamping craft, you will need the following craft supplies:

apple stamping supplies - a brown crayon, apples, paper plates, crayola paint, the apple basket template pdf
  • Apples (smaller apples work best for this project!)
  • Washable Paint (I like to use 2 or 3 colors – red, yellow, and green paint)
  • Apple Basket Template Printable PDF
  • Paper plate
  • Plastic Table Cloth (or newspapers)
  • Crayons

Let’s get started with this apple stamping art!

How to Make this Preschool Apple Basket Craft

First, print out the apple basket template.

coloring the apple bushel basket printable PDF

Provide your child with a brown crayon to color the apple bushel basket. It could be any color, but brown looks natural and nice like those classic woven baskets!

child coloring the apple basket printable for apple stamping.

Now, it’s time to cut open your apples! I like to cut the apples in front of my kids and show them the seeds! Kids love seeing the inside of real apples as oftentimes they only see it cut into wedges without the seeds.

This is also a great opportunity to talk about the simple parts of an apple: apple stem, seed, core, skin, and flesh.

apples cut in half for apple painting

If you want to do more than one color, be sure to cut an apple half for each color you intend to use. This will help prevent the paint colors from mixing too much (if that matters to you!)

Next, pour some red paint onto your paper plate.

apple dipped in red paint for painting with apples

Show your children how to dip the apple into the paint and stamp it onto the page.

child stamping apples onto an apple basket craft printable

If you want to do multiple colors, I would suggest putting your yellow paint on its own plate and the green paint on its own plate as well. Again, this will help the colors from mixing too much.

FYI: Some color mixing will happen no matter what!

stamping with apples on the horizontal page

Let your kids have fun stamping the apples onto the page!

We enjoyed stamping the apples to make them look like they were in and around the basket! You might like to provide extra paper, so the kids can continue to enjoy painting with apples.

Also, we kept our pictures simple, but you might enjoy adding brown construction paper stems or adding a piece of construction paper for a leaf.

apple stamping - a preschool apple basket craft for kids - completed craft

I hope you enjoyed this Apple Stamping Fall Apple Basket Craft for Preschool!

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Get the Free Printable Apple Basket PDF

apple basket craft templates - free printable apple basket for apple stamping craft

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Alright! That’s it! Happy Fall and Happy Apple Season!

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Easy Apple Stamping - Apple basket craft for preschool!  Kids can color the printable, dip apples into red green or yellow paint and stamp apples onto the apple basket template PDF (free printable!)