Looking for fun summer craft ideas? This Easy Paper Watermelon Craft is perfect for preschoolers!

Nothing quite says summer like watermelon!

We eat a lot of watermelon in the summer because that’s when it ripens in our garden.  Of course, even if you don’t have a garden, a juicy slice of watermelon is pretty popular at summer BBQ cookouts as well as summer picnic family gatherings for those patriotic holidays.

My watermelon loving kids were delighted by this fun paper craft!

How to make the cutest watermelon craft for preschool - lacing watermelon paper craft

This cute watermelon craft is perfect for preschoolers as it promotes the development of fine motor skills by lacing, cutting, and gluing.

I love that it’s super easy.

Kids simply lace the watermelon rind, cut out seeds, and then glue the black seeds to the red portion of the melon. So cute!

Let’s get started on this easy craft idea!

Supplies for Paper Watermelon Craft

For these simple watermelon crafts you will need the following basic craft supplies:

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paper watermelon supplies including glue, red and black paper, scissors, green yarn, hold puncher, tape.

Once you have your supplies, it’s time to make this fun watermelon craft!

How to make a Watermelon Paper Craft

First, print out the watermelon template printable onto white paper.

watermelon template on red paper with scissors

Cut out the template and layer it onto red paper and cut it out for younger children.

If you need watermelons for a whole classroom, simply layer 4-6 pieces of red construction paper underneath. You can staple the pages to keep it in position if needed. Then cut once to get 4-6 watermelons. (It really just depends on how strong your scissors are).

3 watermelon paper slices with scissors and watermelon template

Alternatively, you could print the watermelon template onto red paper and have kids cut out their own watermelon slice. Or, if you like, you can provide kids with the watermelon template on white paper and have them color and cut it out.

Once you have your watermelon templates cut out, use the paper hole puncher to punch holes along the watermelon rind side.

hole puncher with a watermelon slice with holes along edges

Mine are about an inch apart along the edge. Make sure you punch far enough in that the paper won’t easily rip on the edge. (Older kids may be able to do this part themselves).

yarn added to make lacing watermelon craft

Once you have the holes punched, cut a length of 20 inches of green yarn per watermelon.

Tie a knot to attach the green yarn to one side of the watermelon. To make lacing easier, I wrap a bit of tape to the end of the yarn to make it stay steady.

Now it’s time to let your preschoolers lace! What a great way to help young children practice those fine motor skills.

watermelon laced halfway
watermelon craft laced with green yarn

Once they have laced a green yarn rind around the watermelon, you can help them tie a simple knot to keep it in place.

Next, it’s time to add the seeds.

black seeds cut out with scissors

If you like kids can draw the seeds onto the watermelon with a black marker, paint them on with black paint, or you can have them cut out seeds from black paper.

We made ours from black construction paper.

I’ve included a seed template as well in case you want to cut lots of seeds out for a younger classroom.

watermelon seeds glued onto the watermelon craft

Next we glued black seeds to our watermelon using regular school glue. A glue stick would work as well for this.

paper watermelon craft  made with red construction paper, black paper seeds and green yarn laced around the edge.

And….it’s finished! My kids were so proud of their preschool watermelon crafts. Of course they had to pretend to eat it! LOL

What a great Summer craft for kids! This adorable craft also works for the letter W, a Healthy Foods unit, or a fun idea for the 4th of July.

Alternately, you could also laminate a watermelon slice for kids to lace again and again for a centers activity. So many ways to have fun!

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paper watermelon craft - preschool

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Cute lacing Watermelon Craft for preschool