Looking for some amazing Mother’s Day Flower Craft Ideas for Kids? Here’s 31 amazing flower crafts for kids that are just in time to give mom for Mother’s Day!

I asked my fellow bloggers for Mother’s Day craft ideas and wow, they sure had some great ones!

You’ll find everything from paper crafts and cards to painted pots and even plantable flower paper!

I hope you find something your children will enjoy making!

Most of these crafts are simple enough for a child to do independently as a gift for mom or grandma.

There are a few which are noted to be a little more difficult and may require assistance from an adult.

Alright! Let’s dive in and explore some amazing Mother’s Day flower crafts for kids!

Must See Crafts for Mother's Day - 30 flower crafts for kids to make for Mother's day! - variety of flower crafts for kids to make for mom

1) Flower Pot Card

Mother's Day Flower Pot Craft

This adorable Mother’s Day Flower Pot Craft is by i heart Crafty Things.

This sweet tulip flower pot actually opens up to be a card!

These homemade cards make an easy Mother’s day craft for kids of all ages.

2) Easy Paper Flower Craft with Straw Stem

paper flowers with straw stems by simply full of delight

You can find these super cute Paper Flowers with Straw Stems on my site Simply Full of Delight.

This Easy Paper Flower Craft is perfect for preschoolers.

Simply use the free printable template to cut out the petals and leaves, and thread onto a straw!

SO cute and such an easy craft for young children that makes a great gift for mom on her special day!

3) Simple Cardboard Tube Flower Craft

Cardboard Tube Flower craft

This fun Cardboard Tube Flower Craft is from My Joy Filled Life.

These 3-D flowers can stand on their own, so they can be displayed on a table or shelf.

What a neat idea!

4) Flower Photo Craft

3d flower photo craft

This Flower Photo Craft is by Simple Everyday Mom.

You’ll love how quickly this craft comes together and with the addition of the photo it’s sure to make mom or grandma smile!

Such a great Mother’s day gift!

5) 3-D Heart Flower Card


This 3-D Heart Flower Card is by Mom Brite.

With just a few simple steps, your child can create a really cool 3-D flower card for Mother’s Day.

This is the perfect project for older kids to do independently!

6) Bright and Cheerful Kid-Made Mother’s Day Card

Bright and Cheerful Kid- Made Mother's Day Card

These Bright and Cheerful Kid-Made Mother’s Day Cards are by i heart Crafty Things.

Using some fun 3-D elements, these cards are sure to bring a smile of delight to mom’s face!

Such easy Mothers Day crafts for kids that are truly adorable!

7) Curled Paper Spring Flower Craft for Kids

Curled Paper Spring Flower Craft for Kids

This Curled Paper Spring Flower Craft for Kids is by Mom. Wife. Busy Life.

Using this fun technique, your child can create a whole bouquet of flowers for mom!

Such a cute Mother’s Day crafts!

8) Mexican Paper Flowers


These Mexican Paper Flowers are by Muy Bueno Cookbook.

Amazing and colorful, these paper flowers are sure to impress!

This craft is a little more complicated (but definitely worth the effort), so help from an adult is needed.

9) Paper Plate Flowers

Paper plate Flowers

These Paper Plate Flowers are by Glitter on a Dime.

Your child will enjoy coloring these giant flowers that are reminiscent of the ones in Pinkalicious books!

These are a great craft for little hands, and make an easy peasy perfect gift for mom!

10) Rose Filled Heart

Rose Filled Heart Card

This Rose Filled Heart Card is by Ottawa Mommy Club.

Using a unique rolling technique, your child can create an amazing card with 3-D roses!

Don’t feel limited by hearts…you can create anything you like with this cool technique!

11) Flower Painted Rocks

Pink, purple and yellow painted zinnia flower rocks amidst beach stones and fresh zinnia flower blooms on a white surface.

These Flower Painted Rocks are by Sustain My Craft Habit.

One of a kind, this rock painting flower craft is sure to be a hit with both kids and the person they give them to!

What a cute craft!

12) Handprint and Fingerprint Flowerpot with Poem

Handprint and Fingerprint Flowerpot Craft

This Handprint and Fingerprint Flowerpot with Poem is by the Fun Handprint Art Blog.

Perfect for the toddler and preschool age group, this handprint craft is sure to be treasured by moms and grandmas!

13) Tie-Dye Heart Flower Seed Paper 

plantable seed hearts

This totally unique Tie-Dye Heart Art Seed Paper is by Bunny’s Garden.

Create your own fun, plantable tie-dye heart seed papers for Mom and Grandma using seeds of their favorite flowers.

Plant them and grow real flowers!

14) Simple Cupcake Liner Flowers

Cupcake liner flowers

This Easy Cupcake Liner Flower Craft is by Attachment Mummy.

Perfect for preschoolers and toddlers, this craft uses buttons and cupcake liners to create one of a kind flower bouquet!

15) Painted Flower Pot

painting flower pots idea

This adorable Painted Flower Pot Craft is by Family Focus Blog.

Painting with fingerprints and thumbprints, your child can create a one of a kind pot for that mom will treasure!

Such a great Mother’s Day craft!

16) Mother’s Day Flower Pot Craft

Free Mother's Day Flower Pot Craft

Looking for printable Mothers day crafts?

This Mother’s Day Flower Pot Craft is by Loving Homeschool.

Grab your free printables (in black/white or in full color) to make this adorable flower pot that mom will adore!

17) Mix and Match Flower Craft

printable flower template for flower craft

This Mix and Match Flower Craft is by Messy Little Monster.

Using the templates, your child can create their own one of a kind flower craft for mom!

Kids can express their creativity and sense of humor with this fun flower craft.

18) 3-D Paper Flower Craft

3D paper flower craft for kids to make this spring

This 3-D Paper Flower Craft for Mother’s Day is by Non-Toy Gifts.

Totally unique and completely do-able by kids, this flower craft is perfect for Mother’s Day!

This fun project will have your child thinking creatively in no time!

19) Rainbow Roses

celery printed rainbow roses

These Rainbow Roses are by Emma Owl.

This amazing flower printing is done in a very unique way (with a vegetable)!!

The finished piece of art is lovely and your child will enjoy the making these lovely flowers for mom or grandma.

20) 3-D Paper Tulip Craft

3-D Tulip of paper

This 3-D Paper Tulip Craft is by Crafting Reality with Sara.

This craft is perfect for preschoolers and can be done independently by older kids.

So cute, your child will want to make a whole bouquet!

21) Chocolate Flower Bouquet

Chocolate bouquet for Mother's Day or Teacher Appreciation Day

This Chocolate Flower Bouquet is by Tikkido.

Your child will need a little help with this project, but the finished product is well worth the effort.

This memorable Mother’s Day bouquet is both beautiful and delicious!

Such a great diy Mother’s Day gift that is so much fun!

22) Handmade Paper Flower Bouquet

Handmade Paper Flower Bouquet. An easy step by step tutorial on how to make paper flowers at home. Learn to make a beautiful handmade paper flower bouquet today!

This Handmade Paper Flower Bouquet is by Ann’s Entitled Life.

Older children will enjoy making this unique paper bouquet to surprise mom or grandma!

23) Fingerprint Bluebonnet Craft for Kids

fingerprint bluebonnets

This Fingerprint Bluebonnet Craft for Kids is by Ginger Casa.

All you need is a canvas and paint to make these amazing Bluebonnets.

What a great project for children of all ages!  

Be sure to check out the tutorial for this beautiful flower craft for kids!

24) Paper Lavender Flowers

DIY Paper Lavender Flowers.

These Paper Lavender Flowers are by Nerdy Mamma.

These amazing flowers are made with paper, crepe paper, and glue.

So unique and sure to be treasured by mom!

25) Crepe Paper Calla Lily

Crepe Paper Calla Lily

This Crepe Paper Calla Lily is by Mom Does Reviews.

These unique flowers are made with crepe paper and glue.

Follow the simple instructions and you’ll have some amazing flower crafts to give mom!

26) Lollipop Bouquet

Looking for a cute and super easy craft? Then this DIY Lollipop bouquet is for you. It requires just a few simple ingredients and not much craft skill. If you can trace and use scissors, then you can make this cute lollipop bouquet. That makes this craft perfect even for pretty young kids. These would be adorable at a wedding or baby shower or for Easter or Mother's day.

This amazing Lollipop Bouquet is by Everyday Savvy.

Older kids will enjoy creating this lollipop bouquet for mom or grandma.

These lollipop flowers will bring a smile of delight to whomever they are given!

What a fun edible craft!

27) Cellophane Paper Poppies

Cellophane Paper Poppies, easy craft for kids

These Cellophane Paper Poppies are by Best Toys 4 Toddlers.

This amazing flower craft for kids combines materials from the recycle bin with a bit of painting and crafting.

The end result is so pretty and so unique!

28) Egg Carton Flower Craft

Egg Carton Flowers - Great Spring Craft

This Egg Carton Flower Craft is by Glitter on a Dime.

Using an egg carton, your child can create an amazing bunch of flowers for grandma or mom!  

All you need is a few simple materials.  

What a fun Mother’s day craft idea!

29) Easy Origami Paper Tulips

Easy Tulip Origami

These Easy Origami Paper Tulips are by Red Ted Art.

Follow the easy step-by-step instructions to make these beautiful paper tulips.

Older children will enjoy making an origami bouquet to surprise mom!

30) Mixed Media Heart Bouquet Cards

Mother's Day paper craft for kids

These Mixed Media Heart Bouquet Cards are by Barley & Birch.

These amazing cards with 3-D effects are great for kids who love to get creative!

So cute and so crafty, these flower crafts for kids are sure to impress!

31) Paper Flower Crafts

paper flowers by DIY Thought

These whimsical Paper Flowers are by DIY Thought.

Simple and easy to make, this paper flower craft is perfect for older kids to do independently!

That’s it! 31 amazing Mother’s Day Flower Crafts for Kids.

I hope your kids find a fun craft to make for Mother’s Day.

Be sure to check out my free Mother’s Day printables to go along with your flower craft gift!

free mother's day printables - fill in the blanks about mom or grandma

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