If you are teaching your child numbers, there’s nothing better than reinforcing what they have learned. Here’s some free preschool number coloring pages 1-10 to help your child identify numbers and learn one-to-one correspondence!

Free Number Coloring Pages 1-10, number coloring pages shown displayed on a blue background

My preferred method of teaching is hands-on learning. I love it when kids can play, have fun, and learn at the same time.

This set of numbers coloring pages can be used as a coloring page, a painting page, or laminated for use with dry erase markers or play dough! You could even have your child use counters to place on each animal as they count. There’s so many possibilities!

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Printable Preschool Number Coloring Pages

These printable number coloring pages are animal themed! Each page has the numeral, the word, and the corresponding number of animals. Your children are going to enjoy these pages again and again!

You can print out the following pages: 1 Elephant, 2 Giraffes, 3 Lions, 4 Alligators, 5 Zebras, 6 Bunnies, 7 Monkeys, 8 Sheep, 9 Butterflies, and 10 Fish.

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Preschool Number Coloring pages for numbers 1-10, child shown coloring the elephant number one page.

More Ways to Teach Numbers

These free printables are just the beginning! There are so many amazing ways out there to teach numbers!

Here’s a few ideas:

number poster for classroom

A Number Classroom Poster – Put up a poster in your child’s room or playroom where they can see the numbers and what comes next! If you place it next to an easel, you just might find your child writing numbers….for fun!

eric carle number puzzle

PuzzlesNumber puzzles are a great way to reinforce learning during play time! My kids loved their Very Hungry Caterpillar Puzzle!

spot can count book

Books – Incorporate “number books” into your family’s library! It’s an easy way to talk about numbers with your child and help them to visualize larger numbers. We love Spot Can Count, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and Curious George Learns to Count from 1 to 100.

number counting cookies toy

Toys – There’s some awesome toys out there that can help your child learn numbers! One of my children’s favorites are these Learning Resources cookies. They love to pretend cook with them and also ask each other for cookies by the number on the back. My kids also love this Lego Duplo Number Train, number magnets, and this Bear Balance set. I love when playing becomes learning!

unicorn sorting activity

Counters – Investing in some math counters for kids is a great way to help your child understand numbers. You can get tokens, animals, cubes, or just about any shape of counter! These unicorn counters are perfect if you have a unicorn fan in the family!

Teaching Your Child Numbers

Good luck on your journey with teaching your child numbers! If you are interested in finding more number toys, puzzles, and books, be sure to check out Teaching Numbers to Your Child – The Easy Way!

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