Looking for a fun Flower Craft for spring? This Flower Symmetry Art for Kids is perfect! The free Flower Template printable makes a super simple spring craft idea for kids.

Spring has arrived and it’s the perfect time to pull out all of those flower crafts for kids!

We’ve been big into the symmetry for kids art projects lately!

We’ve made Symmetry Butterflies and Symmetry Easter Eggs as well!

As a teacher, symmetry crafts were always a favorite in my classroom.

Flower Symmetry art for kids - a fun flower craft for kids that is perfect for a spring craft preschool - shown: a flower painted partially along with a finished symmetry printed flower

The kindergarten and preschool age kids loved this art project because of the big reveal at the end. Little ones loved to open their pages and discover the surprise symmetry print.

I remember their eyes getting so WIDE with excitement!

To make this preschool symmetry flower craft for kids super easy, I’ve created four free printable flower templates.

You can choose from 2 different flower shapes both with and without the line of symmetry drawn on them.

There’s a total of 4 different flower templates for this flower symmetry art, so that you can find the perfect one for your craft.

Or you can print them all….because symmetry art is really fun!

Flower symmetry for kids - simple spring flower craft idea for preschool

What is symmetry?

According to Hands On as We Grow, symmetry is like a mirror image.

It’s when two parts of a whole are exactly identical mirror images of each other.

Something is symmetrical if you can draw a line down it and each side looks the same.

The line down the middle is called the Line of Symmetry. A heart is an example of symmetry, because it has two sides that are exactly alike.

This flower symmetry for kids activity is a great way to introduce the concept of symmetry to preschoolers and kindergarteners.

Kids will have fun making their own symmetry flowers by painting the flower petals on one side and then folding on the lines of symmetry to print a symmetrical pattern on the right side of the piece of paper.

Symmetry flower craft completed - a fun spring craft for preschool

Let’s get started making our flower symmetry art for kids!

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Supplies for Flower Symmetry Painting for preschoolers

For this Flower Painting Symmetry project, you will need the following items:

  • Free Symmetry Flower Template Printable – You can download it at the end of this article.
  • Kids Washable Paint – This paint by Crayola is perfect.
  • Paper Plates
  • Q-Tips (or paint brushes)

How to make Flower Symmetry Art for Kids

First, print out the symmetry flower template of your choice. (We printed out all 4 because we love doing symmetry art!)

Next, fold the paper at the line of symmetry. Now, flatten the page back to normal. (Folding the page in advance will make it easier to fold over later after it’s painted).

Provide a variety of paint on the paper plate for your child. We chose to use all of the bright colors that work well for brightly colored flowers and I skipped colors like black, brown, and white.

We chose to paint with Q-Tips, but paint brushes work as well.

Point out the line of symmetry to your child. Show them how to paint the left side of the flower.

Child painting flower - symmertry art for kids

(We are only painting half of the flower so that we can print the symmetrical flower image on the other side of the paper.)

For this to work, the paint needs to be thick enough and wet enough to make a print on the other side. Encourage your child to paint a thick layer and to paint quickly.

If they take too long, the paint will dry before they get to make their symmetry flower print.

symmetry art for kids - paper folded over to make a symmetry print

Once they have painted the left side of the flower, help them to fold the right side over the left side.

Press the paper together, then assist them in opening the flower printable.

Little ones will be amazed to see that their painting has been replicated onto the right side of the flower!

finished painted flower - symmerty art for kids

And… that’s it! You’ve made the Flower Symmetry Art for kids!!

My kids loved this so much, we made several symmetry flowers! (I might have made a few too!)

Get the Preschool Symmetry Flower Printable

Want the free flower printable?

Just click on the black download button below to get the free symmetry preschool flower template set.

There’s a flower symmetry worksheet both with the symmetry line printed and a plain flower template without the line. In addition, there are 2 different shapes of flowers as well!

Choose the flower symmetry printable you think will work best for your kids. Or, print them all!

Flower Symmetry art for kids - completed

Each flower is perfectly centered on the page to make folding for the line of symmetry super easy.

My youngest child preferred using the papers with the line of symmetry drawn on them. She like the visual of where to stop painting.

More Spring Crafts for Kids

If you are looking for more ideas for teaching symmetry to preschoolers, be sure to check out these Symmetry Butterfly Paintings. There are free butterfly templates to make this craft super easy. It’s very similar to the flower symmetry, only with butterflies!

For more symmetry activities for preschoolers, there’s Symmetry Easter Eggs with free egg templates here.

If you’d like more flower crafts, you can find some fun Flower Craft ideas here that are perfect for Mother’s Day.

You can also find some fun Thumbprint Ladybugs here.

Happy Spring!

Save this idea for later by pinning the image below to your Spring Crafts for kids board on Pinterest!

Flower Symmetry art for kids - this spring craft idea for preschool is a fun flower craft that also teaches symmetry!

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