Halloween is just around the corner and that has my 4 kids thinking about all things spooky! If you’re looking for a little fun for kids, here’s some free Halloween Monster Coloring Pages!

Halloween is a great time to introduce the concept of real and pretend.

You can use these coloring pages to help kids understand that monsters are not real, but it’s fun to pretend that imaginary creatures exist like unicorns, monsters, and mermaids.

You might like to have them imagine with you what a monster could be like!

These free monster coloring pages for kids are a fun way to talk about monsters!

Free Monster Coloring Pages for Kids!  Grab your free monster coloring pages printables today and celebrate Halloween with some spooky fun! (Pic shows 3 pumpkins on the bottom with 3 free halloween coloring pages displayed on top)

Two of these pages are perfect year round, so you can use them at a Monster themed birthday party or any other time you feel like coloring a monster!

The third page is specifically for Halloween, because it’s always fun to have a Halloween coloring page on hand.

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These Halloween Monster Coloring pages are great for coloring with crayons, colored pencils or markers!

My little ones love to paint their monster coloring sheets as well. You can use water colors or these cool paint pots by Crayola!

Let’s take a closer look at the free coloring pages!

Monster Coloring Page for Kids

Free Monster Coloring page for kids - features 9 monsters - grab your free monster coloring sheet printable today! (shown: coloring page with an assortment on monsters around the block letter word Monster)

First up is this Monsters Coloring page! It features nine different monsters, none of which I’d personally like to meet.

These monsters aren’t too friendly looking, but not too scary either!

(No nightmare inducing monsters here! I like my kids to sleep at night.)

You can grab this free Monsters coloring page by clicking the black download button below.

Create Your Own Monster Coloring Page

Create Your Own Monster - free printable monster coloring page displayed on a blue background with 2 little monsters on bottom

Next, let’s take a look at this Create Your Own Monster Coloring sheet! This page features a single furry monster shape, leaving everything else up to your child’s imagination!

There’s a prompt at the top which says, “Create Your Own Monster! What color will it be? How many eyes does it have? Does it have teeth or horns? Is it friendly? You decide!”

Let your child’s creativity flow with this fun project.

This might also go well with a writing prompt to have kids write about their monster.

To extend the fun, provide your child with yarn, googly eyes, fabric scraps, and glue to add to their fun monster creations!

I used this fun printable last year at my daughter’s Halloween classroom party. The kids had a great time creating scary and silly monsters!

Want this fun Create a Monster page? Click the black download button below!

Happy Halloween Coloring Page

Halloween monster coloring page - free printable monster coloring sheet (shown halloween coloring page filled with monsters and pumpkins)  What a fun Happy Halloween Coloring Page!

This last page is a Halloween Monsters Coloring Page.

It features 4 monsters, 3 Jack-o-Lanterns, 2 bats, a ghost, and a spider web.

Don’t you just love the annoyed looking monster in the back! (Ha!)

The words are in block letters so that they can be colored as well.

I love the fine details of this one…perfect for coloring with your favorite crayons or colored pencil set.

This Halloween coloring sheet is great for Halloween parties or a simple fun Halloween printable for kids.

Ready to print this Happy Halloween Coloring page?

Click the black download below!

More Halloween Coloring Pages for Kids

Looking for more fun Halloween Coloring Pages?

Halloween Coloring pages set from my Etsy shop

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More Halloween Fun for Kids

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monster halloween coloring pages for kids
Free Monster Coloring Pages for Kids -  Grab your free monster coloring pages printables today!  (Shown: 3 coloring pages on a green background)