Today I am sharing 2 free printable 100th Day of School Coloring Pages.  These are perfect for homeschooling parents or teachers in the classroom.

Can you believe the 100th Day of School is nearly here?!

It’s such a fun milestone in the school year. I love looking back and seeing how the kids have grown both physically and academically since the beginning of the year.

free printable 100th Day of School coloring pages with crayons

​I decided to make some fun coloring pages to mark the 100th day of the school year.  

These free coloring pages are a great way to celebrate this significant milestone.

Coloring is great for building fine motor skills and of course coloring sheets make a fun activity when you need a few minutes to prep for other activities. 

Happy 100th Day of School Coloring pages

You might like to use these 100th Day Coloring Sheets in a student portfolio and they also make a great keepsake for parents.

You are welcome to use these fun color pages for personal use or classroom use.

Let’s dive in and check out these free 100th day of school coloring pages!

Happy 100th Day of School Coloring Page

Happy 100th Day of School coloring page - free printable coloring sheet featuring school supplies

This Happy 100th Day of School coloring page features school supplies.

There’s a backpack, ruler, notebook, apple, pencil, globe, and stack of books to color.

The bubble letter words can also be colored. They say “Happy 100th Day!”

Happy 100th Day of School coloring sheet - colored with crayons

Want to grab it now?

​You can print the pdf file for this Happy 100th Day Coloring page by clicking the black download button directly below. 

100th Day of School Coloring Sheet

100th Day of School Coloring page featuring apple, books and bookbag

This next free coloring page features a large backpack, a stack of books, pencil and apple with confetti.  Kids of all ages will enjoy using their favorite crayons on this cute coloring page.  

This page has bubble letters with the words “100th Day of School.” There’s plenty of details and a lot of things to color making it great for older kids as well.  

100th day of school coloring page - colored with crayons

You can download these free 100th Day of School Coloring pages by clicking the black button below.

More Fun 100th Day of School Activities

Looking for more fun ideas for the 100th Day of School?

There’s a fun Apple Marble Painting Craft here. Kids use marbles to paint the free apple printable.

There’s some free printables to make Self-Portraits here. The 100th Day is a great time to have kids make a self-portrait. It’s fun to compare these to how they drew themselves when the year began!

You might like to have the kids count out 100 to see what 100 looks like. Use a counting chart or a 100 Days of school printable.

Another idea is to ask kids to write about what they will be like at 100 years old.  Such a cute creative writing prompt for kids of all ages.

There’s a free printable I Am 100 Days Smarter Hat Headband. Perfect for preschoolers and kindergarteners!

Making a 100th Day trail mix is a fun snack for your fun day. Have kids bring in one item to contribute to the mix. Kids can count out 10 marshmallows, or 10 pieces of cereal to create their one of a kind trail mix. Some suggestions for your trail mix: M&Ms candy (or other small candy), Cheerios, marshmallows, Chex cereal, pretzels, popcorn, raisins or other dried fruit, etc.

You might like to have kids make a shirt at home with their family with 100 of something on it. In the past, I’ve seen kids make shirts with 100 pom poms, 100 dots of puffy paint, 100 googly eyes, etc.

Alternatively, kids can be asked to dress like they are 100 years old if they like. It’s super cute to see all the “elderly” sweethearts with wigs, sweaters, vests, reading glasses, and canes.

Plus you can find more 100th Day of School Printables and Activities here. There’s printable crafts, worksheets and more!

Totally free 100th Day of School Coloring pages

More Free Coloring Pages

Looking for more free coloring pages for kids?  You can find many more on my blog!

There’s a set of 10 free Number Coloring pages here.  These are a fun way to practice number recognition with kids as well a 1 to 1 correspondence.

There’s some fun Ice Cream Coloring pages here. These printable activities are great for independent work time, early finishers, or just a great art center activity.

Don’t miss these Tractor Coloring pages.  These are the perfect addition to your farm themed lesson plans.   

You can find some free Dinosaur Coloring sheets here.  These are perfect for Dinosaur theme parties or a perfect activity for a preschool dinosaur unit.

And of course you can find a big list of 100+ coloring pages on my site here.  These are perfect for morning work, fun activities to correspond with your various themes or units, and great for kids in preschool, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade and up.

There’s also plenty of color by code worksheets on my blog as well.  This is a unique way to practice number recognition with preschoolers.  You can find Valentine’s Day Color by Numbers here and a printable set of St. Patrick’s Day Color by Code pages here.

Want to save these 100 Days of School Coloring Pages for later?  Pin the image below to your sweet 100th Day of school board on Pinterest.

free printable 100th Day of School Coloring Sheets