Get ready for the first day of school with this All About Me Self Portrait free printable. This is a great back to school activity for preschool and kindergarten!

Kids can use crayons or markers to draw the details of their face onto the self-portrait face outline.

There’s several All About Me self portrait printables to choose from!

(Mostly because I was having fun creating and couldn’t decide which one I liked best! LOL)

You can grab an oval face, a rounded face, or a side profile page.

All about Me Self Portrait (free printable) - a fun back to school activity for preschool and kindergarten.  First day of school worksheet

These All About Me Portraits are a great way for little ones to talk about themselves and get to know their classmates.

They work well in an All about Me theme and could be a great bulletin board display idea during your back to school season.

Doing a self portrait helps kids identify their facial features and body parts.

Drawing is great for fine motor skills and is a fun way to practice pencil grip.

Let’s take a look at the free printables!

All about Me Self Portrait Template – Oval Face

Oval face All about Me self Portrait template - free printable

First up, is the Oval Face All About Me self portrait template. This free printable features an oval shaped head with shoulders.

Kids will enjoy drawing their eyes, nose, mouth, hair, and more!

There’s a bit of room around the head as well as on the shirt for kids to draw some extra designs. What fun!

You can see my daughter added a fun t-shirt design as well as a rainbow above her head. Too cute!

Oval Shape Free printable All about Me self portrait page - child coloring it

You can grab the Oval shape face printable pages by clicking the black download button below.

All About Me Portrait Template PDF – Round Face

rounded face All about Me portrait template PDF - free printable

This next blank face template is the rounded face All about Me portrait template PDF.

This all about me picture frame has a blank round head with ears and shoulders.

Kids can draw their own eyes, nose, mouth, hair, and more!

I enjoyed how my daughter drew her teeth, used a pretty accurate hair color, and added a cute design to her shirt.

Child coloring a self portrait all about me printable with red hair and teeth!

She even added a sun in the sky. Such a fun keepsake!

Get the Round face All about Me Portrait PDF by hitting the black download button.

All About Me Picture – Side Profile printable

All About Me Picture is a side profile printable

This last All About Me Picture is a side profile printable.

This one is perfect for a self portrait or displaying what kids love.

Kids can fill the head with the things they love (like their favorite food, favorite color, sport, etc.)

side profile "all about me" printable filled with things the child loves

Or, naturally, you can use it for a self-portrait!

I love the versatility of this all about me self portrait for preschoolers.

We tried it both ways! So cute!

Child coloring an all about me printable worksheet - self portrait free printable

Get the All about me Picture – side profile page by clicking the black download button.

Extend the Fun!

Here’s a few more ideas for using these free Self Portrait printables.

  • Print them on cardstock and laminate them to be used as play dough mats. Kids can make their eyes, nose, mouth, and hair from dough. Children of all ages will enjoy this activity!
  • Use the page as a self-portrait collage. Kids can cut out pictures of things they like from magazines and paste them into the shape of the child side profile page.
  • Print them on card stock and provide different colors of yarn and different eye color googly eyes for a fun center or sensory bin for young children.
  • Enlarge your portraits to be life-size with easel paper or a roll of newsprint from a local newspaper!
  • Have kids create their faces with craft supply scraps, paper, and glue.

There’s so many fun ways to use these free printable self portrait pages! What will you do?

All 3 of the free printable All about Me Self Portraits completed shown with crayons

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Free Printable "All about Me" Self Portrait frames - perfect for the first day of school for preschool and kindergarten.  Get ready for back to school season with these free printable PDF worksheets.
self portrait free printables for an all about me theme!