Looking for fun Ocean activities?  Here’s 50 Amazing Ocean Crafts for Kids!  

I asked fellow bloggers for their best Ocean Crafts, and wow they sure delivered!

You’ll find lots of fun craft ideas for every sea creature you can think of!    

There’s ocean-themed crafts for younger kids and older kids alike, as well as cool ideas for shark week.

You’re sure to find the perfect craft for your Ocean Life unit.

cute ocean crafts for kids including octopus craft, shark cootie catcher craft, turtle paper plate craft and jellyfish craft for kids

Let’s dive in and explore some fun Ocean Crafts!

1) Octopus Paper Craft

easy octopus craft with free printable template

This Easy Paper Octopus Craft is from my blog Simply Full of Delight.

Young children can practice their cutting skills with this fun activity.  

This cute octopus can also be turned into a windsock to hang up!  Such fun easy ocean crafts!

2) Easy Paper Jellyfish Craft

printable jellyfish craft for kids

This Easy Paper Jellyfish Craft is also from my blog.

Kids of all ages will enjoy coloring their own jellyfish and adding colorful yarn tentacles!

It’s super simple with the free jellyfish printable.

3) Ocean Dot Marker Pages

ocean do a dot pages by Two Pink Peonies

Looking for an easy Ocean Craft Activity?

These Ocean Dot Marker Pages by Two Pink Peonies are perfect!

Preschoolers will enjoy using dot stickers or dot markers to fill in the circles on these adorable ocean themed printables.

4) Shark Headband Craft

shark craft headband by Simple Everyday Mom

This adorable Shark Headband Craft is by Simple Everyday Mom.

Kids will love creating this fun ocean craft and of course wearing it proudly as well!  

You’ll soon have a classroom full of cute little sharks!

It’s a super easy shark craft with the free printable template!

5) Paper Plate Fish Craft

paper plate fish by Taming Little Monsters

This Paper Plate Fish Craft is from Taming Little Monsters.

Toddlers and preschoolers will have a great time painting their own little fish! Such a fun craft for little ones!

6) Button Starfish Craft

button starfish craft by A Little Pinch of Perfect

This Cute as a Button Starfish Craft is from A Little Pinch of Perfect.

Kids can decorate the free starfish template with buttons in their own unique way!

What fun!

7) Handprint Fish Craft

handprint fish craft by Frosting & Glue

This adorable Handprint Fish Craft is by Frosting & Glue.

What a cute handprint keepsake for parents that is perfect for your Ocean themed unit!

8) Easy Paper Shark Craft

paper shark by Crafting Jeannie

This cute Paper Shark Craft is by Crafting Jeannie.

Kids of all ages will enjoy creating their very own shark with this easy template!

9) Cardboard Tube Jellyfish

Cardboard tube jellyfish from Crafts by Amanda

Looking for something amazing?

This unique Cardboard Tube Jellyfish is from Crafts by Amanda. I love the 3-D effect this craft has!

What a great way to make a jellyfish!

10) Sea Turtle Paper Plate Craft

Sea Turtle Paper plate craft by Living Life and Learning

This incredible Sea Turtle Paper Plate Craft is by Living Life and Learning.

Kids will love designing their very own sea turtle! It’s super easy with the free template.

11) Shell Painting Process Art

painting sea shells by Fun in a Day

Here’s a fun Shell Painting idea by Fun In a Day.

Using two different techniques, kids can create their own beautiful painted sea shells. What a fun idea!

12) Octopus Handprint Art

handprint octopus by Simple Everyday Mom

This Octopus Handprint Art is by Simple Everyday Mom. This adorable Octopus’s tentacles are made from handprints! SO cute!

You can grab a free template to make these octopus crafts super easy.

13) Paper Weave Ocean Sea Turtle Craft

paper weave sea turtle craft by The Inspiration Edit

This Paper Weave Sea Turtle Craft is by The Inspiration Edit.

Slightly more complicated, this craft great for your older children.

Kids will enjoy creating the amazing patterned shell by weaving paper in and out! Such a neat idea!

14) Ocean Activity for Preschoolers

Ocean activity for preschoolers by Two Pink Peonies including a paper plate fish, cardboard tube octopus and cupcake liners jellyfish

Make a whole set of Ocean Creatures with these easy tutorials from Two Pink Peonies.

Kids can make an Cardboard tube Octopus, a paper plate Fish, and a Cupcake liner Jellyfish!

What perfect ocean craft ideas for toddlers and preschoolers!

15) Ocean Paper Craft

easy ocean paper craft - ocean scene from paper by Messy Little Monster

This Easy Ocean Paper Craft is by Messy Little Monster.

Kids can create their own cool Ocean Scene with this easy tutorial that includes free templates to trace.

What a fun craft to teach kids about the ocean!

16) Clown Fish Paper Plate Craft

Clown fish paper plate craft by Honey & Lime

This Paper Plate Clown Fish is by Honey & Lime.

This bright tropical fish is sure to be a favorite with young children.

It’s fairly simple to make with the short tutorial and a few craft supplies!

17) Turtle Bookmark Corner

easy turtle bookmark corner

Learn how to make this Easy Turtle Bookmark Corner over at Red Ted Art.

This fun craft for kids is a super easy origami project. In fact, it’s a great way to teach beginners the basics of origami!

18) Paper Plate Jellyfish

jellyfish craft for kids by Parenting Chaos

This Paper Plate Jellyfish is by Parenting Chaos.

Learn how to create this one of a kind jellyfish craft for kids!

19) Shark Rock Painting Craft

shark rocks by Sustain my Craft Habit

This incredible Shark Rock Painting Craft is by Sustain My Craft Habit.

Find an easy step by step tutorial for painting this cool shark! Such a fun idea rock painting idea for kids!

20) Slinky Fish Craft

slinky fish craft over at Bitz & Giggles

If you love unique crafts – you’ve got to check out this Slinky Fish Craft over at Bitz & Giggles.

This fish literally does a cool slinky effect. Be sure to check out the video!

21) Easy Dolphin Craft

easy dolphin craft by In the Bag Kids' Crafts

Learn how to make an Easy Dolphin Craft over at In the Bag Kids’ Crafts.

Kids of all ages will enjoy creating their very own dolphin with the free printable!

22) Paper Plate Rainbow Fish Craft

paper plate rainbow fish craft by Easy Peasy and Fun

This Paper Plate Rainbow Fish Craft is by Easy Peasy and Fun.

I love how this craft has a cool 3-D effect for the fish scales! What a neat fish craft for kids!

23) Puffer Fish Craft

puffer fish craft by The Best Ideas for Kids

This Puffer Fish Craft is by The Best Ideas for Kids.

Such a fun unique craft for a crazy unique fish!

24) Paper Narwhal Craft

paper narwhal by Frosting & Glue

Learn how to make a Paper Narwhal Craft over at Frosting & Glue.

This cute Narwhal craft is super simple with the free template!

25) Octopus Toilet Paper Roll Craft

toilet paper roll octopus craft by Mommy Snippets

This Octopus Toilet Paper Roll Craft is by Mommy Snippets.

Kids can create their very own Octopus using a few simple craft supplies! What fun!

26) Origami Whale

origami whale by Red Ted Art

Learn how to make a paper Origami Whale over at Red Ted Art. Kids will love this cute ocean themed craft idea!

27) Jellyfish Puppet

jellyfish puppet by Messy Little Monster

This Jellyfish Puppet Craft is by Messy Little Monster. Perfect for preschoolers, this ocean activity is fast and easy.

And best of all, kids can play with it when they are finished crafting!

28) Paper Octopus Craft for Kids

paper octopus craft by Mama Likes This

Check out this Paper Octopus Craft for kids by Mama Likes This.

It’s a free printable craft that kids can cut out and assemble. What fun!

29) Easy Oyster Craft

oyster craft by Cobberson & Company

This Easy Oyster Craft is from Cobberson & Company. Super simple, this craft is a great addition to your ocean unit! It makes a fun craft for toddlers and preschoolers to create some fun ocean creatures!

30) Rainbow Fish Craft

rainbow fish craft by Little Ladoo

This Rainbow Fish Craft is by Little Ladoo.

It’s super easy with the free template and the perfect accompaniment to any ocean themed unit!

31) Paper Seahorse Crafts

Paper seahorse Craft by Easy Crafts for Kids

This Seahorse Paper Craft is from Easy Crafts for Kids.

Grab the free template to make seahorses in every color!

32) Shark Cootie Catcher

shark cootie catcher by Easy Peasy and Fun

This Shark Cootie Catcher is by Easy Peasy and Fun.

It’s super easy with the free template!

This will be a hit with older kids for sure!

33) Paper Plate Whale

This Paper Plate Whale is by In the Playroom.

I love this classic paper plate craft! It’s so cute and simple which makes it perfect for preschoolers!

34) Paper Plate Tropical Fish Craft

colorful paper plate tropical fish by Crafts by Amanda

These amazing Paper Plate Tropical Fish are from Crafts by Amanda.

Kids can create their own colorful fish with this simple tutorial.

This would be perfect for an ocean bulletin board!

35) Paper Plate Turtle

turtle paper plate craft by Parenting Chaos

This Paper Plate Turtle is by Parenting Chaos.

Kids will enjoy making their very own turtle with a few simple supplies!

These are so cute!

36) Shark Paper Plate Craft

shark paper plate craft by Living Life and Learning.

This Shark Paper Plate Craft is by Living Life and Learning.

Kids can get creative with this fun ocean scene craft!

And best of all – you probably already have all the supplies you need for this one!

37) Easy Jellyfish Craft for Kids

paper jellyfish by Simple Everyday Mom

You can find an Easy Jellyfish Craft over at Simple Everyday Mom.

Using the free template, kids of all ages will enjoy creating this amazing paper jellyfish!

38) Construction Paper Under the Sea Crafts

construction paper turtle, shark, octopus, and crab by Mama of Minis

These Construction Paper Under the Sea Crafts are by Mama of Minis.

Learn how to make a sea turtle, shark, crab and octopus with these easy tutorials.

39) Under the Sea Printable Craft

Under the Sea printable craft with bible verse by Wonder in His World

Here’s a fun printable Under the Sea Craft by Wonder in His World.

Kids can create their own ocean scene with this free printable template.

There’s a variety of sea creatures to use including a whale, sea horse, crab, starfish, jellyfish, octopus, dolphin, shark, sea turtle, fish, and shells. What fun!

40) Draw a Seahorse

how to draw a seahorse by Kitchen Table Classroom

Learn How to Draw a Seahorse over at Kitchen Table Classroom.

Perfect for older kids, this tutorial will show you exactly how to draw a magnificent sea horse!

Grab the free printable and help your budding artists dive into this fun art project.

41) Thumbprint Ocean Animals

ocean animal thumbprints by Messy Little Monster

These Ocean Thumbprint Animals are by Messy Little Monster.

Learn how to create each ocean creature with these simple tutorials.

42) Sea Animal Suncatcher

Sea animal coffee filter suncatcher by A Little Pinch of Perfect

This Sea Animal Coffee Filter Suncatcher is by A Little Pinch of Perfect.

This cool ocean creature silhouette effect is a unique craft that is perfect for your older kids!

43) Under the Sea Silhouette Art

Under the sea Silhouette Art by Taming Little Monsters

Here’s another cool idea! This Under the Sea Silhouette Art is by Taming Little Monsters.

Kids use a free ocean animal template to create this cool one of a kind art!

44) Free Printable Pufferfish Craft 

pufferfish printable craft by Mama Likes This

You can grab this Free Printable Pufferfish Craft over at Mama Likes This.

A simple cut and paste craft is always a great option for kids of all ages!

45) Paper Plate Ocean Craft for Kids

ocean scene art from sponges and shells by Fun Money Mom

This Paper Plate Ocean Craft for Kids is by Fun Money Mom.

Get creative with this fun ocean scene idea!

Kids use sponges, shells, and more to create unique ocean scene art!

46) Lacing Jellyfish Craft

Lacing Jellyfish craft by Mama of Minis

This Lacing Jellyfish Craft for kids is by Mama of Minis.

This is such a great craft for preschoolers and little ones who are developing fine motor skills!

Such adorable preschool crafts!

47) Foam Ocean Animal Pencil Toppers

foam ocean animal pencil toppers

Here’s some fun Ocean Animal Pencil Toppers by Homan at Home. Kids will love creating their own pencil toppers to use! What fun!

48) Chompin’ Shark Puppet

chompin' shark puppet by The Soccer Mom Blog

This funny Chompin’ Shark Puppet is by The Soccer Mom Blog. Kids will LOVE this cute shark that actually chomps.

49) Easy Paper Plate Rainbow Fish

easy paper plate rainbow fish by Living Life and Learning

This Easy Paper Plate Rainbow Fish is by Living Life & Learning.

Kids will love that this rainbow fish has amazing shiny scales, just like in the story!

50) Ocean Window Scene

Ocean window scene by In the Playroom

This Ocean Window Scene craft is by In the Playroom.

Spark your child’s creativity with some simple supplies to create their very own ocean scene to display on the window.

Such a cool idea.

And that’s it! 50 amazing Ocean Crafts for Kids! I hope you’ve found some amazing ocean activities for your Ocean themed unit.

If you would like a fun Sensory play idea to go along with your crafts, be sure to check out this adorable Ocean Sensory Bin. Kids will enjoy plenty of imaginative play with this fun Ocean sensory table idea!

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Amazing Ocean Crafts for Kids - shown: tropical fish paper plate crafts, printable jellyfish craft, easy octopus printable craft and turtle paper plate craft