Looking for fun Earth Day Activities for kids?  Here’s a Free Earth Day Worksheet Preschool Printable Fun Pack.  It’s perfect for teaching kids about the importance of taking care of our planet!

With Earth Day quickly approaching, I put together some fun activities with an Earth Day theme for young children.

Free Earth Day Worksheet Preschool Printable Fun Pack including tracing, counting, and patterns.

You’ll find tracing, counting and basic patterns in this free Earth Day printables pack.

These printable activities are a fun way for kids to practice fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and basic problem-solving skills.  

free Earth Day printables for preschool including tracing, patterns and counting cut and paste pages.

Plus, at the end of the article you’ll also find some fun ideas for Earth Day crafts and activities to round out your Earth Day lessons for preschool.

Let’s jump in!

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​1) Earth Day Tracing Worksheet

Free Earth Day tracing worksheet

First up is this Earth Day Tracing Worksheet.  Kids simply follow the line to get to the Earth Day-themed item. Kids can trace the line with a pencil and color the pictures if they wish.  

Optionally, you can laminate this sheet and kids can use a dry erase marker with it.  If you choose to make it reusable by laminating it, it would be great for a centers activity or morning work time for homeschoolers. 

And…..this page also works as a cutting skills sheet as well.  It’s super versatile!

You can download your free Earth Day Tracing Worksheet by clicking the download button below.

2) Earth Day Counting Worksheet

free earth day counting worksheet for preschool

Looking for Earth Day math activities? Check out this Earth Day Counting Worksheet.

It’s a basic math page for preschoolers that also helps kids practice scissor skills, number recognition, and counting.

Kids can cut off the bottom portion of the page with the numbers inside the boxes.

Next, have them cut out each number box, then count the sets of Earth Day items and glue the number box next to the correct answer.

This math cut and paste is super simple and fun!

You can download your free Earth Day math page here:

3) Free Earth Day Patterns

free Earth Day patterns worksheet

You can find a free Earth Day Patterns Worksheet here.

These pattern pages are great for teaching kids to look for patterns and think about what comes next in a sequence.

You could also use this page to introduce kids to vocabulary words like first, last, next, etc.

Kids simply cut the bottom portion off of the page. Then they cut out each of the items within the box.

Next they decide what comes next in the pattern and then glue the correct answer to the box at end of the pattern.

This page could also be laminated and used in a busy book or in a math center.

free Earth Day worksheets for preschool - make learning fun!  includes patterns, tracing, and counting.

More Earth Day Activities for Preschool

Looking for more free Earth Day activities?  You can find more here on my blog!

Earth day coloring sheets

There’s a set of free Earth Day Coloring pages here.  You’ll find 4 free printables to teach kids about how to take care of our Earth.  There’s a coloring page to promote recycling as well as a fun coloring page featuring planet Earth. Plus you’ll find a Earth Day Color page featuring the phrase Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, as well as the important issue of Planting a Tree to Preserve our Planet.  

Such a fun way to introduce kids to Earth Day vocabulary words and help our early learners to learn how to take care of the Earth. 

There’s also a cute Earth Day Hat headband here.  Kids will have a great time creating their own Earth day hat to wear during Earth Day celebrations.  It’s the perfect way to help kids work on fine motor skills like coloring and cutting.  And of course it’s so much fun!

Don’t miss this fun Marble Paint Earth Craft.  Using the free template, kids can use marbles to paint this cool planet Earth Craft.  Such a fun activity for preschool and kindergarten students. 

Earth day preschool activities

Also, there’s a fun Earth Day Preschool Learning pack in my Etsy shop here. So many fun activities that are perfect for little learners.

Lastly, you can find a big list of Earth Day Activities for Kids here.  There’s sensory bin ideas, a scavenger hunt, an Earth Day word search, Earth Day Crafts, and fun Earth Day worksheets.  You’ll find tons of free resources to fill your Earth Day lesson plans. 

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free printable for Earth day including tracing, patterns, and counting worksheets for preschool