Looking for fun farm craft ideas? This Easy Paper Plate Chicken Craft is perfect for preschoolers!

As a farm girl, teaching kids about life on the farm has always been a big priority for me. My family mainly raised sheep, cows, and a well-loved horse as I was growing up in central Illinois.

We had the opportunity to raise chickens one year, which was so fun. They literally came chirping in the mail one day and as they grew older, we as kids had the job of finding the eggs…which was no easy task!

super simple paper plate chicken for preschoolers

My farm loving kids were delighted by this easy paper craft!

This cute chicken craft is perfect for preschoolers as it promotes the development of fine motor skills by cutting, folding, and gluing.

If you are planning a preschool farm themed unit, I hope you find this fun chicken craft to be a great addition to your lesson plans.

Let’s get started on this easy farm craft idea!

Supplies for Paper Plate Chicken Craft

For these simple chicken crafts you will need the following basic craft supplies:

paper plate chicken craft supplies including:  paper plate, googly eye, scissors, construction paper,  school glue

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Once you have your supplies, it’s time to make this fun chicken craft!

How to make a Chicken Paper Craft

First, you will begin to cut your paper plate in half. Stop cutting when you reach the middle of the paper plate.

You might like to draw a light line for young children to cut.

cutting the paper plate with scissors

Next, fold the middle of the plate upwards to touch the top.

This will be the chicken’s wing.

folding paper plate upwards

Using the red paper, cut out a comb for the chicken’s head. Next, cut a yellow triangle the chicken’s beak and 2 yellow legs.

cutting a red construction paper comb for the chicken's head

Depending on the age of your kids, you might want to pre-cut these pieces for them or trace them onto a piece of construction paper.

Once you have all of the pieces, go ahead and have your child glue the red comb onto the chicken’s head at the top of the paper plate. Next glue the googly eye onto the face, and the beak into the correct position on the head.

gluing the chicken craft together.

Next have them add legs to the bottom of the plate with glue. We used a little bit of school glue for these paper plate hens, but you could use a glue stick if you like.

And….it’s finished! My kids were so proud of their paper plate chicken crafts. Of course they had to pretend to walk their chickens around the room clucking loudly. So much fun!

easy paper plate chicken craft on a wood background

This adorable paper plate craft also works for the letter C, a farm animals unit, or a fun idea for a rainy day. I hope your kids enjoy it as much as mine did!

​Optional Hen Craft Ideas

Here’s a few ideas to alter your chicken paper plate crafts!  

You could:

Use tissue paper to make the chicken fluffy.

Glue feathers to make a soft lovely hen.

Use a fork to paint brown feathers onto your mama hen.

Use a yellow plate or yellow paint to make an adorable chick with an orange paper beak.

how to make a super easy chicken craft for kids

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Want to save this paper chicken craft for later? Pin the image below to your Preschool Farm Crafts board on Pinterest!

easy paper plate chicken craft for kids