Celebrating New Year’s Eve at home with children? Here’s some free New Year’s Eve Printables for Kids!

Before I had kids, most years on New Year’s Eve I would go to a gathering at a friend’s house or at church. Occasionally, there were years when we would go to an event in the city.

Now that we have 4 kids, my husband and I usually stay home and enjoy some family fun! We will probably do an appetizer night for supper, play board games, watch a movie, and do some fun New Year’s Eve activities for kids!

New Year's Eve Printables for Kids

These New Year’s Eve printables for kids are a fun way for kids to celebrate the New Year! There’s a Look & Find, a New Years Eve coloring page, and a Reflections on the Year page.


Let’s take a closer look!

New Year’s Eve Look & Find Printable

Free!  New Year's Eve Look and FInd Printable - New Years eve I Spy printable

First, let’s look at the New Year’s Eve Look and Find! This printable is geared towards kids that are 6 and under. There are 11 objects hidden in the picture and your little ones can find them and circle them. This page is great for little ones to do independently, as there is no reading needed and it’s simple enough that they will definitely be successful!

Happy New Year Coloring Page Free Printable

Happy New Year Coloring Page - free printable

Next, I created a New Year’s Eve Coloring Page. This coloring page is great for any age group.

Provide colored pencils, crayons, markers, or watercolor paint sets and let the kids get creative. If you are feeling really adventurous, bring on the glitter!

Feel free to print off as many as you like for your New Year’s Eve gathering or classroom!

Reflections on the Year – Free Printable

New Year's Eve Reflections on the Year Printable (free!)

Last, I have a Reflections on the Year printable. This page is appropriate for older kids to do independently, or little ones can answer the questions with help from a grown-up or older child.

This page is great for reflecting on what happened this year. There’s a space for writing down favorite things like favorite songs, movies, books, as well as memories of the year.

This activity helps bring out the good things that happened while acknowledging the difficult things as well. At the end, there is a space for a New Year’s Resolution as well!

Lastly, I wanted to mention that all of these printables are not dated, so you can definitely use them year after year!

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New Year's Eve Printables for Kids - FREE!

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