Learn how to make a cute Unicorn Paper Bag Puppet with a free template!

Unicorns are pretty big in my household right now…and I’m guessing if you are reading this post, you have a unicorn loving child in your midst as well!

Here’s a super easy unicorn craft for kids!

It works well younger kids (preschool and kindergarteners), but older kids who love unicorns will enjoy it too!

Easy Unicorn Puppet with free template - Make a magical unicorn paper bag puppet with this easy free printable template - simply color and cut!

Let’s get started on this magical unicorn craft!

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Supplies needed for Unicorn Paper Bag Puppet

To make this easy peasy unicorn craft you will need:

White paper bag (lunch sack size)

– The Free printable Unicorn Puppet template

Crayons (or markers)

Glue Stick or School Glue


– Optional: Colorful yarn (or strips of construction paper for the unicorn hair)

Alright! Let’s get started on this fun craft for kids!

How to make a DIY Magical Unicorn Paper Bag Puppet

First, print out the unicorn puppet printable. Next, have your child color the unicorn template. Encourage them to use rainbow colors!

Unicorn paper bag puppet template with an assortment of crayons.

We left the eyes plain, but colored the inside of the ears pink, the unicorn horn rainbow colored and the nostril part pink.

Now provide your child with scissors (we prefer the Fiskar’s blunt tip child safe scissors!)

Show your child the pieces that need to be cut out. Provide assistance with cutting as needed. Most children can cut this out by themselves at age 4. Kids 3 and under may need help.

Free printable unicorn paper bag puppet being cut out with child safe scissors.

How to Assemble the Printable Unicorn Hand Puppet

Now it’s time to assemble the unicorn puppet!

The unicorn face will be on the bottom flap of the bag, so that when it is finished, your child can place their hand in the bag to make the puppet move.

I like to encourage kids to lay out the pieces of the unicorn puppet template before they start to glue. This helps them get a sense of where things should be on the face.

Unicorn puppet paper bag assembled

I laid out the large circle first, then added the pink nostril piece to the bottom. Next I centered the eyes and the unicorn horn. Last, I placed the ears on each side of the horn.

Once they have the unicorn face and horn the way they like, it’s time to glue it down. I found that a glue stick was perfect for this project and makes it low-mess, but school glue will also work!

As I always tell my little ones, just a dab of glue will do!

Once the face is completed, you can optionally add hair to your puppet unicorn!

We chose to leave our unicorn paper bag puppet plain, but if you’d like you can use yarn for the hair, or alternatively, you could use strips of colored construction paper.

And….that’s it! You now have a cute unicorn paper bag puppet!

Unicorn paper bag puppet with free template shown assembled with an variety of crayons.

How to Print the Free Unicorn Puppet Template

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unicorn puppet diy paper craft for kids

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Free printable Unicorn Paper Bag Puppet Template -  unicorn template shown with an assortment of crayons.