Today is all about freebies again! I love creating things to share with you all! If you have ever wanted printable roads or train tracks for your kids….today is your lucky day!

Free Printable Roads for kids - Perfect for Restaurants and church

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This past Christmas, my son was given a really cool gift. My mom gave him this tiny pocket size road set by Driven. It was totally adorable and it engaged him for hours at a time.

It quickly became the go-to quiet time activity for my son while our younger girls were napping. He would sit and build, and drive his tiny cars and Mini Thomas trains on the tiny roads for a really long time.

I was excited pack his tiny road set in our diaper bag for when we needed a quiet church activity. However, we quickly found that the tiny roads needed a hard surface to be put together. It wouldn’t work on a church seat.

In addition, the sheer number of pieces kept me from packing it to go to restaurants. I’m all about packing a few items, but much akin to Legos, this set included lots of pieces to engage children. I knew we would be losing pieces every where we went if we brought it along. It had to stay home.

So, I set out to create our own set of transport friendly printable roads.

It wasn’t exactly easy.

All of the programs that I use to create printables didn’t have the right tools to make the perfect road. Plus, I don’t have a degree in graphic design, just a love of creating. I hit a wall with the project and had to stop several times because of my perfectionism.

However, I realized, my kids would rather have lots of imperfect roads, than a bunch of saved unfinished documents on my computer. So, I completed the project and printed out some copies for my kids.

They had a blast! We will definitely be bringing these along the next time we need a quiet activity when we are out and about!

Free Printable - Roads for Toy Cars - the race track

The Race Track

There are several versions of printable roads available for you to download. There is a race track. Perfect for those little race cars! We like to use these adorable Disney Pixar Cars Mini Racers. My son also has the adorable Mack truck he likes to load them into. I wouldn’t recommend these cars for children who still put things in their mouths, but they are perfect for these mini printable roads!

Free Printable Roads for Kids

The Tiny Town Roadway

The next printable roads template is a tiny town. I highly recommend the Disney Pixar Cars Mini Racers for this road as well! You could use other tiny cars as well, such as the ones in the Paw Patrol My Busy Book.

The Train Track

Lastly, there is a simple train track printable, for those train loving kids! My son LOVES his Mini Thomas trains. This free printable train track is made to go with the Thomas mini trains.

You can print out your free printable roads by visiting my Resource Library. I would recommend printing on cardstock so that they last longer, but it’s not necessary!

Free Printable Train Tracks

Another way to increase durability is to place the printed roads inside a one of these plastic pocket sleeves. (Which I recommend for using with playdough mats and dry erase tracing as well!) Or, you could laminate them to increase longevity. (This is the laminator I have!)

I hope your child has a blast playing with these free printable roads for toy cars and trains! May your outings be a little easier!

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