Looking for an easy Patriotic Craft for Kids?  This Preschool Handprint Flag Craft is perfect!

I absolutely love handprint crafts, so any time I can work one into our curriculum, I do!

This child’s handprint craft makes a great keepsake for parents and it’s so cute!

I love USA Flag Crafts because they can be used for multiple events including Fourth of July, Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day, Presidents’ Day and any other patriotic holiday.

4th of July Handprint Craft - an easy preschool craft

Let’s dive in and take a look at this easy paper flag craft!

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Supplies for Handprint Flag Craft

For this simple American flag craft you will need the following supplies:

handprint flag craft supplies including white and red construction paper, blue paint, brush, and scissors.

​- White construction paper

Red Construction paper

– Blue paint – we like this washable paint from Crayola.

– Paper Plate

– Scissors or a paper cutter

– Glue – we used a glue stick (oops! Forgot to add this into the picture!)

Measuring the Red Stripes for Your Easy Handprint Flag Craft

First, you’ll want to decide if you are cutting the red stripes or if you want the kids to cut them.

In favor of making this an easy craft, I decided to cut the red strips of paper with my paper cutter so that the kids could just glue them on quickly.

Next, measure your paper.  I used white construction paper that measured about 23 cm x 30.5 (Or rather, 9×12 inches).  

Take the length measurement and divide it by 13 (for the 13 stripes on the United States Flag.)

This will tell you about how big you will want each of the red stripes.  

You’ll notice my white stripes are a bit bigger than my red ones. 

Not quite Pinterest perfect!  LOL ​

You will need 3 long red stripes and 4 short red stripes for your flag.  

Being an American, I tend to measure in inches.  However for this project, centimeters makes measuring a bit easier, so bear with me on that.

If you are curious what measurements I used….My long red stripes are 1.5 cm x 30.5 cm.   The short red stripes are 1.5 cm x 9 cm.

You won’t need white stripes because the white paper will act as your white stripes.

How to make a Preschool Handprint Flag Craft

Once your stripes are prepared it’s time to make the handprint flag

Handprint flag craft for preschool - child's hand shown painted blue and made handprint on white paper, adding red stripes of construction paper, and then a finished handprint flag craft

Place blue paint on a paper plate.  Take the child’s hand and paint it with washable blue paint.  I used a paint brush to thoroughly cover the hand.  

Next make a handprint.  Make sure to help the child place the handprint in the left corner of the page. Your paper should be landscape for this flag craft.

For best results, press the hand and fingers down firmly to get a great blue handprint.

Depending on how old your group is, you may wish to allow the handprint time to dry.

Now it’s time to glue the red stripes onto the handprint American flag!

gluing down the red stripes onto the handprint flag

Instruct the kids to place their stripes on the page to see where they want to glue them.  

A short red stripe should be on the very top of the flag.  

And of course, a long red stripe should be a the very bottom of the flag.  Then space out the other stripes in between. Once everything is in place, go ahead and glue down the stripes. 

​Once they have added all the red stripes, the American Flag Handprint Craft is finished!

What a cute Patriotic Keepsake that’s perfect for Independence Day!

child holding the adorable handprint flag craft

Alternate Ideas for this Handprint Flag Craft

​Looking to mix things up a bit with this fun handprint art?  Here’s a few ideas!

You could:  

  • Have kids fingerpaint the red stripes.
  • Have kids cut the paper (instead of using a paper cutter).
  • Make a blue construction paper rectangle and add white stars by dapping the rectangle with white paint.
handprint flag craft for preschoolers

More Patriotic Crafts for Kids

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preschool handprint flag craft for patriotic holidays