Looking for a classroom fake money printable? Here’s some awesome free printable play money that is perfect for educational purposes or pretend play.

My son has been very curious about money lately, so I wanted to give him the opportunity to learn about the value of each coin and dollar bill.

I often use the real thing when I am talking to him about it, but admittedly I don’t always have a lot of cash or coins on hand.

(We live in a plastic card society after all!)

When we don’t have real money on hand, this printable money is the perfect substitute.

Free printable pretend money for kids - find the perfect classroom fake money printable for educational purposes or pretend play.

I created these printables with coins and dollar bills so that you can also teach your little one about money.

According to CNBC, researchers from Cambridge University encouraged parents to start teaching their kids about money at age 3. (Wow, right!?)

These money printables are the perfect way to start!

These printables are also great for pretend play.

My little ones enjoy using them to play store or restaurant. It can bring a bit of learning into their playtime!

You might also use these in a classroom for teaching about money.

Plus, there’s money printables that are perfect for classroom incentives (if you do a classroom store) or for creating your own board game.

So many uses for pretend money!

Free printable play money for kids - Classroom fake money printables - perfect for teachers, homeschooling or pretend play

I hope you enjoy this printable money for kids! Let’s dive in and check it out!

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Printable Coins for Kids

Printable Coins for Kids - free printable coin templates for play money for kids

Let’s start out with these printable coins for kids.

This first printable fake money template features 24 printable coins.

There’s 6 of each of the following on this play money sheet: dime, penny, nickel, and quarter.

I tried to make these as realistically sized as possible.

It was more difficult than I anticipated, so you will find that the penny and nickel are pretty spot on with being the same size as the real coins.

However, the pretend dime is a little smaller than the real one and the pretend money quarter is just a tiny bit bigger than the real money quarter.

Apologies….but hey, it’s free pretend cash! Still spends the same…LOL

You can download the Coins by clicking the black download button below.

Printable Realistic Play Money Templates

Printable Realistic Play Money Templates - free printable featuring 3 of each coin and a printable dollar bill.

This next free resource is a printable money page with 3 of each coin and a printable dollar bill.

This page is great to use as play money.

You will find that the dollar bill is pretty accurate in size.

It is fairly realistic for your teaching money skills but is also makes great fake play money.

You might like to use play money in various math activities, teaching the value of money, a pretend bank, or just a fun way to enjoy pretend play.

Download this by clicking the black download button below.

Realistic Paper Money for Kids

Realistic Paper Money for kids - free printable dollar bill, 5 dollar bill and 10 dollar bill.

This next printable kid money template is some fake money printables with dollars in different denominations.

You’ll find a one dollar bill, a 5 dollar bill and a 10 dollar bill.

These fun kid money printables are perfect for older kids who are learning to count and make change.

These printables are great for money math lesson plans and classroom activities.

I love that these could also be used for virtual math as you can send your students’ parents to this page to automatically download these free printables.

Download your copy with the black button below.

Printable Play Money Template

Printable play money template - free printable classroom fake money for kids

This play money template features a blank bill.

There is no dollar sign or real design making it perfect for little ones to create their own money.

My kids had so much fun deciding what their money should look like.

Should it feature a unicorn? A cat? Tractors?

They could even draw themselves! There’s so many possibilities.

What a fun way for little ones to get creative while learning about money!

You can download this blank money template here:

Preschool Money Printables

Printable Play Money template for kids - play money design - free printable fake money

This next printable play money template features a play money design.

This particular page is perfect for a good behavior rewards or just a simple page for use with little ones.

There is no money denominations on the bills, just dollar signs which makes it a great way to introduce little ones to the concept of money.

This might be the best printable play money for kids who want to color their own money and use their own inspiration to create their own currency.

Download the Play Money Design Template here:

How to use Pretend Play Money

You can use printable pretend money for tons of things.

Some have already been mentioned, but there’s a few new ideas as well!

Free printable money templates shown colored with toys to create an ice cream shop
  • Classroom Rewards System
  • Pretend Play Grocery Store game
  • Money Math Lessons
  • Playing Pretend Bank game for kids
  • Pretend Play Flower Store
  • Teaching about Budgeting
  • Pretend Play Restaurant
  • Kids creating their own currency
  • Replacements for board game money
  • Pretend Play Ice Cream Stand
  • Parents teaching kids about money
  • Math activities at school
  • Homeschooling activities
  • Virtual Math Lessons
  • Coloring page money
  • Parent/Child reward system or chores reward
  • Classroom printables for learning about money

Here’s my kids playing ice cream stand with the fake money printables!

They loved coloring them with colored pencils and cutting them out.

I would suggest laminating these printables to make them last longer.

I love my Scotch brand laminator. It’s really come in handy and it’s so easy to use!

Kids playing ice cream shop.  One girl is paying fake money while the other serves her ice cream

If you love the ice cream set in the pictures, it’s a mix of both the Melissa & Doug Magnetic Ice Cream Cone set and the Melissa and Doug Frozen Treats set.

My kids have gotten a lot of use out of these adorable pretend ice cream treats!

A boy buys ice cream from a pretend ice cream stand paying with this pretend fake dollar bills.

More Educational Printables

I hope you’ve enjoyed these a classroom fake money printable PDFs!

If you are looking for more educational printables be sure to check out these Free Sequencing Cards. Perfect for teaching order words (like first, second, third, etc.) or story telling skills.

You can find free printable Number Coloring Pages (1-10) here. A fun way to teach little ones 1 to 1 correspondence and number words.

There’s also a free printable Color by Number Flag page here. This printable is a great way to practice number recognition and following directions.

You can also find some fun free Color By Number printables here. There’s a picnic theme, beach scene and ice cream treats printables.

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Free Play Money for Kids - Find 5 classroom fake money printable PDFs that are totally free!  Get your free printable money for kids here.