This Ladybug Thumbprints craft for kids is fun way to celebrate spring!

Spring is on it’s way and we’ve been busy doing insect and flower crafts.

I love crafts that feature my kids fingerprints and handprints, so making a fingerprint ladybug art project came naturally after we made the Thumbprint Bee!

Thumbprint ladybugs - fingerprint ladybugs from red paint and crayon details

Spring is a great time to talk about ladybugs. Insects are out in full force in the spring!

Ladybugs are one of my favorites, mostly because they seem less like a pest! LOL

To make this fingerprint ladybug craft super simple, I’ve created a leaf template for you.

You can download the free template for a leaf for your ladybugs at the end of the article.

But first….

What is Thumbprint Art?

Thumbprint art is a craft for toddlers and preschoolers that helps them develop fine motor skills.

Kids create by stamping their thumb or finger into paint or an ink pad and then stamp it onto a page.

After the fingerprints have dried, they can use their creativity to make objects from those fingerprint shapes.

I love that thumbprint art because each child’s artwork is unique and totally their own!

Alright, let’s get started making some thumbprint ladybugs!

How to make Thumbprint Ladybugs - a fun fingerprint ladybug craft for spring!  Perfect for toddlers and preschoolers!

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Supplies for Ladybug Thumbprints Craft

For this ladybug fingerprint craft, you will need the following items:

  • Free Printable Leaf Template for Ladybug Thumbprint Art (You can grab this at the end of this article)
  • Red washable paint (We love this Crayola brand kid paint).
  • Paper plate or bowl for paint
  • Black marker or pen
  • Crayons
  • Optional: Table cloth, smocks, wipes
  • Also, alternatively you could use red ink instead of paint

How to make a Thumbprint Ladybug Craft

Coloring the leaf printable for thumbprint ladybugs

First, print out your ladybug thumbprints leaf printable.

Have your child color the leaf green with crayons.

Place a table cloth on your table and have your child wear a painting smock.

Next, pour some red paint on a plate.

Have your child take their thumb and dip it into the paint a little bit and then stamp their thumb onto the leaf they colored.

Making Ladybug Thumbprints  with red paint to make fingerprint ladybugs

Once they have made a few thumbprint marks on the leaf, it’s time to let the thumbprint ladybugs dry.

Making thumbprint ladybugs - stamping thumb with red paint onto a green colored leaf template

It will probably take several hours to completely dry, depending on how thick the paint is.

Once the fingerprint ladybugs are dry, it’s time to add details to the drawings!

Thumbprint ladybugs - drawing the details onto the thumbprints

Show your child how to draw a black line on the ladybug to give it sections for the wings.

Show them how to add antennae, and black dots on the body.

And that’s it! They are finished!

Here’s my 5 year old’s ladybugs on a leaf.

Thumbprint ladybugs completed.

And here’s the ladybugs created by my 4 year old!

I assisted with the ladybug heads. 🙂

ladybug thumbprints by 4 year old

This thumbprint ladybug art activity makes a super fun craft for spring!

I hope you enjoy them!

Get the Free Printable Leaf Template PDF

To get the free printable leaf template just click the black download button below.

I hope you have a great time with this ladybug thumbprint craft!

Also, keep in mind this ladybug craft could also be used for a Mother’s day card!

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Save this idea for later by pinning the image below to your Spring Crafts board on Pinterest!

Ladybug thumbprints craft for kids - an insect craft for spring!

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