Looking for an easy Christmas tree ornament idea? These DIY Snowman Christmas ornaments for kids are simple and so much fun!

With Christmas just around the corner, we are diving into fun Christmas crafts and holiday activities for kids!

DIY Snowman Christmas ornament for kids

This diy snowman Christmas ornament is great for classrooms, daycares, or events during the holiday season.

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Supplies for DIY Snowman Ornament

gold ribbon, felt, jumbo craft sticks, scissors, tacky glue, white paint, sharpie marker, paint brush, and buttons

For this snowman ornament craft you will need the following craft supplies:

Once you have your supplies, it’s time to make your cute DIY snowman ornaments.

easy Snowman ornament Craft

How to Make a DIY Snowman Ornament Craft

First, pour a bit of white acrylic paint into a paper bowl or paper plate. Paint the jumbo craft stick white on one side. Wait for it to dry.

Once your white paint is dry, you can add a felt hat to the top of your snowman.

Using the jumbo craft stick as a guide, make a small hat from felt.

We used blue felt, but you can use any color you like for your little hats.

Glue your tiny felt hat onto the top of the snowman using Tacky craft glue.

Next, cut a tiny carrot nose from the orange felt. We just made a super thin triangular shape.

steps to make diy snowman ornament1) paint popsicle stick white2) Cut hat from felt3) glue on hat with tacky glue4) draw mouth and eyes with Sharpie

Draw on the snowman’s coal eyes with a black sharpie. Then glue the carrot nose into place with the tacky glue.

Next, use the Sharpie black marker to draw little black dots to form a little coal smile onto the snowman.

If you like, you can add a scarf made from felt or a little bit of ribbon. (We kept it simple and skipped the scarf for our ornaments!)

Then glue on some tiny buttons to the snowman using the tacky glue.

Let this dry for at least an hour or two.

Steps to make DIY snowman Ornament- glue on buttons, attach ribbon to back of ornament, hang it!

Then cut a small piece of gold ribbon and form a loop. This will be your ornament hanger. Glue the ribbon to the back of the ornament on the wooden craft stick. Add a small piece of felt to keep it in place. Let dry.

And….that’s it! A simple and cute Christmas tree decoration!

Now you are ready to hang up your homemade Snowman Ornaments!

These easy snowman ornaments would make great gifts for grandparents or adorable ornaments to add to the top of a Christmas gift.

diy Christmas snowman ornament made from popsicle sticks

Tips for Preparing this Craft for a Classroom

To make these cute snowman ornaments a little easier for classrooms, you might like to:

  • Paint the popsicle stick for the children ahead of time…..or have them do it in the morning and then assemble the rest later in the day.
  • Cut out the felt hats and snowman’s carrot nose ahead of time
  • Use googly eyes instead of permanent markers for the eyes
  • Skip the scarf to simplify it
  • Don’t want to mess with the drying time of tacky glue?  You can use a low-heat glue gun to attach the felt and buttons.  (Keep in mind that children should not use a hot glue gun for safety reasons).
snowman ornament craft on wooden table

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snowman ornament craft for kids