Looking for the perfect gifts for kids who love dinosaurs? Check out these Unique Dinosaur Gifts for Kids!

My little nephew is dinosaur obsessed right now! He’s really interested in learning everything he can about these amazing creatures, so we are always on the lookout for fun dinosaur gift ideas for him.

You’ll find educational items, dinosaur toys, clothing and more on this fun list of dinosaurs gifts for kids!

Best Dinosaur gifts for kids - amazing ideas for your little dino lover!  You'll find the best dinosaur toys, clothing, games and more!  shown:  dinosaur sensory kit, wooden dino set, funny dino shirt, and a dinosaur puzzle

Here’s 25 of the must-have gifts for kids who love dinosaurs and of course the best dinosaur toys!!

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1) Dinosaur Fossil Dig Kit

Dinosaur fossil dig kit

This Ivy Step Dinosaur Fossil Dig Kit is amazing. It will wow your little dino lover!

It includes 12 Dinosaur Eggs that are ready for excavation. Kids can use the chisel tools to dig for dinosaurs like a real paleontologist.

This cool set also has dinosaur information cards, a flashlight and magnifying glass.

Older kids will adore this Dino Jurassic Fossil Digging Kit!

2) Robo Alive – Attacking T-Rex Robotic Toy

Robo Alive battery powered T Rex

The Robo Alive – Attacking T-Rex Robotic Toy is so cool! My son has this battery-powered dinosaur and it stomps and walks like a real dinosaur. It roars and has reflecting eyes and a glow in the dark scar.

My kids love the sound effects! Such an awesome toy your dinosaur loving kids will be thrilled with.

3) Dinosaur Play Dough Kit best dinosaur gifts

Dinosaur play dough kit by Happy Life Magic on Etsy - kit contains dinos, dinosaur eggs, plants, play dough

This Dinosaur Play Dough Kit by Happy Life Magic on Etsy is one of the best dinosaur gifts. Such a great choice for a birthday gift!

Kids of all ages will enjoy creating their own pre-historic adventures. Such a fun gift that builds fine motor skills, creativity, and promotes imaginative play.

4) Hungry Hungry Hippos Dino Game

hungry hungry hippos dinosaur edition game

This Hungry Hungry Hippos Dino Edition Board Game is just like the classic with a dinosaur twist.

Younger kids will love making their dinosaurs chomp down the plastic marbles. Whichever dino has the most marbles wins at the end of the game wins! What fun!

5) Take Apart Dinosaur Toy

take apart dinosaur toy

This Take Apart Dinosaur Toy is perfect for kids who love tools and dinosaurs. The dinosaur egg contains a dinosaur toy and a manual screwdriver to put it together.

6) Dinosaur Sensory Kit

dinosaur sensory kit by Cool creations company - kit contains dinosaurs, rocks, gems, sticks and more!

This Dinosaur Sensory Kit by Cool Creations Company is full of fun for younger children. Loose parts play encourages creative play and fine motor skill development. Plus, it keeps little kids busy a LONG time! Parents will thank you for this amazing dinosaur gift idea!

7) Ask Me About My T Rex T Shirt

Ask Me About My T Rex T Shirt is by Crazy Dog T Shirts on Etsy  - child shown wearing green shirt that says Ask about my t-rex  and another photo of child with shirt lifted above his head with a t-rex on his head.

This hilarious Ask Me About My T Rex T Shirt is by Crazy Dog T Shirts on Etsy. Talk about the perfect gift for boys who love dinosaurs! It’s funny, functional, and fun!

8) Learning Resources Counting Dino Set

learning resources counting dino math set

The Learning Resources Counting Dino-Sorters Math Activity Set is great for little ones who are learning number recognition and basic counting skills. The chunky pieces are perfect for small hands.

Preschoolers will enjoy opening the eggs and sorting the dinosaurs by color and number. What a great way to make learning fun!

9) Dinosaur Toy Pull Back Cars

dinosaur pull back cars

These DINOBROS Dinosaur Toy Pull Back Cars are perfect for little hands! Kids will enjoy racing these fun dinosaur cars and parents will love the nostalgia of pull back toys. So much fun to be had!

10) Remote Control Dinosaur

remote control dinosaur toy

This STEAM Life Remote Control Dinosaur is sure to delight your young dinosaur fan. This dinosaur lights up with an LED light, it walks, and roars. Young children will love controlling the dinosaur’s movement with the remote control. What a great gift!

11) Dinosaur Sherpa Blanket Throw

dinosaur sherpa blanket throw

This Dinosaur Sherpa Blanket Throw is super soft! Perfect for getting cozy while reading a dino book or watching a dinosaur movie. More design choices are available too.

12) Melissa & Doug Land of Dinosaurs Floor Puzzle

large dinosaur floor puzzle

The Melissa & Doug Land of Dinosaurs Floor Puzzle is perfect for your puzzle loving kids! Tons of cool dinosaurs are featured on this durable floor puzzle. Perfect for kids ages 3-7.

Dinosaur puzzles are great educational gifts that promote problem solving and little ones will love seeing their favorite dinosaurs!

13) Just a Girl Who Loves Dinosaurs Shirt

Just a girl Who Loves Dinosaurs t shirt from MSM Design USA on etsy

This Just a Girl Who Loves Dinosaurs Shirt is by MsM Design USA on Etsy. We all know boys aren’t the only ones who love dinosaurs! This is the perfect addition to your dino loving girl’s wardrobe. Cute and functional!

14) Dinosaur Play Dough Mats

dinosaur play dough mats from simply full of delight

Looking for something unique? Grab a set of these printable Dinosaur Play Dough Mats from my Etsy shop! Each mat features a dinosaur with a prompt to complete with playdough. Kids can add sharp teeth to the T. Rex or add horns to Triceratops. Add some homemade play dough or this Play Doh for a super fun gift!

15) Wooden Dinosaur Puzzle

dinosaur puzzle wooden for toddlers by Busy Puzzle

This Wooden Dinosaur Puzzle is by Busy Puzzle on Etsy. Perfect for toddlers and little ones who love dinosaurs, this beautiful wooden puzzle is sure to be a treasured dinosaur gift for younger children.

16) Funny Dinosaur T-Shirt

dinosaur shirt by Purple Rush Clothing - features a funny dinosaur with grabbers in each hand and words say i am unstoppable

This Funny Dinosaur T-Shirt is by Purple Rush Clothing on Etsy. You can get it in baby, youth, or adult sizes and in your choice of different colors as well! Such a cool gift for dinosaur lovers of all ages!

17) Wooden Dinosaurs

wooden dinosaurs set from Woodwork Love Shop - brontosaurus, stegosaurus, and 3 more dinos shown in background

These Wooden Dinosaurs are by Woodwork Love Shop on Etsy. Looking for an heirloom dinosaur toy – this is it! These lovely wood dinosaurs are sure to bring smiles to children generation after generation.

18) Guess in 10: Deadly Dinosaurs Card Game

guess in 10 questions dinosaur card game

Skillmatics Card Game : Guess in 10 Deadly Dinosaurs is a great game for kids 8 and up. Adults will enjoy playing as well! Ask up to 10 questions to guess which dinosaur is on the Game Card!

Kids will learn to ask intelligent questions to problem solve such as “was this dinosaur a plant eater? Did he live during the Triassic Period?” First player to collect 7 game cards wins!

19) Dinosaur Fossil Molds Beach Toy

dinosaur fossil sand molds

These Large Dinosaur Fossil Sand Molds are perfect dinosaur gift ideas. Kids can create different dinosaurs using sand and the dinosaur fossils molds. This is a terrific beach toy set that includes the following dinosaur skeleton figures: Triceratops, Tyrannosaurus, and Stegosaurus. It also comes with a rake and shovel. There’s 25 pieces in all!

20) Dinosaur Sound Book & Dinosaurs Figures Set

dinosaur sound book and figures set

Have a child who wants to learn everything about Dinosaurs? Check out this Dinosaur Sound Book with Dinosaurs Figures Set. Little ones will love looking at all the cool dinosaurs, learning facts, and hearing realistic dinosaur noises that correspond with each dinosaur. Plus, there’s 12 amazing dinosaur figures to play with as well! What a fun dinosaur gift idea for kids!

21) LEGO Creator Mighty Dinosaurs 

Lego Creator dinosaur building set

This LEGO Creator Mighty Dinosaurs set is perfect for kids ages 7-12. I love the Creator sets because you can make 3 items out of the same set of legos. This Lego set can be a Pterodactyl, a Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus Rex. Love those multi functional building sets!

22) Dinosaur Cape

Dinosaur Capes by Capes and More on etsy - shown green cape with yellow spikes and a pink cape with green dino spikes

Check out these fun Dinosaur Capes by Capes and More on Etsy. Little ones will love having their very own dinosaur cape for pretend play. What a great way to build imaginations!

23) Poke-A-Dot Dinosaurs A to Z book

poke a dot book for toddlers dinosaurs A to Z

This Melissa & Doug Poke-A-Dot: Dinosaurs A to Z is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers! This Dinosaur Board Book has 20 pages with Buttons to Pop. I love that this book shares fun facts about dinosaurs while teaching the alphabet.

Little hands love poking the dots and it’s great for fine motor skills. The dots make clicking and popping noises depending on how they are poked. My Kids LOVE Poke-A-Dot books!

24) Dinosaur Succulent Planter

Dinosaur Succulent Planter from Classy Cactus Farm on etsy - set includes a dino, succulent, paints, and brushes.

This Dinosaur Succulent Planter is from Classy Cactus Farm on Etsy. Kids will enjoy painting their very own dinosaur planter, then planting the succulent inside it. What fun!

25) Dinosaur Activity Book for Kids

dinosaur activity book for kids

Grab a fun Dinosaur Activity Book for Kids for your dinosaur fan! This activity book has dot to dots, mazes, coloring pages, word searches, find the difference pages, and more! Great for kids ages 3-7.

I hope you have found some great options for amazing dinosaur gifts for your dinosaur-obsessed child. Drop a comment below and let me know what your favorites were!

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Unique Dinosaur Gifts for Kids - find the perfect gift for dinosaur lovers!  There's the best dinosaur toys, clothing, games and more!  Shown: dinosaur cape, wooden dinosaurs, succulent dinosaur craft kit, and play dough dinosaur kit

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