Do you have cat lovers in your midst? Check out these cute kitty coloring pages! There’s 3 free printable kitty cat coloring sheets you can download right in this article.

Whether your child has a pet cat or an affection for cute cats, these kitten coloring pages are perfect for kids of all ages!

Cute cat coloring pages are great for a quiet time activity, an easy art idea, and perfect for adding to your art center to inspire creativity.

Plus, these printable cat coloring pages are a fun way for kids to practice fine motor skills.

Cute Kitty Coloring Pages - Free printable PDF cat coloring sheets - there's a kitten with a rainbow, an easy kitten coloring page, a cat in a hot air balloon coloring sheet, and a realistic cat coloring page

You might also like to use them at a birthday party.

You can use these free coloring pages to keep little ones busy as you get ready for the celebration.

Alright! Let’s dive in and take a closer look at these cute coloring pages!

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Easy Kitty Cat Coloring Page

cute kitty coloring page - free printable coloring sheet PDF features a kitten with 2 butterflies

This first cute kitty coloring page features a little kitten with 2 butterflies.

This cat is smiling happily and ready for little ones to color it!

My kids really enjoyed using crayons for this page, but markers and colored pencils work well too! If you like, this page can also be used for watercolor paints.

You can download the kitten pictures by clicking the black download button.

Cute Kitty on Rainbow Coloring Page

Cute Kitty on a Rainbow Coloring Page - free printable cat coloring sheet featuring a cat sitting on a rainbow with clouds and surrounded by hearts

This cute kitty on a rainbow coloring sheet is sure to bring a smile to young children and older kids as well! This furry friend is smiling as she sits on a rainbow.

There’s plenty to color on this page including lots of hearts, clouds, the rainbow and the sweet cat!

I loved how my little girl used bright colors to make her rainbow shine!

You can grab the cute kitten coloring page by hitting the black download button.

Cute Cat in a Hot Air Balloon Printable PDF

Cute kitty in a hot air balloon coloring page - features a free coloring sheet with a cat inside a hot air balloon, clouds, a bird and a butterfly

This next printable sheet features a cute cat in a hot air balloon.

This sweet kitty is taking a ride up into the sky!

There’s lots of fun things to color on this page including a butterfly, a bird, the cat, clouds, and the hot air balloon.

My kids really enjoyed using their favorite colors to decorate the hot air balloon. What a fun little cat picture!

You can grab the hot air balloon cat here:

Realistic Kitten Coloring Sheet

Realistic Cat Coloring Page - free printable coloring sheet featuring a realistic kitty with flowers

This last cute coloring sheet has a realistic cat on it.

There’s flowers, a butterfly, and this fun real looking kitty cat to color!

Kids can color this cat to look like their favorite cats in real life.

My kids colored theirs orange and white to look like our orange tabby cat named Cinnamon.

This page is great to use with fine line markers or colored pencils as there is a lot of details to color.

You can download the realistic kitty picture here:

Free Cat Coloring pages - 4 free printable kitty coloring sheets for kids including a cat in a hot air balloon, realistic cat,  an easy cat coloring sheet, and a cat on a rainbow coloring page.

More Coloring Pages for Kids

I hope you enjoyed these free cute kitty coloring pages!

I had a lot of fun creating them for you!

If you’d like to learn how to create your own coloring pages, be sure to check this out.

cute kitty coloring pages for kids

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Free Cute Kitty Coloring Pages - instantly download 4 free printable cat coloring sheets for kids - coloring pages featuring cats with a rainbow, hot air balloon and more!