Looking for a fun preschool ocean craft?  This free printable Jellyfish paper craft is perfect for kids!  

Kids of all ages will enjoy coloring the Jellyfish template and adding colorful yarn for the tentacles.  What a fun way to introduce kids to these amazing sea creatures!

free jellyfish craft for kids

With summer on the way, we have been talking about ocean animals.  So far, we’ve talked about the octopus and enjoyed some fun ocean sensory play.

Today, we are going to make some fun paper Jellyfish!

Jellyfish Facts

But first, here’s some fun facts about Jellyfish from Bristol Aquarium.

– Some Jellyfish can glow in the dark.  They have bioluminescent organs that let off a blue or green light!

– Jellyfish don’t have brains, blood, bones, or a heart!  They do have a nervous system that helps them navigate in the water based on chemicals, light, and vibrations.

– The largest jellyfish ever seen had a bell with a diameter of 7 feet 6 inches.  It’s tentacles were 121.4 feet long.  

That’s amazing!

Alright! Let’s get started on our jellyfish craft!

Supplies for Easy Jellyfish Craft

jellyfish craft supplies including: kid scissors, tape, crayons, variety of yarn, free printable jellyfish template

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For this cute jellyfish craft you will need the following items:

– Free Jellyfish template (found at the bottom of the article)

Crayons in a variety of different colors

Child safe scissors – we like the ones by Fiskar


Yarn (an assortment of bright colors)

Alright, let’s get started on this easy preschool jellyfish craft!

How to make a Printable Jellyfish Craft

First, grab the free printable template at the bottom of this article.  

Print it out on white copy paper.  

If you’d like it to be more sturdy for hanging it or playing with it, you might like to print it on cardstock.

free printable jellyfish template colored with crayons

Provide your child with crayons.  Have them color one (or both of the jellyfish).

There’s one with its eyes open and the other with its eyes closed. 

Next have your child cut out their own jellyfish.  This is a great way to practice those fine motor skills.

My 4 year old uses these pointed tip scissors by Fiskar, but you might like to have blunt tip scissors if your child is younger.

Once the jellyfish bodies have been colored and cut out, it’s time to add the yarn.

Jellyfish craft for kids - cutting out the jellyfish template, adding yarn to the back of the jellyfish, and then completed jellyfish craft

We cut 8 inch pieces of yarn in an assortment of rainbow colors.

I didn’t have red yarn, so we did pink, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.

After we put it in the order we wanted, we taped it to the back of the jellyfish.

We put 10 pieces on one of the jellyfish and 12 pieces on the other….in kind of a rainbow pattern – just for fun!

​And…it’s finished!  Such an easy jelly fish craft for little kids!

printable jellyfish paper craft completed

​Other Jellyfish Craft Options

​There’s lots of different ways to use this free printable jellyfish template. 

You could:

– Create Jellyfish windsocks by taping 2 jellyfish bodies together.  Watch them float around the classroom as they hang from the ceiling.

– Glue the Jellyfish body to a paper bag to make a jellyfish puppet.  Add yarn, strips of paper, or ribbon for the tentacles.

– Mix things up by adding bits of crepe paper or curling ribbon for the jellyfish’s tentacles.

– Use the template as as jellyfish coloring page. Have the kids cut out the jellyfish bodies, glue onto construction paper and add their own tentacles to the picture! Kid could even add their own details like coral, sea weeds or different sea creatures!

What fun!

free printable Jellyfish Craft for preschool

​More Ocean Crafts and Activities

​Planning an ocean theme for preschool or kindergarten?  Here’s some more fun ideas to go with these jellyfish!

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There’s tons of fun Ocean Crafts for Kids here. You’ll find every sea creature imaginable including sea turtles, tropical fish, sharks, jellyfish, and more!

Looking for a fun ocean themed game?  You can print a free Ocean themed Bingo Game here.  There’s both a beach theme and an ocean theme!  What fun!

And don’t forget….one of the best ways to teach little ones about the ocean is to visit an aquarium or the beach.  So many things to see, touch and experience!

Free printable Jellyfish craft - free jellyfish template shown.

​Free Jellyfish Craft Template

Ready to make some jellyfish friends?

You can grab the free printable jellyfish craft templates by clicking the black download button below.  

Print your free printables here:

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Free printable Jellyfish craft - a paper jellyfish craft with yarn tentacles.