Looking for the best Gluten Free Disney World Restaurants in 2021? It’s that time of year where families are making plans for their vacation to Disney. So much planning goes into a Disney vacation, so let’s make this part fast and easy!

My husband and I are both gluten free due to Celiac Disease, so we know the struggle. We have learned that the best way to eat well at Disney is to plan ahead. You want to make sure to plan out your meals along with which park you will be in and the attractions you plan to enjoy. Being prepared and making reservations is the best way to eat well at Disney.

Maybe I’m a nerd, but I love looking at the menus ahead of time. It helps me know if the restaurant will be a good fit for our family. We have 4 kids, so it’s important to me to make sure that our kids have food they will enjoy. Likewise, we note prices as well since there are 6 of us!

I’ve linked to each of the restaurants’ menus for you to peruse as well! On each menu, you’ll need to scroll down until you get to the Allergy Friendly section. Alright, let’s go down the rabbit hole!

Here are the 5 Best Gluten Free Disney World Restaurants in 2021 (and 3 to Avoid!).

The 5 Best Gluten Free Disney World Restaurants - and 3 to avoid!

Let’s start by exploring the best Gluten Free Disney World 2021 Restaurants!

1) Coral Reef Restaurant – Epcot

The Coral Reef at Epcot is definitely one of the best Disney World restaurants and it belongs at the top of the list. Everyone in our party, both gluten free and otherwise had a great meal here. The atmosphere was amazing. It has the ambiance of a fine dining restaurant and every table has a gorgeous view of the giant aquarium from The Seas with Nemo & Friends.

My husband and I enjoyed the Seared Mahi Mahi with Jasmine Rice, Coconut and Cilantro-Lime Sauce, and Caribbean Shrimp Salsa. It was simply amazing (and totally gluten free!)

A few other stand-out items on the Coral Reef gluten free menu are Grilled Rib-eye and Seared Salmon. There’s even some gluten free desserts available including a warm Chocolate Cake and Sorbet.

An important note is that you do need reservations to eat at the Coral Reef Restaurant. This is a definitely a Disney World gluten free restaurant you don’t want to miss!

2) Liberty Tree Tavern – Magic Kingdom

Liberty Tree Tavern is one of our family’s favorite restaurants at Disney. It has consistently great food in a fun Colonial atmosphere. It’s a great place to cool down, refresh, and get ready for the second part of your day!

Liberty Tree Tavern seems like it keeps changing its menu so, honestly you will have to check the menu here to see the latest changes. Every meal we’ve had there was fantastic. The pot roast and mashed potatoes is always really delicious. Liberty tree serves up amazing gluten free food…so good you wonder if it’s actually gluten free.

I would recommend placing a reservation here towards the end of your trip, when you’ve over the novelty of having fried foods and are ready for a refreshing salad or home cooked meal.

5 Best Gluten Free Meals at Disney (And 3 to Avoid!)  When you are eating gluten free there is no such thing as too much advance planning!  #glutenfree #disney #disneyworld #glutenfreediet

3) Backlot Express – Hollywood Studios

The Backlot Express is where you want to be for great gluten free options. This is a quick service restaurant, but you’ll be delighted with the options.

Backlot Express offers bacon cheeseburgers, southwest chicken salads, chicken strips, fries, and more. There’s lots of great kid friendly foods as well. The great food and good prices make this a solid restaurant choice!

4) Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe – Gluten Free Magic Kingdom

My husband gave this quick service restaurant a big thumbs up! He loved the gluten free fries and bacon cheeseburger on a gf bun. The Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe menu is pretty standard fast food. But for those of us who can’t get a gluten free burger and fries any day, this place will make your day!

5) Be Our Guest – Magic Kingdom

Eating in the magical atmosphere of the Beast’s Castle is a treat unto itself. The “snow” falling in the main hall had our kids convinced it was actually snowing outside. Pure Disney magic. The waiters treated us like princesses and the food was excellent and well presented. The whole experience was magical.

The Beast made two appearances throughout our dinner there. My children were able to meet him and take a picture with him with no line at all. The rooms of the “castle” were so amazing and it was definitely something I was so glad that we did.

You can find Filet Mignon, Sea Scallops, and Pork Tenderloin on this delicious fancy menu with multiple courses.

The only reason this meal did not rank at the top was that we suspect the truffles served to the gluten free guests at our table contained barley. So, we completely loved the meal and the magical experience, but next time we would skip the truffles.

Dietary Restrictions at Disney?  No problem!  Here's a guide to the best Disney Restaurants for a GF diet

Pinocchio Village Haus and Columbia Harbour House – Magic Kingdom

I wanted to give an “honorable mention” to both Pinocchio Village Haus and Columbia Harbour House. Both provide excellent air conditioned Disney atmosphere with the advantage of quick service prices. Pinocchio Village Haus has gluten free pizza, chicken nuggets with fries, and flatbreads. Columbia Harbour House has gluten free grilled salmon and chicken nuggets with fries.

With the restrictions of 2021, Columbia Harbour House was not open the last time I checked. You can check the status here.

Disney World Gluten Free Guide -  There's so much to choose from if you know where to look, what to avoid, and where to get your reservations for a great meal!  #glutenfree #disney #disneyworld #glutenfreediet

3 Gluten Free Disney World 2021 Restaurants that Got a Big Thumbs Down

Sunshine Seasons – Epcot

Our family planned out every meal ahead of time, except for our evening meal at Epcot. We assumed we would “eat around the world.” Unfortunately, there aren’t many options that were kid-friendly, gluten-free, and didn’t need reservations.

We had heard good things about the Sunshine Seasons on multiple blogs so we decided to eat there. First of all, it is air conditioned, but it’s basically a food court. No Disney magic here.

Lunch is probably fine, but at supper time only half of the offerings in the Sunshine Seasons food court were open. The ones that were still open were not super appealing to our group. We found food, but it wasn’t amazing. So, learn from our mistake that you need reservations at Epcot if you are gluten-free and want to eat excellent food!

Flame Tree BBQ – Animal Kingdom

Another restaurant that I wish I could give a better rating was Flame Tree BBQ in Animal Kingdom. We had read that the food was some of the best on the Disney Property. We didn’t find the food particularly great, but the real disappointment was that on the sultry hot day, this quick service restaurant didn’t have any indoor seating. There was no place to cool off and refresh.

In addition, if you have anyone in your group who fears birds, this is not the place to eat. The outdoor seating area had a LOT of birds milling around looking for crumbs. It was not the relaxing, refreshing meal we had hoped for.

Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater – Hollywood Studios

Lastly, our meal at the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant was not great. We were rather looking forward to going to this restaurant set up like a drive-in movie. The theme of this restaurant and the details were amazing.

However, it missed the mark with the sci-fi movie clips that played. Our kids (under 9) were either scared of what was on the movie screen or just plain not interested.

In addition, our meal took forever. We literally watched the same sci-fi clips for 3 loops. I was thankful that we hadn’t planned any fastpasses around this meal, because we would have missed our time slots. Service was exceedingly slow, which is a problem when you are at Disney where every moment counts. And once our food FINALLY arrived, it wasn’t worth the wait.

5 Best Gluten Free Meals at Disney (And 3 places to Avoid)!  Disney is a haven for gluten free eaters as long as you know where to look!  #glutenfree #disney  #disneyworld #glutenfreediet

Doing Disney Gluten Free Reservations

Once you decide which park you will be at each day, I would recommend that you go ahead and make meal reservations. Disney Restaurant reservations can disappear quickly, so if you have specific restaurants in mind, you should definitely grab reservations as soon as possible.

If you are looking for a great resource for ALL of the updated gluten free menus for Disney visit Gluten Free and Dairy Free at Disney World. To make reservations be sure to visit the Walt Disney World website.

That completes my list of the 5 best gluten free Disney World restaurants (and 3 to Avoid)! I hope this helps you plan your next trip and truly make each moment you spend at Disney magical!

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