Looking for a quiet activity that keeps your kids engaged for more than 20 minutes? Check out these free printable playdough mats and print yours now!

They are literally magical.

Last week, I introduced these playdough mats to my kids and they played happily for about 1.5 hours. I was shocked.

Free Printable playdough mats - Fun for Kids

I have 4 kids ages 2-9. It really was truly amazing to have them engaged, happy, and playing together for such an extended time period.

If you’ve never seen a playdough mat, it’s basically a plastic placemat that you use with playdough. The point is to extend the creativity and learning of playing with dough. Each mat gives your child a starting point to spark their imagination or it asks a question that they can answer with dough.

For example, the pizza playdough mat below can be topped with pepperoni or veggies, or whatever your child creates!

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Or your child can create a meal on the empty dinner plate. Next, they can fill the gumball machine with colorful gumballs! I’ve included 3 free playdough mats in my Resource library!


Printing Your Free Playdough Mat PDF

Before you call your kids over to play, you will want to print out the mats. I prefer to print mine on cardstock for durability. They will keep a long time if you laminate them. (I have this laminator and love it!) Or you can place them inside a plastic paper protector.

Choosing the Playdough

Next, you will want to decide which kind of dough you want. My kids have always used the Play-Doh brand and it’s great.

However, I decided that I wanted to find a simple homemade playdough recipe to make with the kids.

There are a TON of recipes out there, but this is the absolute simplest one I found. And for families with Celiacs – it’s gluten-free!

how to make playdough: Add 2 cups  of cornstarch, 1 cup of conditioner and food coloring.

See…SO amazingly simple! My kids loved the mixing of the dough and of course, picking out which colors to make! It smells good too (because of the conditioner!)

Introduce the Playdough Mats

Once the dough is ready, introduce your playdough mats. Be sure to show your kids how to use the mats. Explain each mat and give younger children some guidance on what to do.

I usually place a plastic tablecloth on the table to catch the mess. Then I shake it outside when we are done. Also, parenting pro tip: invest in a tiny broom/dust pan so that your kids can learn to help clean up the mess.

***Shocker: most kids love to help clean up!***

And that’s it! Sit back and enjoy some quiet time!

I have the pizza, dinner plate, and bubblegum machine playdough mats FREE that you can print out in my Resource Library which is free to all of my email subscribers! You can join my email list below!


There are also several other playdough mats available in my Etsy shop that you can instantly download.

I hope you enjoy some amazing quiet time in the coming weeks with these free printable playdough mats! For more fun activities for kids be sure to check out the 12 quiet time activities in this post. Or try this fun nostalgic Dirt Pudding Cup recipe.

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