With fall quickly approaching, it’s time to start thinking about that First Day of School! I’ve compiled the very best First Day of School Signs of 2021! I hope you find the perfect one for your child’s first day pictures!

Taking Back to School photos is a fun 1st Day of School tradition that your family will treasure for years to come!

Let’s kick off the new school year with a cute sign for those adorable photos of your kiddo!

First Day of School Signs

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1) Reusable First Day of School Sign Chalkboard with Ruler Frame

First Day of School Chalkboard  Reusable First Day of School sign

This adorable First Day of School Sign by Bloom Owl on Etsy is easily the cutest reusable chalkboard sign of the bunch!

It has a ruler frame and the chalkboard is already prepped and ready to go! You can have it personalized with your child’s name or you can get a reusable version if you have multiple kids.

So many marvelous pictures are waiting to happen with this adorable board!

2) Chalkboard First Day of School Sign

Reusable First and Last Day of School Sign Liquid Chalk Dry image 0

This adorable reusable chalkboard sign is by The Little Blue Lion on Etsy. It includes spaces for Name, Grade, Date, Teacher, I am___, I Love____, Height, and When I grow up I want to be_____.

What a fun way to keep track of your child’s favorites! This board also comes with optional personalization and First Day/Last Day options.

3) Large Reusable First Day of School Chalkboard Sign

Reusable First Day of School Chalkboard Sign

This Large First Day of School Chalboard Sign by Rose to the Occasion on Etsy is perfect for displaying your child’s name, age, grade, favorite things, school, date, and what they want to be when they grow up!

I love the giant size and the bold colors! Super cute pictures will be made easy with this sign!

4) First Day & Last Day of School Board with Chalk Pens

Reusable 2-in-1 First & Last Day of School Sign first day of school

This amazing First Day of School Sign by Love Designs Shop on Etsy is ready to help you capture those amazing first day memories!

This sign is even double sided, so you will be all set for the Last Day of School Pics too! In addition, it comes with the appropriate chalk markers! Can’t beat that!

5) Thick, Durable Chalkboard with Real Wood Frame

Thick, Durable Chalkboard with Real Wood Frame

This Reusuable Chalkboard is found on Amazon! There are many Back to School Signs available on Amazon but long lasting and quality are important for something that should last for your child’s entire childhood. This one has great reviews and is high quality!

6) Printable Fully Editable Back to School Sign

First Day Of School Sign Back to School Chalkboard Poster

This printable first day of school sign by Tidy Lady Printables on Etsy is perfect for keeping track of your child’s milestones! Year after year, you can use this printable template for each child in your family!

You can also visit her website here and check out her full line of printables and blog!

7) Hello Printable First Day of School Sign

First Day of Senior Year Sign Printable First Day Sign Hello

This Hello sign by Swanky Design Co is one of my favorites! I love that it works for older students as well! It’s the perfect, simple sign and you can print it out to use right away!

8) Simple First Day Printable

First day of freshman year sign first day of school image 0

If you are looking for a simple, classy First Day of School Sign, this one by Simply Modern Design Co on Etsy is perfect! You can find several designs in this shop that fit the bill for simple and cute. Best of all it’s instantly ready to download and use!

9) First Day of School Sign Digital File

Printable First Day of Preschool First Day of School image 0

I love the simplicity of this printable First Day of School sign by Snowbound Prints on Etsy. It’s perfect for those of us who need something TODAY!

Simply purchase, download, and print! Within minutes you will be ready to take those first day of school pics!

10) First Day of School Printable

First Day of School PRINTABLE Signs. All grades. Back to school

This First Day of School Printable is by Joyful Art Designs on Etsy. I love the simplicity of this design and how well you can see it from a distance!

This digital file comes with all grade levels (Pre-School thru 12th grade). You are all set for every year!

11) Editable First Day of School Sign Printable

Editable First day of school sign personalized school sign image 0

This Fully Editable First Day of School Sign Printable by Little Bees Graphics is perfect for the mom who wants to make changes to the printable! This also means you can use it for more than one child’s school photo! What a deal and how adorable is this preschool sign!

12) Editable First Day of School Printable Sign

Chalkboard Back to School Sign Last Day of School Sign image 0

This Editable First Day of School Printable is by Orange Blossom Press on Etsy. I love that you get two versions of the file and it is editable and reusable for multiple kids. Additionally, there is no expiration date on this file, so you can use it again and again!

13) Rustic Chalkboard

Rustic Chalkboard  Farmhouse Chalkboard  Reclaimed Wood image 0

Buying an regular Chalkboard is a great idea if you want to invest in something for multiple purposes! This Adorable Rustic Chalkboard by Happy Little Home Shop on Etsy is perfect! I love that it has that simple farmhouse feel. It would work very well for back to school pics!

14) Reclaimed Wooden Frame Chalkboard

Rustic Wood Framed Chalkboard  Farmhouse Chalkboard  Wedding image 0

This Rustic Framed Chalkboard Sign by Autumn Rustics on Etsy is perfect for back to school pictures!

I love that you can give this chalkboard multiple uses in your own home. After the school pictures are taken it can be used as a year round home decor item. How cool is that!

15) Magnetic Non-porous Framed Chalkboard

Magnetic Non-porous Framed Chalkboard

This beautiful framed Chalkboard is from Amazon. I love that this chalkboard can be used functionally around the house, but also is very pretty for those back to school pictures for your little ones. You might want to size up to make sure you have plenty of room to write!

16) Felt Letter Board Set with Farmhouse Rustic Wood Frame 

Felt Letter Board Set with Farmhouse Rustic Wood Frame  10x10 image 0

Another great option for First Day of School Pictures is this Felt Letter Board Set with a Farmhouse Rustic Wood Frame by Main Event USA on Etsy. Not only can you take adorable school pictures, but you can continue to use it around the house and for events!

You could use one board for all the kids and write “First Day of School” with the date or you could get a felt board for each child. Either way, super cute pics are bound to happen!

I hope you have found some unique options for First Day of School signs! Tell me which ones are your favorites in the comments!

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Best Wishes to you and your family as you start this new school year!

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