Need a fun Preschool Halloween Sensory Bin?  Check out this Easy Monster Stew Sensory play idea!

This simple Halloween sensory activity is perfect for little ones.  

It encourages creativity and imaginative play and of course it helps children develop their fine motor skills in a fun way!

Monster Stew Halloween Sensory bin - pom poms, green split peas, googly eyes, plastic spiders and bugs, caldrons and more!

My kids loved this Monster Stew Halloween sensory play idea.  

They had so much fun creating their own “recipes”, digging into the different textures, and serving up concoctions fit for a monster’s dinner. LOL

But first, if you are new to sensory play, you might like to know….

What is a Sensory Bin?

A Sensory Bin is container filled items that spark imaginative play and stimulate the senses.

Most sensory bins have a theme. We like to make one for learning units such as Ocean, Arctic Animals, Insects, Farm, etc.

It’s also fun to make one for each holiday throughout the year as well!

Typically, sensory bins have a base filler for kids to stir, scoop, or pour.  

Your base filler could be dry corn, play sand, beans, water, uncooked pasta or rice.  There’s so many possibilities.

Benefits of Sensory Play

According to Good Start Learning, some of the amazing benefits of sensory play are:

  • Sensory play builds brain connections.
  • It encourages developments of fine motor skills and language.
  • It activates problem solving skills. 
  • And amazingly, it helps kids destress and regulate.

There’s so many terrific reasons to do sensory activities. And of course, sensory play is so much fun too!

Sensory experiences have provided hours of imaginative play for my kids.

Halloween Sensory bin - Monster Stew with pom poms, green split peas, googly eyes, plastic spiders and bugs, caldrons and more!

Supplies to make a Halloween Sensory Bin 

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You will need the following items to make this Halloween sensory bin:   

  • Sensory bin or box – I like to use a large under the bed storage plastic container 
  • Mini Black Cauldrons – we reused the plastic cauldrons from our St. Patrick’s Day Sensory bin here.
  • Green Split Peas (we used several small bags to fill our large container)
  • Googly eyes
  • Plastic Spiders, bats, insects, etc.
  • Pom Poms (We used Halloween colors – orange and black)
  • Wooden Scoop or Spoons
  • Pair of Tongs
  • Measuring Cups for scooping

How to make an Easy Halloween Sensory Bin

Let’s get starting making our Monster Stew Halloween sensory bin!

First, fill your sensory bin with green split peas. You could choose a different filler if you like, but I think Monster Stew calls for something green! LOL

Next, add a few pom poms.  I decided to use orange and black pom poms for this Halloween sensory play activity.

Halloween sensory bin - monster stew sensory play idea

I also decided to add some fun googly eyes that we had on hand.  It’s always a good idea to add different textures and of course, don’t you think that a Monster Stew recipe would call for eyeballs?

Next, I added some plastic black spiders, plastic bugs, black bat rings, and creepy insects that we had on hand.  Some are just spider rings while others are plastic insects from our insect unit.

We are going for a “fun Halloween creepy” vibe here, so the more the merrier!

Then I added some mini cauldrons. Fun fact – these were the ones we used for St. Patrick’s Day as our pots of gold! I love reusing sensory play items in different ways.

Last, I added some plastic measuring cups we always use for sensory play along with a set of kid tongs for picking up items.   

I always recommend getting a set of kid tongs because regular kitchen tongs can pinch a child’s skin between the spring mechanism.  (We know this from experience! Ouch!)

My children enjoyed creating their own concoctions in each of the black cauldrons. So many fun creepy recipes were made!

Halloween Sensory bin with pom poms, green split peas, googly eyes, plastic spiders, black caldrons and more!

My kids LOVED this Halloween sensory bin – and I loved how engaged they were in play! There’s nothing better than a great activity that keeps those little hands busy!

Add to the Fun

Want to extend the fantastic fun? Here’s a few more ideas!

  • You could add sequins or beads
  • Instead of green split peas, you might like to try black beans for your sensory soup, or dye some white rice with food coloring to make orange rice.
  • We added some fake mini pumpkins as well as some acorns later in the week – to spice those Monster stew recipes up!
  • You might like to make recipe cards for kids to follow (like: 1 spider, 2 black pom poms, and 3 eyes)
  • Add more fun items to your Halloween themed sensory bin like a spider web, bouncy balls, or other fun sensory bin fillers from the dollar store.
  • Also, you could try to make this sensory bin with water – or colored water if you dare!

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Halloween sensory bin for preschool - monster stew

More Halloween Activities for Kids

Getting ready for Halloween?

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Want to save this simple Halloween sensory bin idea for later? Pin the image below to your Halloween preschool activities board on Pinterest.

creepy monster stew Halloween sensory bin for preschoolers