If you are looking for fun ways to teach the alphabet to your children, here’s some amazing abc activities for preschoolers!

Children definitely can learn a lot of their letters by reading alphabet books and playing with ABC books, toys, and puzzles. But, if you are looking to dive a little deeper, here’s some amazing ideas from some of my fellow bloggers for how to teach your child to recognize the letters of the alphabet.

You’ll find alphabet games, letter activities, and great ideas for teaching both uppercase letters and lowercase letters. Let’s dive in and explore these alphabet activities for preschool!

20 Fantastic ways to teach the Alphabet

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How to Teach your Child the Alphabet

1) Free Printable Alphabet Letters Coloring Pages

A preview of alphabet coloring pages for children on a light teal colored background. Each page has a bubble letter and a corresponding picture to color (for example B - Bat with a picture of a bat)

These Free Alphabet Coloring Pages are by The Artisan Life. Each page has a large bubble letter to color, a picture that starts with each corresponding letter and the word. What fun your child will have coloring these or painting them while reinforcing letter recognition!

2) Alphabet Snacks – ABC activities for preschoolers!

Easy alphabet kids snacks create a fun edible learning experience and preschool reading introduction. These raisin ants teach kids that A is for Ant. From EatingRichly.com.

If you’re looking for a way to really get your child’s attention, try these alphabet snacks! This adorable Alphabet Snack Idea is by Eating Richly. Many more ABC snack ideas can be found here. There’s so many cute ways to give your child an appetite for learning!

3) Letter Tracing A-Z Worksheets for Kids

Letters Tracing A-Z Worksheets by maple planners

These free Letter Tracing A-Z Worksheets for Kids are by Maple Planners. Now, I know what you are thinking…how is this ABC activity considered fun?

It’s all in the way you do it! Provide interesting writing materials like colored pencils, colored gel pens, markers, or my kids’ favorite: dry erase markers! Simply laminate the pages or pop them in a dry erase pocket sleeve and you are all set!

4) Do-a-Dot Printable ABC Trucks

Do a dot ABC truck printable

These Do-a-Dot Printable ABC Trucks are by Two Pink Peonies. These free alphabet printables are perfect for reinforcing letter recognition while enjoying an easy art project. Toddlers and preschoolers alike will love this low mess activity that promotes hand-eye coordination!

Grab your dot markers and get ready for some fun that’s perfect for little hands!

5) Alphabet Dog Wash Game

ABC dog wash phonics printable

This Alphabet Dog Wash Game is by The Inspiration Edit. Encourage letter recognition with this free printable game! To play, match the correct sponge to the corresponding dog and give him a bath. What fun ABC activities for preschoolers!

6) Alphabet Hunt ABC activities for preschoolers

Jumbo Foam Puzzle Alphabet Hunt for Preschoolers - fun ways to teach the alphabet!

Here’s an ABC activity that will keep the kids busy! This Alphabet Hunt is by Artsy Momma. This indoor activity is perfect for practicing beginning sounds and of course, it’s lots of fun!

7) Alphabet Pattern Block Letters

Alphabet pattern blocks letters

These Alphabet Pattern Block Letters are by Parenting Chaos. It’s as easy as “print and play” with these simple Alphabet Pattern Block Letters. These task cards help early learners work on letter formation, beginning sounds, and shape recognition. You can get free sample printables of letters A, B, and C.

8) Alphabet Popsicle Stick Crafts

Letter A Popsicle Stick Back to School Craft

These adorable Popsicle Letter Crafts are by Where’d My Sanity Go. What fun your child will have creating Alphabet crafts like this A is for Alien! Let your child’s imagination go wild as they create their own ABC crafts.

9) Free Printable Alphabet Flash Cards

alphabet flash cards - What fun ways to teach the alphabet!

These Colorful Free Printable Alphabet Flash Cards are by The Happy Printable. These flash cards are available in both upper and lower case letters. Your child can match the upper and lower case letters, play memory with the cards, or arrange them in alphabetical order. They can also be laminated for use with play dough or dry erase markers! What fun ways to teach the alphabet!

10) ABC Magnet Game

magnet alphabet game

This Alphabet Magnet Game is by Moms Collab. Using large magnetic letters you can create a fun matching game for your child! This game helps promote letter recognition as well as alphabetical order.

11) Ice Cream Letter Matching

Ice Cream Alphabet Matching Game Playing

Make learning fun with this Ice Cream Letter Matching Game by Mom Brite. To play, match the upper case letter ice cream scoop to the corresponding lower case letter ice cream cone.

Grab your free printable and let the fun begin! What great ABC activities for preschoolers!

12) Free Alphabet Bingo Game

Alphabet Bingo

Grab your Free Printable Alphabet Bingo Game over at Two Kids and a Coupon. Help your children practice their letter recognition with this fun Bingo game! There’s 10 different Bingo Cards as well as the letter calling cards.

What easy ways to make learning so much fun!

13) Alphabet Stars Match Up

Alphabet Star Match up game

This Alphabet Star Match Up is by Two Pink Peonies. With this free printable and some dot stickers, your child can practice letter recognition. To play, simply have your child match the letter on the sticker to the corresponding letter on the page.

It’s easy and low mess, which is absolutely perfect in my book!

14) Alphabet Dot Books

These Alphabet Dot Books are a fun way for young children to learn to identify the letters of the alphabet while working on their fine motor skills.

These Alphabet Dot Books are by Simple Living. Creative Learning. Perfect for helping kids identify the letters of the alphabet while building their fine motor skills. These free printables come in both black/white and full color options.

What a fun alphabet game that is toddler approved.

15) Free Alphabet Play Dough Mats

Child placing a piece of green play dough on a letter mat with large bubble letters M and m

These Free Alphabet Play Dough Mats are by The Artisan Life. Play dough mats are perfect for helping little ones familiarize themselves with the alphabet, even before they are able to write! Make learning fun and teach your little ones letter sounds with these mats.

16) Muddy Pigs Alphabet Writing Tray Activity

Muddy Pigs Writing Tray alphabet activity - pictured - a pan of pudding with the letter r written in it.

This Muddy Pigs Alphabet Writing Tray Activity is by ABC’s of Literacy. This hands-on activity is a great way to help kids work on letter formation and pre-writing skills. What a fun way to learn the alphabet!

17) Alphabet Flash Light Letter Hunt

I love how fun this Alphabet Flash Light Hunt is to work on letter recognition!

This Alphabet Flash Light Hunt is by Parenting Chaos. Using a flash light and letters, your child can go on an alphabet adventure! This is an awesome way to get your child up and moving while learning.

I love that this fun game involves gross motor skills and alphabet fun!

18) Alphabet Sensory Bin – Fun ways to teach the alphabet!

alphabet rainbow noodle sensory bin

This Alphabet Sensory Bin is by Catholic Icing. Rainbow colored alphabet noodles and items that begin with the letter of the day make this sensory bin experience a fun way to learn the alphabet and its sounds!

19) Alphabet Beads Soap Foam Sensory Bin

Want to explore sensory play with your kids but not quite sure about the mess? Then this Alphabet Beads Soap Foam Sensory Bin is for you! Quick and simple to make and extremely easy to clean up, soap foam is definitely one of our favs!

This Alphabet Beads Soap Foam Sensory Bin is by Parenting Chaos. Mix the fun of Soap Foam with identifying letters and you have a recipe for learning fun! This is an alphabet activity your kids won’t soon forget!

Kids will love this sensory play activity and you’ll love that they are learning.

20) Alphabet Soup Game: An Alphabet Sensory Bin

Alphabet Soup Game

Want more fun abc games? This Alphabet Soup Game is from my blog Simply Full of Delight. The fun of a sensory bin is combined with a letter recognition game!

This hands-on alphabet learning game can be played many different ways and is easily adaptable to different age groups.

That’s it! I hope you’ve found some amazingly fun alphabet activities! Let me know which preschool alphabet activities you plan to try in the comments!

More Preschool Learning Fun

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20 Super Fun ways to teach the alphabet