Planning a birthday party? Grab this Free Happy Birthday Banner printable (black and white) to create your own adorable Birthday decorations with your children.

Every year in late March we begin what our family calls “birthday season.” All of my kids’ birthdays are in a row along with several of my nieces and nephews.

happy birthday banner - color your own banner free printable hung up on a mantle

It’s a fun time filled with lots of birthday parties, family gatherings, and great food. Then, our Birthday season finally ends mid-July.

My kids love helping me decorate for birthdays. They especially enjoy setting out birthday decorations they have made themselves!

This Happy Birthday banner printable makes creating your own birthday bunting easy.

free printable birthday banner - color your own birthday banner assembled.

Simply print the free printable banner. Then color, cut it out, punch holes, and thread your banner together.

Such a cute birthday banner and a great project for kids! It’s so much fun!

Supplies needed for the DIY Happy Birthday Banner

birthday banner supplies including black and white birthday banner printable, hole puncher, scissors, ribbon, and colored pencils.

For this  free printable birthday banner, you will need the following items:

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Once you’ve gathered all of these simple supplies, you’re ready to get started on this color your own custom banner!!!

free printable Happy Birthday Banner for kids to color

How to make a DIY Happy Birthday Banner for Kids

First, you’ll want to decide which pages you want to print. There are several different options for Happy Birthday banners.

You can make the following different designs with the free Birthday printables:

  • Happy Birthday banner with a birthday cake on each end
  • Banner with no words and just cakes, gifts and balloons
  • Make a simple Happy Birthday Banner with balloons on each end
  • A Happy Birthday Banner with everything!

There’s so many choices!

I also included a few blank bunting triangles that could be used for creating spaces between items/words or you can use them for your own design.

Your kids might enjoy using these blank ones to draw their own theme/characters to add to the banner.

Once you’ve decided on which items you want to print, go ahead and print them out on cardstock.

You could use plain paper, but I recommend cardstock because it will hang so much better and it’s much more durable for threading.

Next, it’s time to color!

birthday banner printable with colored pencils

I recommend crayons or colored pencils because I love the muted colors, but markers work fine too.

You might want to lay out the letter cards so that you can see the letter color pattern you want to create.

Once everything is colored, it’s time to cut. With child safe scissors, have your child carefully cut out each triangle.

free birthday banner cut out

Grab the hole puncher and help your child punch a hole in the top corners of each triangle.

Each piece of the Birthday banner will have 2 holes.

hole punching the birthday banner pieces

Remind them to punch the holes away from the edges.

This will make your Birthday Bunting more durable and prevent rips and tears.

Lastly, you can thread your banner together!

Lay out the pieces in order and have your child thread ribbon through the holes.

threading banner together

Personally, I like the ribbon on the backside of the banner. To do this, we started threading in, then out on each banner piece.

Whichever way you choose, it’s best to keep it consistent so that it looks pretty!

birthday banner completed

And that’s it! You’ve got an Birthday Banner!

More Fun Ideas for Your Birthday Banner

Here’s a few ideas for mixing things up a bit with the printable Happy Birthday banners:

  • You could use paint to make an Birthday Watercolor banner.
  • Add a polka dot design.  The easy way to do this would be to use dot markers in bright colors.
  • If you’d rather not string your cute Birthday banner with ribbon, you could use mini clothespins to hang the banner flags.

Whatever you choose, I hope you enjoy making your own banners with these printable templates!

free printable birthday banner for kids

Get the Free Birthday Banner Printable PDF File

To get this free Birthday bunting printable for your own personal use, click the instant download button below to access the pdf file format birthday celebration white banner.

You will receive instant access to this free Birthday Printable Banner here:

free printable birthday banner to color for kids

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free birthday banner printable for kids - shown hanging on a mantle